Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

So not everyone likes everyone.  I get that.  I rub certain people the wrong way - just like certain people rub me the wrong way. We are all mere human beings, complicated machines, we are all trying to live our lives as best as we know how, to be as happy as we can be, despite all the unhappiness that surrounds us daily. So I shuffle on, knowing that what must be accomplished can only be done if I continue to move forward in life, not backward.  To force a smile on my face that constantly wants to frown.  I figure that if I fake it, I might just make it.  And that is my philosophy day after day.  And it usually works!  The only time I am discouraged is at work - which is a big chunk of my day, and in my morning route, when I have to leave certain kitties behind.  Especially in inclement weather.  Like today. Another rainy morning, but halfway through, the moon and the stars broke through the clouds, and I knew all would be well.  My spirits can lift in an instant.

Oh, where is that winning lottery ticket?

Oh, the humiliation! 
I have tomorrow off, which will help my outlook immensely.   I will have my hair touched up a bit, and go to lunch with an old friend.  I will also be looking at new cell phones - smart phones, because my dumb phone is not working properly anymore.  I certainly don't need the new gadgets and such that everyone has, not even Internet capabilities, I can't stand the computer actually, probably because I sit at one for nine hours a day.  I will also be feeding the kitties as I so every single day of my life.

The update on Violet.  I will be calling the vet when they open this morning.  She and Barney have been with their mother Nora at my sister's all week, and I've asked my niece to get a video of Violet after she eats, which is what the vet tech said to do because she didn't exhibit those symptoms while she was there for nearly two days.  So now I have it on tape. She has not stopped vomiting after she eats once after she eats.  Its like bringing your car to the mechanic because its making a sound and you get to the shop and the noise stops.  But she is sick.  I don't know if its what she is eating, but we've tried a lot of different stuff.  She's had test to see if her esophagus is normal, and yes, it appears that way.

I hope you are able to see the video above.  My sister now feeds her in the bathtub because of the mess. So, here we go again, another worry.

The good news is that Barney, Violet's crazy brother, is possibly going to be adopted on Sunday!  Woo hoo.  I do wish it were the both of them, but cannot adopt out Violet until we can figure out what is going on with her.  Barney is such a beautiful cat, with his markings and fluffiness.  I will miss that little boy.  Its so hard to say goodbye!  :(

Now, lets get Patches, Hermie, Nora, Francie and Cammy adopted!  You won't regret it!

Have a GREAT day!  Remember, fake it til you make it!  :)

"One day your life will flash before your eyes.  Make sure its worth watching."


  1. Has either vet suggested trying metoclopramide? It helps with upper digestive problems by loosening up the valve at the bottom of the stomach allowing food to pass thru easier, as I understsnd it. It might be worth a trial.

  2. It doesn't look like Violet throws up ALL the food - is that correct?

  3. Poor Violet! She sounds like a little fighter though. Wish I had some miracle suggestion! Good that you got it on video, hope it helps the vet figure out the issue. Maybe it's something she'll outgrow. One can hope!