Friday, February 26, 2016

TGIF!! Kristin's Story

It was a very cold morning out there for the homeless cats of Rochester.  With the 20 degrees at 4 am. and the winds whipping, it felt like zero.  Thank GOD for the shelters I have for the kitties on my route.  They were in use I am SURE, at most of my locations.  There are a few that I wonder if the kitties scramble before I can even see them when they hear the car door close as I get out to fill their bowls and check on them.  I finally was able to see, and pet, two of the four kitties missing from Parsells where the people came and took all my shelters.  This is where Parsley was just rescued from.  Then we had the storm the very next day.  And then I hadn't seen the kitties since.  But finally, big fluffy boy, and pretty grey tabby came up on the porch next to the old spot because they were starving.  They were happy to see me, I could tell!  :)  We had about an inch to two inches of snow since late afternoon until early hours this morning.  Spring is just three weeks away!  I remain hopeful, always~!

To finish off the week, here is a tale told by my friend Kristin.  Thank you to those of you who have shared a story or two with me.  I really do appreciate being able to sort of take a break occasionally from this blog, and let you have your say.  WHATEVER you want to say!  :)  Just send your story to

Henry N. Honey Ham Miller McBride (phew!)
(Kristin's newest kitty)
(as told by Kristin)

When I was 25 I moved to Fredericksburg Virginia, not knowing a soul there, for a job teaching art in Spotsylvania County.  One summer day while sitting on my front porch on Littlepage Street my neighbors came down the sidewalk, each with a tiny kitten in their arms.   They had found them on the bank of the Rappahannock River with no mother in sight.  They wanted to keep them but they had a dog who would have hurt them and wanted to know if I knew anyone who could keep them until they were able to find them homes.

I had absolutely no business adopting any kittens as I was barely scraping by, so of course I volunteered to take them.  They were crawling with fleas.  So I road my bike to the vet office a few streets over, explained the situation and that I needed some flea shampoo.  The assistant asked if I planned to keep them.  I said no, that I could never afford the shots, neutering, etc.  He asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was an art teacher.  "Really?" he said.  "we've been looking for an artist to paint a mural on our building but they all want way too much for it.  Maybe we could barter -  you paint the mural in exchange for all the kittens' vet care - shots, check-ups, spaying, neutering".  I thought about it for about 1 second and said "it's a deal!!"  and I rode off with my flea shampoo to wash my new babies.

I spent the whole next summer painting 2 murals on the outside of the vet's building (and meeting some really nice and really weird people in the process).   And the vet's office, true to their word, gave my kittens - Peepers and Kooky - vet care until I moved away a few years later.  That was the best deal I ever made.  I had both Peepers and Kooky for over 16 years until they passed away, each at a ripe old age.  They lived in 3 states with me, multiple apartments and houses and were my sweet, funny, lovable little buddies through some of the hardest times in my life.

I will never forget that sunny, summer afternoon on my charming little porch when they were carried into my life or the strange series of events that aligned that allowed me to keep them.   Two tiny tiger kittens that were meant to be mine.  :)

Kristin's Porch Today.  (tee hee!)

Sweet.  Thanks Krissy!  :)  (I'd better add:  the pic above is only a joke!)

Have a great day everyone!

"Judge each day
not by the
harvest you reap
but by the seeds
you plant."


  1. Oh My Goodness...such a lovely story...and...I had no idea Miss Kristin had so many kitties. Another reason I like her so much. Bless you both!

  2. Oh My Goodness...such a lovely story...and...I had no idea Miss Kristin had so many kitties. Another reason I like her so much. Bless you both!

  3. Cool story Kristen! If this pic above is truly your super cool porch, can you please describe it? I would LOVE to add something like that onto my house. Is it regular yard fencing that keeps the kitties in? If you live in this area, how do the kitties stay warm? Or is the porch connected to inside? How big is the area and how many kitties do you have? Do you build yourself or hire someone? Thanks for helping the kitties!

  4. Hi everyone - no that isn't my porch unfortunately. It's a picture Janine found online. However, I DO know a carpenter named Scott Chapin who adopted 2 kittens I was fostering for Janine who would probably LOVE to build something like this for you! Let me or Janine know and we'll get his number to you. By the way, I have 6 kitties now a big ol dog and 10 chickens :)
    - Kristin

  5. Kristin,

    Very touching story. Glad you had many wonderful years with your beautiful Peepers and Kooky. No doubt they were so happy that you crossed paths with them. Thank you very much for all you do for Janine and the Kitties.

    Walt Simoni

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