Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rush Hour

Yesterday, the weather report called for rain beginning in the early morning hours of Wednesday, today. I thought, darn, this isn't going to be fun tomorrow as I went about my trapping and feedings yesterday morning.  This morning, around 2 am., when I wake normally, I didn't hear any rain tapping against my skylight, but I could hear the wind.  I thought, oh, maybe I will beat the rain as I go out at my normal time of 4:15.  So, I pulled myself up at 2:45 and began to get myself ready.  At 3:45, I knew I was pushing it.  The rain would begin at any time.  So, out the door I went fifteen minutes earlier, at 4 a.m.  I never ran around that fast in my life. For both halves of my rounds, I started with the spots that I place a bowl of food and water under a tree - no shelter - I wanted the cats that eat there to be able to eat without the rain on them.  That includes Niagara, Central and Fifth, and Parsells.  There are cats that just won't join the rest of the gang that are sheltered there.  I pray they come to their senses when it gets really bad out this winter.  I can't continue to place bowls there as the snow will be waist deep.  By 4:45, I was nearly done.  I finished up the first half in just over 15 minutes.  Record.  I knew I needed to beat that rain.  By 4:45, it began to rain lightly. I made it.  Phew.

OK, here is the scoop.  MAGOO, the pretty red kitten that I trapped and had neutered yesterday at the clinic is still in the trap.  BUT, he is inside Foster Susan's house in a spare bedroom.  She called, at the last minute yesterday, to say she would take him.  She has another feral in her house, and she didn't want to see kitten back on the street.  The problem is, Foster Sue just had eye surgery yesterday, and most likely won't be waking from her slumber until later in the morning.  I am hoping she rises early enough so that I can tell her about the cage I am leaving at her house, where the kitten should be transferred into.  She can't just let kitten out of the trap to run, its too scared.  Its just like a barn situation, you have to let kitten get used to her surroundings, get used to you.  EVENTUALLY, the kitten will let you touch it, but not now.  I don't want another kitten bite to happen like it did with my friend SueAnn.  Those bites can hurt.  I know firsthand.

Here's a picture of Mikey (formerly Melissa) who is the sibling of Magoo, who is in the care of Laurie right now, being treated for an eye infection.  See, it CAN happen.  These kittens, once they lose their fright, will learn to trust, eventually.  Although my Butterscotch, who I have had from the litter I took on from the Roberts Wesleyan College situation, is still running loose in my house, not coming close to me at all, and its been a year since I've had him.  :(

Laurie and Mikey
I will keep you posted on this new development, but I also know in the back of my mind there are still three kittens left there on Melville.  

Some updates - two of the kittens I had this summer are getting big and doing very well.  These are the kittens my friend Melissa fostered for me.  I can't even remember their original names.  :(  Thats how many kittens I've rescued this year.  ugggh.  They were adopted by another Melissa and her daughter, and now Maizy and Murphy are loved and cherished.



I have updates on Smudgey too, but will post her pics tomorrow.

Thanks to all who foster, adopt and donate.  I could NOT do this without you.  xo

Have a great day!

"When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.  Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free."

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  1. I had a feeling yesterday that Magoo would not be going back to the streets. I am SO happy!!!!!!!! hurray for Susan!!!! :) I will re-tally Janine's numbers for this year and let you all know. But to ALL of the people who have fostered for her, adopted from her, made a donation of any kind - you are fabulously kind and generous people. Just think what could be accomplished in the world if EVERYONE was helping to do good things. The world's problems could almost literally be solved overnight if every single human being woke up tomorrow morning with a changed heart - and said "from now on I will devote my life to helping others". till then, keep on doing all the good you are doing Janine and all her helpers!!!