Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cat Crack

Snow.  We got an inch or so overnight.  Maybe even less.  But it was enough to see my foot tracks in.  I'm not thrilled to see them because it means people might be curious to see where the tracks lead.

I took some pictures this morning.  I didn't see one of my regulars on Third and Central, the little black and white girl or guy that runs to my car when I pull up, and is usually following me back to it after I've put the food out.  That's a sign that he or she really wants to be rescued.   I have 'violated' many cats by feeling around back there trying to determine their sex, and this one I just can't figure out.  Its either a good whack job of a neuter, or its a girl.  No ear tip, no sign of earlier pregnancy.

I forgot to mention Saturday.  Saturday morning, as I was feeding at 7th Street, I heard a 'pop' sound.  I knew what it was - gunshot.  Its not something you would normally hear at 4:40 a.m., outside of it being the 4th of July.  It sounded like it came from the west, down Central Park.  I got back in the car, always thinking, always aware of my surroundings, and headed to my next stop straight ahead on Short Street.  I fed the normal kitties there - Buttons son and daughter, and Mr. Whiskers #2, and then heading back to the car, heard another 'pop'.  I thought for a second, that was definitely a gunshot.  Now, I call 911 when I see something odd or hear something that's not right.  I remember one instance years ago, feeding on that very street, behind a house, I could hear a male throwing a woman around the kitchen.  I could hear her crying, and shouting.  It was like 5 am.  I called 911 about that!  Wouldn't you?  So, I thought, I am going to call 911 and report the sound of gunfire.  Wouldn't you?  Or would you.  I did, went on to my next stop on Central - albeit a bit nervous since hearing gunfire coming from that way, and there were two police cars, like immediate.  They circled around the block twice, shined their light on me when I was walking to the back of the field, and I thought for sure they would come over and ask me what was going on.  When I call 911, and give them my name, I am sure that the cops on that beat know who I am.  But you know what?  They drove on, right past me.  And didn't see them again.  Would you think they would stop and ask me at least SOMEthing?  Maybe gun fire is common, and they can't do much unless a report of an actual shooting?  Maybe they had to respond to another call?

Anyway, here are a few kitties that need our help, and the 'homes' they live in.  There are a lot of pictures here, and I will try to caption each one.  Don't forget to click on them to see them a bit closer.

Parsells #2 -  kitty - very sweet


Parsley's buddy

Parsells shelter #3

Parsells #3 homeless kitty with belled collar

Inside Garson Ave shelter

Garson Ave shelter

Baldwin & Grand shelter

Inside Baldwin & Grand shelter

Fluffy Pants #2 - Baldwin & Grand

Fluffy Pants #2 waiting for his wet food

Inside Webster/Ferndale shelter

Webster and Ferndale - the infamous shelter near Crazy Maryleigh's house

Outside of 7th Street shelter

Inside 7th Street shelter - Full Belly Deli

Central Park shelter

Inside the Central Park shelter

Third Street

Niagara shelter

Inside Niagara shelter

One of at least 7 cats that live in the crack of a building

Another one

Another one - this one is friendly, the one I treated for URI

Pennsylvania shelter

This is where Big Red #2 lives, and at least seven others

Inside Pennsylvania shelter
So, this is what I see, day in and day out.  Every single day.

Spread the news.  Have a great day.

"When I stand before 
God at the end of my
life, I would hope that I
would not have a single
bit of talent left and
could say, I used
everything you gave me."

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  1. Full Belly Deli! Ha, cute! And Parsley's buddy is gorgeous.
    The tabby with the bell makes me extra sad knowing her family cared enough to put a bell on her. Maybe she's just lost? :(