Monday, August 29, 2016

Leave it to the Beave!

This morning, I think I disturbed a slumbering beaver in my spot on Garson.  I could hear a thumpety thump, and lo and behold, he went right toward me, blinded by the light.  I think he was just confused.  He was fat, and had a very flat tail.  Beaver, right?

If its not one thing, its another.  So, the Catmobile, the 2004 Jeep is on its last leg.  In fact, no leg.  I need to find another ASAP.  I looked online for a used SUV, which I will have to tap into my retirement account for, but they are all so darned expensive, and the mileage of the few I found are up there too.  To top that off, who has time during the work week to search for a car?  I am pretty much chained to my desk during the day, having to get coverage if I leave to even use the restroom (TMI, I know).  I am pretty upset about things lately.  Grill went kaput in the springtime, never did replace, and Friday, my lawnmower went kaput - to it to repair service to leave for a week - $40 down.  The tire on the Jeep had a nail in it and Dunn Tire would not honor the fact that I just bought the four tires due to someone slashing them in February.  $52 - they gave us a small break.   OK, enough complaining for today.  There are bigger things, as I have to remind myself.

My wish list:  Pallets.  AND someone with a circular saw and sawhorse (?) to come and cut down some very large pieces of wood donated by a kind man this past Saturday.  Thank you Bob.  But I can't transport them in a SUV, they are too big.  And too large for the purpose they will be used for.   And of course always food.  I tallied up what is spent buying wet and dry food each week.  $180.  CRAZY. 

Miss B's fundraiser is coming along.  Thank you to those of you that donated.  Cash, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, snack bags, thank you.  Snack bags, and colored paper/art supplies would be useful.  She has tons of notebooks I think, but I will get a tally from her this week.  Her neighborhood back-to-school party for the impoverished kids is not until September 17th.   She sent me a sweet note earlier (speaking of, she asked for thank you cards and stamps so that she can thank those of you that donated!).  :)  "The girls (her friends helping her) are very proud of you for  all the work you done for us.  They're glad you are on our team.  I'm very proud of you also for all the help you have given to us."  sweet.  but she still can drive me crazy.  I think being homeless makes you think differently about possessions.  She has too much in her house.  I can't be in it for too long, drives me crazy.  Clutter.  Too much.

Red Injured Boy on Pennsylvania this a.m.

Due to the Jeep being out of commission, I have to rethink my TNR Tuesday.  The sweet red boy, who is injured on Pennsylvania, was there this morning.  He is not neutered, I think I may try to get him in carrier and rescue him on top of that.  Someone volunteered to foster him.  To boot, there are at least five baby baby kittens on Bay Street at an automotive shop.  I've been putting food down for long haired black mama, not knowing she had babies.  Saw them, they are maybe four weeks tops.  I put a shelter behind this auto place and left a note with my number, asking for compassion while I try to get them trapped.  I need help here.

The weekend was a bang - I was on the Kimberly and Beck show on Friday.  Love her.  She is fun.  Beck is nice too.  I know they are controversial, but they have not done anything to me personally except to welcome me into their studio and help spread the word about the problem our city is facing with the overpopulation of cats.  We need to spread the word, far and wide!  It was recorded.

Hopefully you all can play this.  I hate the way I sound and look, but its all for the cause, right?  :)

The first part was taped on Facebook, the second is just audio.

I have no idea is this is going to work.  Its telling me 'uploading video' but it just kept doing it.  Finally I had to hit cancel.  I cannot get this to work.  Any computer wizs out there?  I need help sharing this stuff!  :(

OK, it didn't work.  I don't know how I can share with everyone.  :(

One more kitty to post who needs a home desperately.  Sweet sweet sweet.

Have a great day.

"Real kindness seeks no return."


  1. I think you saw a big woodchuck! A beaver would not be living in the city!!

  2. I believe now that you have your 501c3 you can take mileage, food costs , and maybe even car repair cost (or at least some percentage) off your income taxes as a donation to the organization.

  3. Yes you can write off things sure as mileage, food, materials for the cat houses, supplies, some repairs, traps to trap the kitties, etc. However prior to getting the 501C3 if you received cash / check donations that is reported income like the MEOW & CHOW Door Coverage and other donations from the last 2 year. On a really Good Note this year all proceeds can be write offs for anyone donating to the cause of the plight of the feral kitties. Best of Luck in your rescue missions