Monday, February 1, 2016

January 30 - REBECCA!, January 31- ROWAN and February 1 - DIANE!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca from Rite Aid, ROWAN, Pattie Hill's son, and Diane from Rite Aid!  Rowan collected food donations from his friends around the holidays for the feed a cat campaign.  One of his friends, obviously a cat lover, wrote the following.  Click on pics to see up close.

Haley's note!

and then there is Rowan.  What a great kid he is.  Here is what his mom posted on Facebook about it:

Rowan and all the food he collected!

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who helped Rowan (Janine Wagner) FEED A CAT FOR CHRISTMAS. We dropped everything off to Janine Wagner yesterday! He collected 100.45 lbs of dry food, & 70 cans of wet food! Makes my heart happy! Mindy Mangan Jody Nolan Marsha Miller Brian Reynolds Pat Inzer Beth Britton Inzer Danielle Palmer Jacob Kabes Tracey McGrath"
Dianne Mack That is huge Rowan great job!!!!! 💕
Randilyn Stewart Awesome! Wish I knew I'd of donated!
Susan Brown You still can to Janine Wagner directly- she has a Blog called And is on FB- the need is ongoing. 

Kingsley Pearce Rowan you have no idea just how much you have done. Thank you so very much.
Renee Montgomery-Tantalo God bless...great job...
Amy Peterson Walker Omg... He is going to be the best husband material one day.
Julie Lafferty What an amazing young man
Jody Nolan That is newsworthy Pattie Inzer Hill.. You should contact your local paper about his project and hopefully it will raise community awareness of the plight of these animals and what Janine and you do to help prevent furthering the feral cat community and fostering those that you try to domesticate and find homes for.
Susan Brown Wonderful and how generous.
Carrie Petersen What an amazing kid! Thank you, Rowan!

Thank you to the three of you for feeding these hungry kitties!

And what a morning it was.  There were so many cats this morning.  Ones I've never seen before.  There were cat fights galore too.  At Pennsylvania and 4th, I had to cross over some 'lawns' to try to stop a vicious fight.  I can't imagine how these cats can tear each other apart.  Its a horrible sound.  We know these are unneutered cats, their hormones raging.  At Baldwin and Grand, the sweetest little older kitten, a red one, no ear tip, was playing in the grass.  At the end of my feeding, I walked slowly over to it and it would have allowed me to pet it until it saw a cat coming up from behind me.  A black one I rarely see there also, friendly.  I drove away with my heart to the floor, knowing this could be a wonderful pet for someone, and its just a baby, and to be leaving it there.  But surpassing the sad feeling of this, my Jeep began to let me know that its ailing by making another sound and bleeping 'check gages'.  I am in, once again, for hundreds of dollars to fix whatever is wrong. 

The temps are in the 40s and 50s, T-shirt weather.  Unbelievably wonderful.  In comparison to last year where for almost two months, the temps never reached higher than 10 degrees. 

Past Rescues:

If you'll all recall, Sweet Pea and Charlie.  Little Charlie was a fluff ball kitten that walked up to me on Central and Fifth, where so many cats have been rescued from.  Pic below is when Sweet Pea was just rescued.  Look how dirty she was.  A kind girl named Candy opened up her heart and home, and adopted both together! 

Sweet Pea right from the streets

Charlie shortly after being rescued

Charlie and Sweet Pea adopted together!

Have a great day!

"A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are."


  1. Rowan,

    You are an Amazing young man! Not only did you help and make Janine very happy by collecting all that Cat food, you fed a lot of hungry and homeless kitties. There is no doubt in my mind that your Mom and everyone that knows you are very proud of you. If more kids were like you there would be a lot fewer hungry Cats on the street. Thank you very much Rowan. Your hard work paid off and really made a huge difference for the hungry cats.

    Walt Simoni

  2. God bless you, Rowan for all your hard work getting food for the kitties! That was a very kind and thoughtful thing to do. Thanks for helping out some helpless kitties!