Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Perfect Storm

There was no storm, I just like that title.  There was, however, a perfect breeze this morning.  The soft wind felt so good on my face as I walked away from my 7th Street shelter, where I did NOT see Seven this morning - very sad.  I hated letting him back there after spending the night on my porch after his neuter the day before.  Back to the breeze, I am still driving around with the air conditioner on in the car in the morning.  Even though the temps are only in the 50s, have been in the 40s a few times, even once in the 30s, but with all the STOP, GET OUT, WALK and BEND, GET BACK IN CAR for an hour and a half, it gets warm!

Alice and Trixie
This weekend Trixie and Alice will be coming to my house to stay for a week or two.  Their foster mom is taking a vacation.  Lucky girl.  I pray someone will show some interest in these two sweet girls that I rescued together, both barefoot and pregnant at the time, from 2nd Street and Pennsylvania.  They need to find a home, hopefully together.  They are very sweet and cuddly young females - not even a year old both of them, which is sometimes rare to find.  :)

I will be building up my shelters again  with the help of Sunday Sheryl on Sunday, who is very crafty and clever in making me shelters out of Styrofoam pieces and such that she comes across.  But I do need more if anyone has any crafty building abilities.


I have the two kittens left from the last rescue of Nora and her four babies.  I have Violet, a tiny little thing, and Barney, her brother, who is growing in mammoth proportions.  Violet is having trouble swallowing, has been to the vet two days in a row now (to the tune of $176 - thank you very much vet!) and we still don't have an answer on why she is either hiccupping, can't swallow, is vomiting after eating, looks like regurgitating, all these symptoms, but still super playful.  I am praying they get adopted soon, but in the meantime, I have them.  Their foster mom, who was a SUPER foster mom, and also adopted Mellie from me this past summer also, is having surgery next week, so back they come to Momma Janine's house for a while.  Lets get the word out about them.  They are cuter than cute.

Speaking of babies, there are two baby kittens on Melville that are running around.  Feral, pretty much.  Won't come near me, but are starving for food in the morning, and run to the bowls I leave there after I get in the car. One is black with white, the other is orange.  I do believe I had the mother spayed this summer.  I need to continue to trap there, even though I hate trapping.  I also need to trap the momma cat behind Paul's house on Second Street.  I believe she is the mother of Cloe, and other babies that I have not seen in a long time, but I do see her. She is a muted calico.  I also need to get the other sibling of the other baby I had spayed last week from Parsells.  Mom is done, but he or she needs to get fixed.  I was able to touch kitten at one point but its very leery.  They are all starving in the morning as I place food on their empty plates.

Parsley.  Parsley on Parsells.  I want to rescue this boy so bad.  I had him neutered not too long ago, had someone that wanted to adopt him.  I tried to grab him one morning and before I could get him into carrier, he sprang, and didn't trust me again for quite a while.  In the meantime, life changes were happening for this person that wanted to adopt, so plans to rescue him went awry.  Now, the family that fostered Petunia, who was just adopted this past weekend, wants to foster another.  I was thinking about the logistics of rescuing a cat,.  Its hard, and you have to prepare yourself for the steps needed.  I have to get him into carrier, get him home, get him acclimated to being indoors by keeping in small room, get  him to use litter box, get flea meds on him, get him into clinic for testing, and deworming, and then get him to a new home where there may be other cats and a dog, and get him comfortable, with all that!  And to think I've done this pretty much with 70+ other cats already this year that I have rescued!  WOWOWOWOW!  :)

That's all I got for today.  Have a good one.

"Use your smile to change this world, but don't let this world change your smile."


  1. Busy week for you! The kitties are always glad to see you though :)

  2. PLEASE let Parsley be next and go to the super family who fostered Petunia. If I can help you get him, I will! -Kristin

  3. I vote for are good at selling things Janine...I will help on Sunday...Sueann tell me where to go and be careful ...with that being said...ha.ha