Monday, October 26, 2015

One Hour

That's all it took this morning to leave the house at and drive to 18 different locations around the Beechwood section of Rochester, or the Public Market area, and feed over 70 cats that I can count, not counting the feral cats that hide until you leave, and the raccoons and skunks and occasional possum.  Yesterday morning, on my route with Sunday Sheryl, it took us two hours.  That is because we secured a few spots with tarp and totes.  There is still so much more to be done.  And so grateful to those that made shelters for me, and dropped off unfinished totes for making shelters.  I will let y'all know when I run out of those and ask for me.  Hows that?  ha.  And I have enough straw to last me two years.  :)  What I DON'T have enough of is cat food.  I go through SO much on a daily basis.  Its astounding.  But every last morsel is eaten by these cats.

At Melville, where there is a serious problem of unspayed females and kittens, they are gobbling the food up as if they hadn't eaten in an entire day.  But guess what, they may not have.  This morning I witnessed three kittens.  I do believe I got the mother spayed, but these kittens are just adorable, and wild.  They are so hungry they don't care if I am still there pouring the food.  I need help at this location.  Tomorrow I have another two spots at clinic (which I don't know how long I can continue this for) and will set a trap there first thing.  There are other spots that need trapping at for the cats that are unspayed and unneutered, but this location is the worst.


Onto the good stuff.  Benson, who was being fostered by my junior high/high school friend Donna was picked up Saturday and delivered to his new home.  He was adopted by Sara, who adopted Princess from me two weeks ago.  Princess, being just a young thing herself, was very playful, and lonely.  So Sara agreed to give Benson a try.  He was still in hiding last I knew on Sunday morning, so I am hoping for a better report today.  It does take a while with some of them. Very traumatic for some.

Trixie and Alice have been at my house since Thursday when their foster Mom Melissa left for vacation.  They took a while to warm up to me, but they did, and boy are the the sweetest, young girls.  They were both pregnant when I rescued them from Pennsylvania and Second.  They are young, playful, and guess what, ADOPTED!  Through Facebook, so much good can happen.  Through people sharing pictures of the kitties, there are others that you can't reach yourself and that is how this happened.  This nice girl came over yesterday, we sat and talked, she visited with the kitties, and came out in love with them.  Hopefully, this evening, I will bring them to their new home!  Thanks Melissa for being there.


Without fosters, we can't save them.  Please consider.  I must move Cammy from his foster home, where he is being kept in a room by himself.  He needs to spread his wings and have a whole house.  His foster mom is WONDERFUL also, but she is cautious with him due to him having FIV.  FIV is not contagious except through a deep bite wound, but Cammy is a ham.  Hammy Cammy.  He is a wonderful sweet boy, so there is no chance of him biting any other animal.  Won't you give him a chance?



Violet is still vomiting up her food.  But she is extremely playful.  Yesterday, she and her brother Barney went to my sister's house, where Nora, their mom, is being fostered.  They are loving life!  I still need to have her seen again, but she is getting some food in her system.

Patches, the orange kitty that was very sick on Parsells, who is being fostered by a sweetheart girl named Ciara, is still very sick.  He has some kind of infection in his tongue and its causing him to bleed, and drool.  I must get him seen, AGAIN.

Its always something.

Please spread the word, and have a great day!

"Some people can be mean and treat you poorly.  Don't take it personally.  It says nothing about you but a lot about them."

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  1. So what is the diagnosis if any on Violet and what treatments are being tried? Two vets and 3 visits later has anything been done to help her? Just wondering?