Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday - Story by Alan O.

HERMIE - He is hoping for a home soon!
I am so loving the few posts here from friends wanting to share a story or two.  Thank you!  This one is from Alan O, an old friend.  Before I get to that though, I want to thank a girl named Cathy, a brave soul who showed up at my house at 3:45 am. this morning (yikes!  that is early!) as I was laying on the couch for five more minutes before I had to get up and start filling up the hot water jugs I take with me, and get myself out the door at 4 am.

Cathy actually works for the health system I do, and heard about me from a newspaper article, I think. She only recently started reading my blog and expressed an interest in going out to help me some morning, and today was the day.  She got to see a lot of kitties - all waiting for their one meal of the day.  It was very wet out there due to the huge volume of rain that fell on Rochester, and much of the east yesterday.

I told her that not much happens in the way of people or excitement in the winter - it was a pretty easy morning getting to all 19 locations that I drive to in the five mile drive I make every single day of my life.  Its always nice to have a tag along with me.  Thank you Cathy.

And now, another story from another reader! :)

"Ok. A story about cats.

This is not about a  rescued cat . But  a story about a cat who “rescues”.

My earliest memory (that I can remember) is of my parents farm house in Webster when Webster really was just a collection of rural roads and main street still had a board walk.
I lay on the back porch which was a concrete block which soaks up the heat of sun in the afternoon. Sweet. I must have been around 5 years young I think. And the queen barn cat is named Rosebud. And she is mine. Or maybe I am hers?

She allows me to drape her across my neck. And yes I pull her tail frequently. After all—I am only 5.
And I remember her purrs to this day and the head butts and how she would rub against me and purr. I did love her.

And most days—way out in the country—it’s just me and her. She was my best friend and constant companion. She rescued me from boredom. She taught me all about mousing.
I did not know these things—I mean I am only 5. And Lord—When she had babies……. What didn’t I learn. And she would bring me (just me) her babies one at a time for me to see. She was proud of them and rightfully so.

I miss that cat even after all these years. It never stops amazing me how much our cats or pups love us and we them. Makes me yearn for that warm concrete porch  and Rosebud around my neck."

Thanks again Alan, and Rosebud.  :)

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.


  1. Awww... I LOVE the story of Rosebud. Even I yearn for that warm porch now :)

  2. I look forward to going out with you again! How about sat or sun march 5/6th?

  3. I loved the Rosebud story, Alan and Janine. I also loved today's quote. Thanks to both of you.