Monday, February 15, 2016


Saturday morning:  -2 degrees.

Posted 3 hours ago
Lake Effect Snow Advisory remains in effect until 7 AM EST this morning.
Wind Chill Warning remains in effect until 10 AM EST Sunday.
  • Locations: Monroe, Wayne, and northern Cayuga counties.
  • Timing: The Lake Effect Snow Advisory is in effect through early this morning. The Wind Chill Warning is in effect from early this morning through late Sunday morning.
  • Accumulations: 2 to 4 inches.
  • Winds: northwest 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.
  • Visibilities: as low as a half mile at times.
  • Wind Chill values: as low as 25 below.
  • Impacts: lake effect snow and blowing snow will result in difficult travel at times with snow covered roads and greatly reduced visibilities. In addition, wind chills and temperatures will reach dangerously cold levels. The frigid conditions could result in frozen pipes, and will quickly lead to frostbite and hypothermia if you are not properly dressed.

I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever felt this cold.

I was on the Brother Wease show on Friday - Radio 95.1.  It wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was fun nevertheless.  I wasn't able to say much of what I wanted to say - they are talkers.  Most of it was them laughing at me because I didn't know my blog site address - what can I say, I click on a button everyday to get to it.  I don't type it in.  I definitely should have at least written it down on my hand before I got there. Luckily they looked it up and mentioned it before I was finished.   I was hoping to get word out about how the public can help the plight of the homeless animals in Rochester.  I didn't get to mention much really. What I would have liked to say:

  • that I am not the only person out there feeding cats, but I am the only one, that I KNOW of, that is feeding over 100 cats a day - $40 per day just for food - and that does not include medical expenses - spay/neuter is $50 per cat.
  • that I rescued over 80 cats last year - and found them homes.  That's amazing.  I also stopped over 70 cats from reproducing, on top of the 80 rescued and already neutered/spayed. 
  • that we have a good handful of great rescue organizations out there that can help when they can: Habitat for Cats, Kitten Korner, Rescued Treasures, GRASP, Operation Gypsy, Kellers Kats to name a few...  and for dogs specifically - Susie Q Dog Rescue, and Blue Moon Meadows, to name a few more.
  • that Rochester Animal Services on Verona Street has received a grant from Best Friends Animals in Utah for free spay/neuter to low income residents, and that they have partnered with Rochester Community Animal Services on Bay Street.  That if you bring your proof of income and a bill in your name, you can get an appointment and have your pet cared for, or a homeless pet that lives around you cared for, and you save the life of an animal.
  • that we need more veterinarians to offer low cost service to help reduce the high volumes of the three places that I know of that spay/neuter - which includes the above, and Lollipop Farm
  • that two cats and their offspring can produce over one million cats in just a number of years if not spayed/neutered
  • that fosters are needed to help get these friendly stray cats off the streets and ready for eventual adoption
  • that these cats are out there through no fault of their own.

They just thought I was crazy.

My what big paws you have Parsley!

One thing he asked me - what do I have to write about every day on this blog.  I'm not a fast thinker - I'm not sure what I said, but to prove that most days I DO have something to say - here is what I have to say today:  I rescued Parsley this morning!  :)  Now if you don't read this blog regularly, you have no idea who Parsley is, or how important this was for me to get him this morning in the bone-chilling 3 degrees.  Parsley is from Parsells Avenue - a one time very thin emaciated red and white spotted cat, now as fat as a cow, and sweeter than sweet.  We found each other - he found the food I was leaving for four other cats at a vacant house, and I found him to be sweet, and adoptable, after I had him neutered a year or so ago.  He was one of my TNR's (trap neuter return) who learned to finally trust me again.   So there, Parsley is my Valentine, a day late.  :)  He will go to the clinic today for testing - I can already tell, he is going to be one sweet loverboy.  He loves me already.  He hasn't ever been this warm and cozy.

I also have some funny little stories to share each day for the next few days - these came from the New Yorker magazine - sketchbook by Bruce Eric Kaplan entitled The Cat that Changed My Life - six cats share their stories with the artist.

Miss Pamela
Jersey City, New Jersey, February 6, 2001

     You are like everyone else.  You feel bad for me because I live on the streets.  But my heart beats faster than yours does, and I have known greater joy and fear and love and hate.  I would kill myself if I had to live in some depressing little suburban home, at the mercy of others all day and night.
     I met my lover Glitter several years ago, and we have incredible sex.  She and I tried having an exclusive relationship, but neither of us is the type.  So sometimes we go for months without seeing each other, each of us prowling different parts of town.
  But then one of us will send word to the other to meet at a designated parking structure, and we'll have a wild weekend of debauchery together.  Glitter is really my best friend.  I know if I'm in a pinch she'll be there for me.  And vice versa.  I don't need anything or anyone else, because I know I have Glitter.

And that's that for today.  :)  Have a good one!


  1. I am SO HAPPY you got Parsley. I will call the clinic and make a donation to help with your never ending expenses. Fingers crossed he has good test results. You are one special lady Janine Wagner. Love ya!

  2. Janine,

    Congrats! on your rescue of Parsley. You have had him in your sights for a very long time. You are Amazing (Cat Angel). I am confident you exposed the plight of the Abandoned Kitties the best you could considering the Venues agenda. You make us Cat lovers proud. Once again, Thank you for your tireless daily sacrifices for the Kitties welfare.

    Walt Simoni

  3. Yeaaaaah for Parsley - I'm so glad he's off the streets. We've grown to love this guy and I'm thankful he won't face the frigid temps any longer. Don't worry about what you said on Wease Janine - I couldn't hear it but even tho you didn't say all you wanted, you got the website out there and people can check it out themselves. A nice Valentine's gift - Parsley!! Nancy C.

  4. I was so happy to see Parsley is rescued! I was so worried about all of them surviving those brutal temps. Thank God for all the shelters you collected and the food you bring every day.

  5. happy for Parsley. Your comment about Wease laughing. some people just dont' get it.. They don't know what a joy it is to hold a kitty you saved from suffering, on your lap, on a cold night, and then hearing it purr, safe, warm, fed, vetted. You warm your own heart every time. My own daughter said to me tonight, I hate that cat, I really do...she is referring to hagrid, my streetwise FIV positive kitty, who can be skittish and not get along to well with our others... so I rotate him out of his room several times a day for a few hours. till I get my new house.. then he will enjoy a screened in room during the day in florida. anyway. I explained to dear daughter...when she asked why I had to help so many, and him. I told her all but one of my pets was rescued.. because they needed me. they deserved to be treated well. this is my kid I adopted from a Chinese orphanage... she says they are animals. yes dear, I know that, there is a difference. but all are god's creatures and I do what I can.. and want to do more. so much more. If I was able to work, I would do so much more. She has seen how much they have improved, she see's the work they take, the money I spend...the love they give..yet she still asks..Some people are kind but still don't get it. IF only everyone took responsibility, the homeless would be so much less. Wease doesn't get it..perhaps because he has seen so much human suffering he has prioritized human over animal.. we can not judge till we walk a mile. I will give him this benefit, sometimes people's hearts harden as a way to survive the horrors they have lived thru.. Some people's hearts get bigger and stronger with horrors they see... Janine...