Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TNR Tuesday

My City Garden

Other Side of Garden - Veggies!

Today is the day - Tuesdays all summer and fall - that I have two spots allotted to me at the local low-cost animal clinic where I can have two cats spayed or neutered, given rabies and distemper, treated for fleas and parasites, ear-tipped, and are good to go.  All for $60 per cat.  That's been a very expensive undertaking for me, but I do it to try to control the overpopulation of cats here in Rochester, in the Beechwood section near the public market to be exact.  I can't to anymore than that.  Its too much.

Priscilla on Parsells

I set the first trap on Melville this morning, where there has been a kitten spotted.  And where a kitten is, an unspayed mother is.  I drove off, set the next trap further up Parsells where there are about 10 cats hovering around waiting for me.  I went off and did many more of my usual spots, and came back to Melville, nothing, drove off to check Parsells, VOILA!  Got what I think is a young girl, who could be the mother of the three kittens I've seen this past three weeks there.  Great catch. Hello Pretty Priscilla!  No more babies for you!

Kitties on Central this morning

I then went to the back nine to finish off my spots.  Nothing in particular to note today.  Just very quiet, an average of three cats at each location, but some have 10 or more.  I saw so many cats on the side of the road on my journey.  Just pathetic.  Of course I layed down food and water for them also. 

Spencer this morning

By the way, Spencer will be going to a local vet this Thursday for another exam.  He is lethargic but eating.  My sweet sweet boy.  :(  They prescribed these horse pills for him to be given on an empty stomach.  He takes it like a champ.  :(

The photographer and journalist who followed me for the Democrat and Chronicle story - which, by the way, printed the story in yesterday's paper, mentioned to me when he was out with me at 4 am. how very quiet and peaceful it was.  And it is.  I feel safe, even though there are zombies walking around.  I did see Seven, the prostitute who I've written about before - she was pregnant and as high as a kite one morning years ago and I called police asking if it was legal for a pregnant woman to be out and drunk like that.  Since then, I met her baby Henry, who died within a year, the sweetest little boy.  She was devastated at the time, and I tried to console her as best as I could.  There are so many sad stories, but hopefully good came to some of them, the ones I don't see around anymore.

Anyway, I went back to the first trap on Melville after my rounds and nothing.  Will try try again.

PS, I finally received my tax exempt status approval from the IRS!  I don't quite know what to do with this next!  :(

PSS, listen to what this ignorant person said on the radio yesterday.  Bob Lonsberry.  What a jerk.  PSSS, love those comments ladies.  Thank you!

(you have to go to the 4th installment on this)

Have a great day.

"We don't have a heart for humans
and a heart for animals.
We have one heart or none at all."


  1. Link to Bob's show did not work for me.

  2. Priscilla looks a bit like Sawyer! :)

  3. I couldn't listen to Bob's whole comment. I thought that man was fairly intelligent - no more. Spewing out statements w/o any facts to back them - total mistruths!!

    1. We should all take a minute to call Bob Lonsberry at 222-1180 for his outrageous lies in referencing the D&C story as well as Jane Flash's segment regarding Janine's mission. I have always known him to be a MORON but he crossed the line when he stated some of us like our Cats barbecued. He should be taken to the shed for that comment because their is enough animal abuse out there without him advocating for more. What a poor excuse for a human being he is.

      Walt Simoni

  4. Are you still a beneficiary of Missy's Fund through Rochester Hope for Pets?

  5. What are the "horse pills" that Spencer is taking? Antibiotics? I hope he will pull thru this.

  6. Re:. Bob Lonsberry
    Call 454-4554 and leave a message.
    222-1180 just rings and rings.

    1. 585-454-4884 is the number to the studio not 4554 that someone posted. However, I just called that number and was apprised that their is no line available to leave the MORON a message. The only way to call him is during his show at the 222-1180 number I posted. Good luck if you call. I will call him non-stop tomorrow so I can educate him about Homeless cats and let him know in uncertain terms that he needs to Apologize for his irresponsible comment that "Some people like their Cat's Barbecued".

      Walt Simoni