Thursday, October 15, 2015


It was a strange morning out there today.  There were some creepy people driving around at that hour.  4-5 am.  One car was racing all through this area, nearly hitting the cats that were waiting for me after spotting my car on Short Street.  At first, I thought he was running from the police.  He was going that fast around corners, through stop signs, etc.  But no cop cars to be seen or heard.  Next, I was on 2nd and Pennsylvania going up the steps to the vacant house porch, and a car went by slowly, turned around, came back, rolled down the window and this creep mumbled something I couldn't hear, and I shouted out 'I'm feeding cats!" and he said oh, and drove off.  He was obviously looking for a little something something..  ?  Ya think?

Its usually very quiet for me in the mornings, no one bothers me.  But it just felt a little off, and I felt a little more vulnerable than usual.  

I saw the little baby kitten Pixie who I had released yesterday morning back to her 'spot' with her mom and sibling on Parsells.  I have a feeling that eventually, I might be able to rescue it if I can find a home for her, but that was a good sign, because I did not see Mr. Fluffypants #2 at his spot on Baldwin and Grand.  He ran like a bat out of you know where when I let him out of his carrier yesterday morning.  Sad.  I hope he comes back and learns to trust me again.  

But how can they, and why should they.  We grab them by their little necks, throw them in carriers, lure them into traps, cover them up in darkness, hold them captive for hours on end until they are brought to a clinic and have their little doodads lopped off, or stomachs sliced open, to stop their urge/ability to have babies. They THEN spend the night cramped in this trap/carrier, can't move, and then we put them back out onto the streets so that they can start all over again to fight for their very lives.  Oh, the sadness of it all.  If we only had more people to open their heart and home for them.

And then I think why are we still allowing pet stores to sell puppies and kittens, when the county is spending our tax dollars to kill puppies and kittens in shelters?  Why are cat and dog breeders filling their backyard kennels with litter after litter, when EVERY breed of dog or cat is already available at the shelters or fosters' homes and desperate for a home?  Obviously a realignment of priorities is needed.  

One day, hopefully in my lifetime, there will be no more homeless pets, or perfectly healthy animals killed just because of a lack of loving homes.

Have a good day.  And please consider foster or adoption.

"A cat improves the garden wall
in sunshine, and the hearth
in foul weather."

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  1. I love your quote today! There is so much that goes on in the world that is completely illogical - like selling animals in one place and putting free pets to death in another. How does that happen unless society is incredibly screwed up?? It seems it is. I don't know what the solution is, because to me, doing the right thing seems so simple and yet the right things rarely get done, except by special people like you!! :)