Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And Baby Makes Three

First off, some sad news.  Debo is finally free of his pain.  He passed away on his own two days ago, and is now in the animal kingdom, where he is happy, pain-free, and frolicking about in the heavens.  I want to thank those of you that donated food for him.  I know Debo appreciated it, he gobbled each and every bite that he was given.  Please say a little prayer for Debo, that he had some comfort in the end. 

This morning was another tough one for me.  I had to feed at 18 locations (over 70+ cats), and trap at the same time.  I started at Gael's house, on Parkside and Greeley.  She is the woman that reached out to several rescue groups, but no one was able to help her.  She called me instead.  A sweet girl in Palmyra offered to help me, her first time trapping, so she and her boyfriend came round nights and got two kittens, one passed in her care, the other was fixed and went to a barn in Branchport.  Gael has been upset about the third one since then and I finally trapped that one this morning.  He's a bit wild, but at least we will get him fixed and shots.  

I then went off to Baldwin and Grand hoping to get one of the two males, a pretty brown tabby boy, and a fluffy black with white tux, but they weren't around.  I could have grabbed one of them, so I had the carrier upright and ready.  Oh well, back to the trap.  I set it at Melville, and got a young kitten, one of the kittens that in the summer I TNR'd her mom.  Her very young mom.  I know there are more kittens there... next week.

Before I knew I had trapped one on Melville, I went back to Parsells to feed at one spot, and there is a sweet brown tabby there that is unaltered, so I nabbed him in the carrier.  Hoping and praying that no one went in the trap set on Melville, sure enough, there was.  I am now hoping and praying that the clinic will take all three.  I only had two spots appointed to me, each and every Tuesday from this past spring, through this month.  Today it will cost me $150.  I have no credit.  If anyone has a spare $50 and they would like to call in a donation, it would be so much appreciated.  Gael, who is in her 70s, did offer to walk down to the clinic, she is a block away, and make a donation for Parker, the kitten I trapped on her porch.



So thats the skinny for today.  Its always something.  My heart is heavy with loss for Chloe and Debo, but they are in a better place, pain free.  Having an animal in your life will teach you many things, about life, about yourself, and most of all about love.  You will come away changed forever, for one soul cannot touch another without leaving its mark.

Have a good day.

A Place in Heaven
Is there a place in Heaven
Where dog companions go
Before I'd want to go there
I'd really need to know

A being pure of spirit
And a being without sin
Is surely one that should be there
But does God let him in?

The theologians argue
A soul is what they lack
But one who's always there for you
Should be given something back

I could not face eternity
Without paws and tails
And if that's what religion thinks
Then that is where it fails

I hope God doesn't let me down
I'm sure He knows their worth
For we who have been loved by them
Have Heaven here on Earth!


  1. You're a saint Beaner, love you. I'm so sad about Chloe.😭

  2. Janine,

    Just called in a donation to RCAC at 585-258-0600 to your Spay/Neuter account in memory of Sweet Chloe. I beg everyone to call and give whatever you can so Janine can continue to do the excellent work she does everyday. Thank you

    Walt Simoni

    1. Sorry the number to call to donate to Janine's account at RCAC is 585-288-0600.

      Walt Simoni

  3. My heart is broken for poor Debo. I am glad that his last days were made happier and more comfortable because of you Janine. He had the sweetest face. I wish I could have helped him more. Did you talk to Angel - is that how you found out about Debo? Rest in peace sweet boy ♥

  4. I too called in with a donation today.
    I encourage you to please check out Rochester Hope for Pets. Go to their website and read about Missy's Fund....
    "Missy's Fund is a cost-share grant program. The goal is to assist individuals working within the feral population by providing grants to reduce the overall cost of each feral spay/neuter surgery."