Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Be Thankful!

2:30 a.m. - hmmm, I don't hear any plows, and no wind.  let me get up and see how bad it is - they called for half a foot overnight, and half a foot during the day Tuesday.
2:40 a.m. - (look out window) hmmm, doesn't look like much, and its not snowing.  hurray!  looks like it moved past us - aren't we lucky!
4:00 a.m. - (getting in car) oh! its starting to snow, oh! its starting to snow very heavy!
5:45 am. - oh!  I am soaking wet!  and miserable!  and boy am I going to need to shovel tomorrow morning!

Yup, its snowing cats and dogs out there.  I think it snowed another four inches by the time I am getting ready to leave for work.  Its not going to be a good day today driving wise.  The plows can't keep up with the snow when its this bad out.  At least its not zero degrees.

I pulled up to my second Parsells stop, where I have four shelters, some boards, and two large blankets protecting the shelters on a porch of a vacant house.  I looked over and saw boxes and debris on the lawn.  I slowly walked toward the porch and everything was gone.  I walked all around the house and nothing.  I was so furious, and upset.  This is where I rescued Parsley just yesterday.  There were at least four cats 'living' here, depending on these shelters, and the food I leave them.  I am so disgusted.  I had known from the neighbor, Carl, the kind black man who lived next door, that an old woman had died and her family had never come to clean out the house.  Well, they must have come by yesterday, in the middle of a predicted snow storm, and decided to remove and take with them these shelters.  I just don't understand the cruelty some people can bestow upon these precious defenseless animals.  I immediately went and got a tote Liz had made for me that was in the back of the Jeep - placed it on the other smaller porch (its a duplex) with a boarded up door to the entrance, laid down some paper plates and a bowl for water, filled them, and called for the cats, which I did not see at all.  Those poor angels must have been so confused to have their shelters taken away.  I left a note there asking to please return my shelters, that I would pay for them.  I left a note on the neighbor Carl's door, asking for him to call me, to tell me any information he can so that I can know who I am dealing with, and where my shelters might be.


Cammy was adopted this past Saturday, and so far so good.    Here is what his adopted mother had to say, along with the picture above:  "Hello!  Update: We brought Cammy out tonight for "movie night." He has decided he is the guard of the fireplace and has snuggled right up and happy to be able to roam for a bit.  Going to wait a few more days to let him meet our other cat, but she is beginning to get used to the idea of him being there. So still going well! Thank you again so much!  Ps- I saw that you were able to rescue Parsley! Well done!!!"

I am hoping and praying they will adopt Parsley eventually, soon.  Speaking of, I am seeing his true personality, after being on the streets for so long.  He is a true LOVER.  He just wants to LAY on your lap and be scratched around his head.  He will nudge you for more.  He is just a truly nice cat.  He was prescribed Tobramycin for his eyes (conjunctivitis), which is already clearing up, treated for fleas, had his rabies and distemper, and tested positive for FIV.  These sweet cats.  FIV is nothing, he just shouldn't be exposed to the outdoors, so its a blessing I got him.  I had treated him for URI when he was on the streets this past summer, but the vet said for being on the streets for so long, he was pretty healthy!  But he SURE IS FAT.  He needs a diet!  I think some cats just have that fat gene.  He was as skinny as a rail when I first started to feed him.



Blue and Cleo NOW!  (Cooper and Cassie)
I had some really sweet notes/posts on Facebook from some of the kitties I have rescued and adopted out, and I thank people for those - sharing them on Valentines day for me.  Its so rewarding to see some of the saddest situations turn around into some of the sweetest stories.

Prince on the Streets (PARSELLS)

Prince NOW a/k/a Buddy



Happy Valentines Day ......Willie rescued August 2015 by Janine Wagner...found love again xoxox
Sawyer NOW
Frisco, dying with a chicken bone stuck to the roof of his mouth!

Please say a prayer for all the little ones out there.

Have a good day!

"In everyone's life, at some time,
our inner fire goes out. It is then
burst into flame by an encounter
with another human being. We
should all be thankful for those
people who rekindle the inner spirit."


  1. What a gorgeous cat Blue grew up to be !

  2. Thank you for your kind words and your amazing spirit! You brought Cammy into our lives and we are so happy to have him here! Love out FIV cats- they are the same as any other cat, they just need a little extra love. Parsley is a positive too?! Oh boy. Sounds like fate knocking again! Lol

  3. Sounds like Cammy has a wonderful new family to love! He waited a long time but good things come to those who wait, right?

    Love seeing all the pictures of your rescues in their new homes, especially Prince and Sawyer and Frisco because I remember them when they were still homeless.

  4. Hats off to all that have rescued kitties!!! Think you aren't making a difference in this world? Just look at the pics of the once homeless kitties, now thriving in their new homes. Thank you!!! Keep up the great work people!! One until there is none! You are all making that a reality! Maybe by next winter, there will be double the pics of new kitties in homes. Keep spreading the word! Again, many blessings to ALL of you!