Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Blah!

Its Monday. I get very down on Mondays.  My job is very stressful, in many aspects.   I need an attitude adjustment, and quick.  I wonder if I am the only one who struggles.  I can't be.  But it feels like it.

If I had the money, I would do this cat thing full-time.  But I don't.  If I had the money, I would also have a huge warehouse with space for all the kitties that need to get off the street too.  But I don't.

There was some joy this weekend - Barney was adopted.  He went to a very good home in north Greece. A nice lady and her college student daughter who instantly fell in love with him.  Well, the mom probably not instantaneously after seeing him climb up her leather kitchen chair.  But manners can be taught to these little guys, and nails can be clipped.  So lets hope he learns his manners, quick!

Violet continues to struggle to eat.  She is being dropped off this morning at Monroe vet again, to be monitored, and hopefully they can figure out why she cannot tolerate whole food.  She is doing much better not vomiting after drinking the KMR (kitten milk replacement), but thats all she is getting into her tiny little body.  I don't know how long a cat can survive on liquid alone.  She is still very playful, and very sweet.  I wonder if she misses her mom Nora, and her brother.  My sister has been fostering Violet, along with Nora and Barney, but Barney is now gone, and Violet came to stay at my house overnight so she could be dropped off at vet early.  You wonder if these cats have those kinds of emotions.

I received a call from Patches foster mom that he had blood coming from his nose on Saturday.  Alarming. But she said since this happened over night, it had dried up.  Regardless, this little boy has been through a lot with his ulcerated tongue, upper respiratory infection and FIV diagnosis (which is not a big deal if he were healthy to begin with).  I need to call the vet that he goes to and get him seen again.

Someone continues to steal the tarp I am placing on the shelter on 7th.  Its very frustrating.  This is where the kittens reside, and a few other adults.  I will replace it again before its supposed to rain.  I wish I could catch the SOB.  I would let him have it!  :)

I pulled up to the Melville Street shelter, where there are still two or three baby kittens, and a whole bunch of adults, some sweet, some keeping their distance, and the basement door was open.  Someone had broken in and God knows if there were cats in there.  I closed it so that it was just slightly ajar, and wondered if I should call the police, but thought better of it because they would have to contact the owner and then my shelters might be tossed to the curb.  So I will wait to see what happens with that.

I want to rescue Parsley desperately.  He needs to be treated for URI.  After TNRing Tuesday, I will get him sometime this week. Just need to pay Violet and Patches vet bills before I can get him.  This is a very costly profession.

I need to get going, forgive this lame post today.  I am not myself.

Have a great day!

"Think positive and positive things will happen!"


  1. Good you are talking about it Janine...I think you need more time for Janine. Wish I could help more...what about using heavy gauge lawn leaf bags, for shelter till the creep stealing gets a life...they will work.. I can drop off some for you to try, I have a large bag of them...

  2. Hooray for Barney and his new family! Now that's definitely something to be celebrated!

    I'm sorry to hear that beautiful Violet is still struggling. Surely someone can figure out what's wrong with her. I'll say a prayer for her and for Patches!

    (((Hugs to you!))) Miss you!