Friday, October 2, 2015


I received heartbreaking news yesterday when I went to the clinic after work to pick up Cloe, who was dropped off early afternoon to be seen for a number of symptoms that were not good.   The docs believe she most likely has FIP -

Feline Infectious Peritonitis

There is no cure for FIP. A survivor of FIP is very rare. We can give the cat supportive care which will make her more comfortable and possibly extend her life for a short amount of time. Because the dry form of FIP progresses more slowly, cats with this form can sometimes live longer than those with the wet form. This is especially true if the eye is the only organ affected by granulomas. Cats who have an appetite, no neurological signs, and no anemia usually respond better to the supportive care.
Supportive care includes:

  • Periodic draining of abdominal or thoracic (chest) fluid in those with the wet form. If the fluid is drained too often, the cat loses large amounts of protein which can exacerbate the condition.

  • Fluid therapy

  • Quality nutrition

  • Antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections

  • Blood transfusions in cases of severe anemia

I would never put her through this - she has been through too much already.

I had to walk out to my car because I lost it.  I then gathered the strength to stop crying and went back in to wait for little Cloe to be brought out to me, as I requested.  I had to give her foster mom a chance to say goodbye to her.  I have brought her to the clinic weekly, and Susan has taken her back and given her the meds she's been on since I rescued her.  After all her wound care, she has all the symptoms of FIP.  My poor little girl.  Still just a kitten.  She has gone through so much in her short little life.  She has fought a hard battle.  My next step is to make a call to my normal vet, as I would prefer not to have to bring Cloe in for a walk in visit at the clinic and sit and wait for this to happen.  The clinic does not make appointments for this.  It would be unbearable, although I am not sure how much this will cost me at my own vet.  I am sure its going to be expensive.  It will most likely happen on Monday.  :(

Today, I also will bring Patches to a vet for a look at - he is the red kitty I rescued from Parsells over a week ago and is being fostered by Ciara.  He is not acting right, and will be seen today at 4pm.  He needs his forever home.

Midget and Billy 
Today, I also will be bringing little Billy, the black kitten with the URI, and his sister Midget to their new home.  It was touch and go there with him being sick, but they insist that they come to their new home, with a looming vet appointment tomorrow for Billy to be tested for FIV and Midget will get both.  Billy is doing a lot better since I brought him into the clinic two days ago very sick.  The antibiotics are working.


THE VERY GOOD NEWS:  A very sweet girl named Sara came over to meet, and greet, and take home The Princess after work last evening!  After all that craziness and sadness, some good came out of yesterday.  Princess was rescued on Monday and spayed on Tuesday.  I am so happy for her.  Now we have to get Benson, Nora, Trixie, Alice, Francie Pants, Jelly and Elvis homes!

Lastly, I am now without credit (and actually owe) at the clinic for TNRs, and am now without cat food.  Its getting tough financially to continue caring for the 70+ cats I feed daily.  I go through 40 cans of wet food EVERY DAY, and 20 pounds of dry, EVERY DAY. Every little bit helps.  Please click on the donate button on this blog, or call the clinic for a donation in my name.  585-288-0600.  I also always have my porch door open for cat food.  I am not one to beg, but this is my reality.

So, say a little prayer for all the little kitties out there suffering today without someone to help them, through life and through death.  Spread the word about the cats that need homes, so that more can be rescued.  Please, that is the least we can do.  

Have a nice day.


  1. I am shocked and so sad to hear about little Cloe. I will talk to you tonight for sure. I will also be donating as soon as the clinic opens. I will be bringing you food for Debo and cat food, and picking up my picture this weekend. I will help as much as I can!!!! You are not alone in this although I know you often feel that way. I am SO excited to know that Princess was adopted! What a WONDERFUL thing that kind woman has done for her. And for Billy and Midget - thank you to their new parents!! Love to all of you helping Janine on this very difficult mission. xoxox -Kristin

  2. So sorry to hear about Cole and Patches (not acting right). Cloe is so sweet and has been so happy with all of her care and love! Glad to hear another one was adopted! I have some food for you too that I keep meaning to drop off and I'll get another one this weekend. Tracy

  3. How about Doorbell Vet? 441-0200. I have used them for 2nd opinions and family has used them to put their cat to sleep. It takes the stress out of the cat/dog that hates car rides & stress of a noisy vet and lets them be in their own home, surrounded by what they love. They were cheaper than a regular vet in one instance for me.

  4. Janine, have you considered becoming a 501(c)(3)? or is there another rescue that would allow you to be an arm of them? It might be possible to get donations from businesses then, and we could do some fundraising events... If I can help with that (or the fundraising) let me know.
    ~Carrie Petersen

    1. Wholeheartedly agree with becoming 501C. Not sure what is all involved but you are able to write off a lot of your expenses, especially your vehicle. Many more people are willing to donate to a charity that has 501c status. Who can help with this? Doorbell Vet is amazing!!!! What a great & caring group of vets!!!!

  5. Also, if anyone is looking to donate food, this food is 83 cents/pound. 5 bags will get you free shipping if you have amazon prime. 7 bags get you there if you aren't a prime member.
    There are also three flavors of Meow Mix that are a decent price--12 for $5.76:
    Same applies here. 5 gets free shipping with prime. 7 packs gets you free shipping w/o prime.

  6. Was Chloe "diagnosed" with FIP at the clinic without any bloodwork? What are her symptoms? Of wet or dry FIP? It is overdiagnosed/misdisgnosed all too frequently.
    And a 1.5 lb kitten doesnt even need to be tested for FIV. Results are virtually meaningless in a kitten under six months old. Did you mean FELV?
    Congrats on all your latest adoptions!

    1. Carole is 100% correct!!!!! If Chloe was diagnosed with FIP without bloodwork at RCAC which she probably was, there is a strong possibility she was mistakenly diagnosed. I will pay for the blood work to make sure she is really afflicted with FIP. Call me Janine if this is the case.

      Walt Simoni