Thursday, February 4, 2016

Its Only Rock and Roll (But I like it)

Rolling Stones.  In fact.  This morning, listening to 95.1 while finishing up my rounds just after five, they played Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears - and THEN, ... BOOM!  a Led Zepplin tune.  Now, everyone knows I am obsessed with Robert Plant...  never mind, I just got carried away for a second there...  So I was singing along in the car this morning, and that doesn't happen too often.  There are too many mornings where I am very down after finishing up my route.  Of course, when I pull up to the house, its over.  I focus on the next thing I need to do, and then I forget, for a while.  I forget about all the animals I've just fed, the frightened cats, the hungry cats, the sweet cats that follow me to my car and beg me, with their eyes, to save them from the life of hell they live out there.

Speaking of rock and roll, I was out last night and ran into Brother Wease from the radio.  Nice guy.  I had heard that he had spoken of me on his show a couple of times last year and I had even reached out to him, asking if he would make an appearance at my last fundraiser - he mentioned he might, via Facebook, but he didn't show.  But he had heard about me.  So I said "I am the cat lady."  He did a double take and said "YOUR the cat lady?  The one that feeds all the feral cats?"  It was funny. He must have pictured some old hag or something.   He asked me what time I go out, how long it takes, and then said "I want you on my show."  So this morning, I got to thinking, ya know, what if he really does reach out to me.  This would be the one chance for the cats to have THEIR voices heard.   I really wouldn't want to screw it up, and what if I do?  I am always second guessing my confidence in speaking about things that I should be knowledgeable about, but feel I'm not.  I would really need to do some homework beforehand. 

I've always been saying how its the City of Rochester's responsibility to help do what I do, because they don't do enough to help control the population of the homeless cats we have.  Refer to my post from last week, how other cities and countries deal with stray and feral cats.  There are some model operations in place to help their overpopulation of cats AND dogs. 

I've really got to get my @#$# together and figure out what I need to say, if given this opportunity.

I always like to share information that might be of help to others, here is another.  Low cost flea and worm treatments.  Thanks Lois and Laura for this.  :)  I believe the meds are shipped from England, but they are the real thing.  I've purchased from them before.  Great stuff, at good prices.

That's all I have today.  Rock on.
 "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."


  1. Oh Janine - I LOVE Bro. Wease; he's a very kind soul. If you didn't give him your #, call Billy at the station and tell him what Wease said. Get on the show and don't fret; he'll put you at ease and you'll say all the right stuff. He's an animal lover too and really admire people like you. He used to be our neighbor - he's lives right off Plank Rd. Such a great guy. Nancy C.

  2. That would be awesome if you could get on the show!!! You'll do great. Just bring along a bulleted list of points you want to make in case you get flustered. I have faith in you! :)

  3. Another place for discounted pet supplies is in Australia. Great place. Things like Revolution that require a prescription here, dont there (or in UK). They also have generics for flea meds and heartworm meds.