Friday, August 5, 2016


I had three kittens spayed and neutered yesterday.  They were rescued from Seventh Street, their two siblings were torn apart by raccoons.  Their mom is back there spayed.  Lacy, Jace and Jinx will never suffer like their siblings, nor produce more babies.  I now need to get them adopted, along with this little guy below.

JULES - rescued from Parkside and Greeley

After the firestorm yesterday (that's what I call the turmoil going through me as I continued on my route to feed all the hungry kitties in my path after I discovered the clearing of the vacant lot of which the city is responsible for), and all the wonderful supportive comments I received on Facebook, I got this note from someone who is a friend of a friend.  Talk about bursting your bubble.  Her note smacked me in the face with reality, but you know what?  Somebody in the government has GOT to have a heart.  Forget the 'rules', and make compassion your priority.  I would do anything for anybody in those neighborhoods if they asked me, as I have done before.  I have worked with neighbors, gotten to know them, am friendly with most.  I supposed you have to have read my blog from day one to know what this journey has been all about.  What about the beautiful garden I've planted and maintained in one spot.  (Now I am paranoid to mention my spot locations).  There is not another flower growing in a two mile radius except for the beautiful ones I've planted there, and had donated thanks to so many good people.  I could go on and on about what I've done, and what I would like to do.  But I will let you read this and perhaps comment.

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  • Ami Arnica
    8/4, 8:53am
    Ami Arnica

    Hello, I am messaging you regarding your letter to the Mayor. It is my belief that she will be looking at the larger picture. How are you providing benefit to the community? Are you working to decrease the feral cat population in the area? You need to put yourself in her shoes. She has a city to run. Are you suggesting any solutions to the problem? Are you a city resident? Have you worked with children or adults who live nearby to do this? In other words do you have community involvement? You also told her you have done this possibility illegal thing in other areas of the city. If it is illegal will she not clear those areas of shelters as well? Have you researched to see if what you're doing is legal? Is it possible that you could buy the lot? Have you talked to rescue groups in the area and asked if this has happened to others? If it has how did they handle it? She will be looking at numbers, honestly she could care less about cat names.What percentage of cats have you found homes for? If you're not concerned about the precious shelters why even mention them? Be concise and to the point. This is OUR problem and this is my proposal for a solution. A letter like I just suggested will get attention. She has to deal with children who go without food and water. Drug houses, rapes, murders, fights, thefts, etc. Honestly a some lady complaining about a few cats is scraping the bottom of her list. I'm not trying to be mean just trying to give you a different perspective and help you to be successful. Just one more thought. Presently worded your letter will probably get the cats picked up by animal control. If there are no cats for you to feed there is no problem for you to complain about. Quick and easy solution. If I were the Mayor that's how I would handle it.

    Posting this because it seems to be sort of a joke now.

    I did set traps this morning for the baby kittens I've seen on Parsells.  No luck. 

    One last comment, and thanks to Kings for writing this.  I told him what I wanted to express, and he skillfully put it into 450 words for me.  It was sent to the Democrat & Chronicle for the Opinion/Speaking Out ESSAY page - here it is for you to read in case it doesn't make the cut.  I think it speaks for most animal lovers.  After that, I wish you a good day!

    Life for homeless cats is never easy. Every day is a battle for food and somewhere to stay out of the way of the people who don’t want to know about their existence. In short, every day is a battle for survival.
    For these reasons, I have been doing what I can over the last 20 years to make sure a few (close to 100) of Rochester’s homeless felines have food and somewhere to stay out of the rain and in winter, the snow. Many of these shelters were designed and built by schoolteachers and their students as a class project.  Some were built by craftsmen who were moved by the plight of these homeless animals.
    It is extremely disappointing then to find the shelters on a vacant lot on Short Street in the Beechwood district removed by employees of the City of Rochester yesterday. At best it was thoughtless. At worst it was cruel and indifferent.  The shelters harm no one and are placed to the side of the lot so they are not easily seen.  Over the years I have been able to find loving homes for many of these cats. Those that are left I have had spayed and neutered so they cannot breed and add to the ‘problem’ of homeless cats in the city.
    When the cats have a shelter it is easier to find them and deal with any health issue they might have. It is easier to trap them and get them fixed so they homeless cat population does not get out of control. There was no need to remove these shelters and in doing so the City of Rochester could be adding to its own expenses. If the cat population explodes it will be beyond my meagre resources to deal with it. The expenses will then fall to the City’s already overburdened taxpayers.
    These cats need their homes back. The cost of feeding these animals is about $10,000 a year out of my own pocket and those who donate to support me. Vet fees and medications just add to the expense.
    By doing what I can, the homeless cat population is considerably less than what it might otherwise be.
    If the City continues to be indifferent to this issue it will only get worse and the local residents will be the ones trying to deal with them. Many of these cats have been homeless for too long to be easily placed in a home. Fighting every day for a small amount of food to just survive to the next day has made many of them a bit too aggressive to be easily domesticated.

    We have to give them back their homes. It’s the right thing to do.

    PS, I did hear from Mayor Warren stating only that she would look into it and get back to me.

    Lucy and Jace



    1. I didn't know Jules was rescued from Parkside and Greeley. He looks just like the obe (fixed) that I've been feeding on Vermont. Looks just like her and same exact coloring.

    2. What a turmoil... Makes NO sense that the City destroyed those shelters! And, what's up with the letter from Ami? She does not seem to understand much of what you do day in and day out. Great summary that Kings wrote. Hope it makes the cut at the D and C. One of the best pet advocates in Rochester is Beth Adams at WXXI am 1370. Might be worth it to contact her. Evan Dawson on WXXI "Connections" has a pet page each week. I am fairly sure that Beth would help make that happen as well. Lynne Stewart here aka Sawyer's adoptive "mom."

    3. Ami needs a reality her note and by the way animal control does not pick up stray cats which just goes to prove that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

    4. Well thank The Lord Animal Control does not pick up stray & feral cats anymore to bring them in and KILL them. Let's hope it stays that way.... Does this Ami work for the Mayor, or for the City that she is posting such a extensive letter back to you? I think you also need to mention that there are lots of people like you Janine that do what you do. They too give up their lives everyday, and spend thousands of dollars on the cats of the City of Rochester. There should be stipends given to everyone that helps with strays & feral cats in the City of Rochester. You are not alone even though you paint that picture at times. Lots of people do what you do, but I commend you for ALL that YOU personally do Janine.

    5. Janine & Kings,

      Once again thank you both for your daily tireless sacrifices while making life easier for all the homeless Cats on your route.
      Sorry the City destroyed (removed) your Shelters!
      It was a very smart decision to do an Op-Ed. I often thought of writing one on your behalf for the Kitties. Kings, I have had a few hundred letters published by the D&C over the years while serving in different capacities at the Rochester Labor Council.
      Kudos,on a very well written letter. Hopefully, the D&C publishes it so their readers are exposed to the plight of these defenseless felines.
      Keep up the great work (Cat Angel)!

      Walt Simoni

    6. Well written Kingsley. To Ami I quote Mahatma Ghandi " The greatness of a nation can be judged by the ways it's animals are treated."
      I also like to know why all the taxes on Pet Food and Pet Products go into the general tax coffers in NYS. These monies should be allocated to support all Animal Shelters and Programs to help our animal populations.

    7. It seems that Ami needs to do a little more research on Janine's efforts and every other individual or group that is trying to make a dent in this overlooked and sad reality. Janine's effort to help me look for my missing cat is how I hooked up with her and it would be nice if others and the city just helped because helping humans and animals is the right thing to do!!!