Thursday, October 8, 2015

The LoDown

WISHLIST:  Canned and Dry Cat Food!  I am running out, and so are the funds raised from my fundraiser this past summer.  Honest to God, its getting harder and harder to do what I do worrying about money to pay for the food I feed these cats, which is an enormous amount to feed for all the cats I am feeding now daily.  Please consider donations - either drop off or I can arrange to have picked up.  Please also consider donating to the clinic I use for spay/neuter.  I have credit for one more cat for next Tuesday.  585-288-0600.  Its awful to worry about money, isn't it?  

First an update.  The kitten that I trapped yesterday with a bad upper respiratory infection is safe and sound in the care of a friend of mine who took it upon herself to come get the kitty and care for it.  I found this out later in the morning, and all is well. She was ridiculed for decisions she made which were neither right nor wrong in my eyes but nevertheless it was unkind. She will do what it takes to get the kitten more tame and social and we will see where it goes from there.  Thank you so much for your compassion SA.

I wanted to give you the scoop on my spots. 

I start out on Melville, which is a new spot since the springtime.  I used to feed under a lampole here until I met a kind woman who said the house next door to hers, the open space under the house, could be used for feeding the cats, as the owner of the house had to evict his tenants because the house was not certified to live in at the moment.  So, I have placed a few shelters there and feed several cats, including kittens, one of which was Melissa who I refer to above.  I had the mother spayed, and not sure how many other kittens are there.  I place four food bowls and a dish of water there every morning.  This is where Smudgy and Mellie were rescued also.   I will need to build up this spot before the snow flies with tarp and more shelters.

The Smudgster


I then turn the corner onto Parsells where I feed on the porch.  This is where Prince STILL hangs, I catch him coming out of the box I placed on the porch with straw in it.  He has an upper respiratory that I've been trying to treat but he is a tricky one, going from bowl to bowl, I think knowing I am trying to hide a pill in his wet food!  There are at least five cats that I can see that sit and wait for me to leave before they gobble up their food.  This is where Skinny Minnie was recently rescued.  And Patches!

Prince - Still waiting to be rescued



Then up a ways, is where Parsley and at leave five others wait for me.  This is where I dropped off Skippy yesterday morning, he did not want to go back out to the streets after being neutered, and I felt awful.  Every morning I come back here on my way home to chase off the family of raccoons that descend upon the food when I leave.  I replace the water and food and chase them off nearly every day.  When will the raccoons go into hibernation???


Then just a few houses down across the street I go feed Paulie, Petey, the cat with the bell collar that doesn't have a home, its starving and hungry and out there every single morning darting back and forth across the street.  I know it will be hit one of these days.  Other cats here are the young pretty girl I had spayed AFTER she had birth.  She has a black kitten and a red kitten that I know of here.  This is the spot I have to go behind a house to get to, in the back of the yard.  I have not met the new people in this half of the house but I can tell they aren't the 'best' of people.  They are quite trashy to say the least, but have not done anything to my shelter, so I continue to creep back there quietly each morning in the dark hoping they don't hear me.

Garson Boy

I then go down and around to Garson where I go to the back of a lot, on the side of a garage, and feed at least 8 cats, mostly grey tabs, all waiting for me each morning.  There is a black cat that hangs by the road waiting for me.  I place a few bowls before I begin my trek back to the lot for the black cat, and sometimes Casey, a calico, who I rescued several years ago, brought to a garden store on Norton, and after several days in a cage to get acclimated, got out, and trekked all the way back to Garson, if you can believe it.  

Fluffpants #2
I then go down the street, turn onto Baldwin and Grand, get out and feed at least 8 cats here that I have shelters for.  There is a new boy here that I've been feeding this summer, I think of him as Fluffypants #2 because he is black, fluffy and has a little white on his chest.  He has really turned the corner allowing me to touch him as he hungrily waits for the food.  There is another male cat that is unaltered here also, a brown tab.  Sweet too.

The Back Nine:

I will  have to finish my second half of my route on my next post.  I will give you a hint though, the next stop is where Maryleigh and I have had many many encounters this past year!  I am sure some of you are wondering about her.  Its been over two weeks now that I have not had to deal with her.  Something got into her sick head that she shouldn't touch my stuff anymore, and she hasn't.  Would love to know what the change was.  She is alive, as some of you might wonder!  I have seen her twice, but now I just drive past her because of this change.  So there you have it.  I also don't see a lot of cats there though.  I know someone is eating, but have not seen too many there lately.

I need to end this and get to work.

Have a great day and please consider foster and adoption!

"To be kind is more important than to be right.  Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens."


  1. NOT fair of you to state that people (i.e. your supporters and friends) ridiculed anyone for their decisions. Especially since you were so non specific as to the content. I have NO doubt that anyone commenting here or on facebook had only the intent to advise and help, from OUR experience, and from NYS Health Dept rabies policy. I dont think you should slam your readers and friends for that!

    1. Just a thought... How would anyone know NYS current Health Dept. Rabies policy if they dont' go to a hospital and be evaluated...each case is handled by a is it a known animal, unknown, how it was acting, did it appear ill..etc. kind of a flow chart. plus. still should seek medical attention..when I was told I didnt' need the vaccine..I was overjoyed.. appropriately I have had issues before as a nurse.. needlesticks..etc..TB exposures...hepatitis. and I was caring for people with AIDS when others refused. I think when someone is sharing something they are going is not helpful to use judgemental terms. Best to wish the person well and perhaps offer to help. Not say things like Ridiculous. hmmm? As for Janines Blog , it is her Blog.. It is her Gig. Mistakes happen when dealing with people in a group.. Janine is excellent at moving forward , regrouping and forgiving.

  2. I agree; your FB post very strongly said you hoped someone could take that sweet kitty and ended it by telling those responding to "work it out". Well SB did and kudos for her. Your non-support of her actions on FB the next morning was very poor. IF anyone gave her a hard time, it was because of your comments. That is the one thing that is frustrating trying to help you - the mixed messages you send and then relay.

  3. Janine, remember I said I'd pray about Maryleigh just like the persistent widow in the parable that Jesus taught in Luke 18. I believe God heard my prayer and I will keep praying! Praise God that she's leaving your stuff alone!

  4. Janine -- left some $$ on paypal for you for food. -- Jackie

  5. Janine,
    Please urge your readers to act on the link below. This TNR bill is currently on Gov Cuomo's desk awaiting signature. It would help you & other rescues greatly. It takes literally 30 seconds to do!