Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T (Trap) N (Neuter or Spay) V (Vaccinate) R (Return - the part I hate so much)

Today was TNR day.  I was determined to get some of the now FOUR kittens that I've seen on Melville.  I set two traps with some smelly tuna inside, drove off and did a few of my feedings up ahead, came back, got one.  One red kitten.  This is where the black kitten was trapped a few weeks back that someone had removed from my porch because she wanted to save it.  Kitten is still safe and sound, after biting this girl, but is now with another being more socialized, and medicated for eye infections.  I had originally named that kitten Melissa thinking it was a girl, but it turned out to be a boy, and not sure what its new name is.  Kudos to Laurie Read for taking on this challenge, which proved to be just a little too much for my friend SueAnn.  Anyways, this is one of 'Melissa's' siblings.  After going back to see if I got another, I did not.  I set another on 7th, but had no success there either.

I was sort of relieved at getting only one, but only in regard to one aspect of TNR.  Financial.  Otherwise, its terrible, there are SO many cats and kittens that need to be TNR'd.  The financial burden is the kicker.  I can't rely on people to call in donations for these cats.  As it is, I owe at the clinic, and I can't afford squat in my life.  There is one income, mine, and its not much.  I have a lot of expenses.  I did, as people suggested, apply for help through Rochester Hope for Pets, just yesterday, so we will see how that goes.  I pay so much money out of my own pocket for food.  You have to realize, I am going through EASILY 32 pounds of dry food a day, and EASILY way more than a case of wet food a day.  I can't expect the few people who do bring cat food to me occasionally to do this out of guilt, or obligation.  Its not fair to them.  

I was at friends houses this weekend, including the girl who adopted Trixie and Alice yesterday, and thought to myself, I could have had this.  Such a beautiful home.  Short trips here and there.  I've given all this up just to care for these cats every single day.  I dread what is coming up.  The snowstorms, the shoveling, the freezing cold.  Knowing the suffering that will be had - for the cats.  I just have my days I guess.  My pity party.

When I went to check on the trap on 7th after finishing up all the other spots, a girl walked over to me and asked about the trap I had placed there earlier.  She had been standing against the building on the corner and I had yelled to her that I was trapping - I didn't want her to mess with it.  This girl walked over and said something about if I was successful, I told her they weren't biting today.  She walked straight to me and put her arm around me.  I thought she was going to hurt me for a split second.  I could see in the light that were eyes were teary.  I asked her if she was turning tricks, she laughed and said 'I'm not having any luck!"  I then said you know drinking will make you sad, and she said it wasn't drinking she was doing, and I asked her if it was heroin, was she shooting up, she said no, I asked her if it was coke, and she said yes, "crack is a monster".  I could tell she was 'jonesing', she asked for a cigarette, or $.50, I told her I was known by all around there that I never carry money, just cat food.  I asked her what her name was - "Dorie - that's my real name" she said very kindly, as if she had a street name or something.  Dorie was a tall, thin, very pretty black woman.  I told her my name and she asked twice after that as if trying to really remember it.  Her eyes continued to well up and I told her she was making ME cry!   I told her I had to leave, but for her to be safe.  I walked away from her feeling very sad for her.  What a sad and lonely life. 

Regarding Violet.

No, nothing has been done to help her really.  I was told that she was not exhibiting symptoms mentioned at the second vet overnight visit.  They could see she was having some trouble, but said to get her very soft food.  The tech told me to video if I could what she was doing after she eats.  My sister reported to me yesterday, after viewing her eating, that she was in fact vomiting right after eating, etc.  BUT she was eating.  So $450 later, she is not cured of whatever is ailing her.  I do want to point out Operation Gypsy and my sincere thanks to their followers.  So many offered to pay her last vet bill, and one kind woman paid most of it.  Some of my friends did also, and I thank you for that.  My niece Brenna did make a video, But she didn't wait for the upchuck scene.  So, I need to ask her to video when Violet starts to make this gagging motion. Brenna.........................................................  here is the video she shot.

Here is the little guy I got this morning. Say a prayer for him as I have to release him back to the streets tomorrow morning after he spends the night on my porch.  :(  HEARTBREAKING.

Have a good day.

"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.  We carry the seeds of the
one or the other about with us in our minds wherever we go."


  1. It's amazing to me what you do in the hours before you go to work. And what you do after work - and the thoughts and stress you have while AT work. You have chosen a very difficult mission, but I know it's a labor of love for you. I will be calling RCAC today and putting money on your account. Bless you, Janine, for all the good that you do.

  2. Janine... Your house is lovely, look at how many folks want a tiny house now...I know I do, It is all how you look at it. You do deserve a few weekends off..train us and let us do it..make a plan. SueAnn