Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Criminals Everywhere!

You certainly don't have to drive into the inner city to find mischief.  Go to any suburb outside of the city, and they are there, hiding behind bushes, driving around your streets, coming after dark when you are sound and tucked into bed.  Someone came and slashed my tires on the Catmobile (Jeep Cherokee) overnight.  Jeep tires are pretty thick.  You can understand if one tire flattens, but two?  The police came, made a report, not that that will do me any good.  The deductible will be higher than the tires will cost. AAA is on its way to tow to Dunn Tire, where I've been told there is no warranty on the tires.  Lets say cheapest - $160 per tire.

I belong to a website group that is made up of neighbors in the surrounding neighborhoods.  They report on whats happening around them.  Just yesterday, someone else reported tire slashing just a few streets away.  Two different people reported this.  What is wrong with this world, with people?  If I didn't have another car - which by the way - the muffler is as loud as a train - the cats would be starving right now.  So now I have to deal with buying two new tires ($300??) and replacing my muffler ($300).  WTF.

Cuddles has been in foster care since Sunday with a wonderful woman who has another female cat.  Sophie is 13 years old.  Sophie doesn't like Cuddles.   Apparently there was a very bad cat fight just before 4 am. between the two.  I got the call at 4 am. this morning, just as I was heading out to feed the cats after discovering the slashed tires.  This sweet woman loves Cuddles, but can't allow her baby girl to stress out like this.  Its a studio apartment.  Its not like you can put one in time out.  I may be picking Cuddles back up this morning.  Ugh.  What else is going to happen today?

Oh wait, I know!  Its going to snow half a foot, and temps will be in the single digits!  There ya go!

Sorry, not a good day.  Cats are fed, and sheltered.  That's all I got.

Have a nice day.  :)

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  1. That SUCKS!!!! I am so sorry. I can only imagine how upset you must have been. What a way to start the day. And your deductible being more than the 2 tires stinks too. I hope you're able to get everything fixed quickly and put this behind you. And then there's the Cuddles situation..... Keep us posted. Maybe someone else will be able to foster Cuddles? Fingers crossed......