Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lovely. Just Lovely.

Today's rescue from Baldwin and Grand (near Parsells).  Barack is going to a new home this weekend! Thank you Kristi Bo Bisti for opening your heart for this blue eyed kid!  :)


Here is what is happening today:

Dear Mayor Warren:

Life is hard, wouldn't you agree?  We deal with atrocities around the world, in our nation, in our own lovely city and in our personal lives.  This morning, I had to deal with my own heartache.  I have been feeding, and rescuing feral and stray cats for over 20 years of my life, I have shelters at several locations so that these homeless creatures, through no fault of their own, can be safe from our brutal winters and storms throughout the year.

One shelter in particular is on Short Street, near Seventh.  I have had shelters on the vacant lot there for over 6 years now. Beautiful shelters, architecturally designed by school teachers and their students, and master craftsmen.  These shelters have housed Mr. Whiskers, Baby Buttons, Milly, and at least four other cats unnamed for many years.  I have rescued and found homes for at least a dozen from this location throughout the years, and all the ones remaining I've had spayed and neutered.  They are all vaccinated and any emergency medical care needed is provided.  They are not spreading disease or creating nuisance as some people believe.  They are well cared for.  I don't have enough people to adopt them so they have remained there - their only home.  I arrived there this morning to feed them and all the shelters were gone.  The lot was cleared of bushes, etc. and so were these animals homes.

Really?  Did this have to be done?  Could your workers at least have put these precious shelters by the side of the road so that they could be reused somewhere else?  I am not so much concerned about the shelters as I am about our city, and what its (your) mentality is towards these pathetic beings that myself and a small group of individuals are trying to help to bring the population under control by spaying and neutering.  And they must be fed.  Do you know what its like to go a day without food?  Or even water?  This ‘crusade’ I’ve been on has cost me well over $10K each year just for food alone.  And I do not receive free veterinary care.   Its either out of my pocket, or by caring individuals that help me out.

This vacant lot is surrounded by vacant houses.  I don't understand how after all these years, your workers could have done this and why.  I had a garbage bag there so that even I could keep the lot clean and looking nice.

These cats need their homes back, and myself and all the people in the community that support me and these cats need some resolution.  Please have someone from your department contact me today to figure out a way to get my shelters back, or some alternative.  Thank you.

As a reference, please read my blog to show my dedication in trying to help the city's problem with overpopulation of cats.
Janine Wagner

I need to get this out into the media, but don't know how.  Any suggestions?

Poppy and Birdie (kittens rescued with three other siblings and their mother from vacant house on Karnes Street) picture update:  Their momma reports:  "My girls are growing leaps and bounds."

Poppy and Birdie

Cat on Fourth and Pennsylvania injured:  Poor thing - his coat is a mess, and his ear is bloody.  I don't know his injuries, but he has been there twice now in the past five days.

He, and another six or seven that greet me each day, including this one below:

Have a nice day,.

"Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you."


  1. Call all the news desks at the local TV stations and tell them that you have a story for them. Explain what you are doing and why, etc. One year I called Channel 8 about "Remember Me Thursday" and they aired it.

  2. Selfless acts of kindness is what I call it. Doing something, anything that helps / benefits someone else and NOT you in anyway. To many people want something for something, how about just being KIND to others.

  3. Kind of ironic that a day is named in your honor by the mayor but then the very shelters that the honor was about were destroyed by the City!! Doug Emblidge is a great guy and Kimberly & Beck - both good sources to turn to.

  4. If it were me I'd fax that letter to the mayor's office along with a note telling her that I was going to also fax it to all the news channels including Channel 9. I'm sure she has no clue what you're doing. You may also want to fax it to the NET office and go on social media.

  5. I was going to mention Kimberly and Beck as well. She's an animal person and she has talked about the feral cats she takes care of.

  6. Poppy and Birdie look like they're living the good life, as they should be! I'm glad their new home is working out for them.

    And yay for Barack! I hope he settles into his new home quickly.

    Let us know what happens with the letter. I don't suppose you'll get your shelters back but they could at least reimburse you. >:o(

  7. Janine did you clarify that that is a City owned lot? Do you know that the clearing and removal WAS done by the City? What is the address or how can it be identified so who the owner is can be checked?