Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Back Nine

I had to let the little girl kitten Pixie back to her spot this morning, after having spent the night on my porch in a carrier, and after being spayed yesterday at the clinic.  Along with Mr. Fluffypants #2 who went back to his spot.  Its so hard to let these poor animals back, especially the young.  It just kills me.  We just don't have enough homes for all these sweet cats.  If you'll all remember last week, we had another kitten neutered, and I discovered the next morning when I looked out on the porch that the kitten was missing in the trap.  UPDATE:  The kitten is doing well at a girl's house who took it upon her self to care for the kitten rather than allowing it to go back to the street.  The girl was bitten by kitten, who was feral, but she is doing well, healing, and kitten is coming around, slowly.

Thank you Katherine, for getting up at 3am, driving in from Fairport to be at my house by 4:15am, and braving the morning feed with me.  Katherine volunteers at a local no-kill shelter - Pet Pride - and had heard about me through the folks that run the joint.  She contacted me and asked if she could ride along, and sure enough, she showed up on my porch this morning!!  I am not quite sure what she thought, she is very sweet, quiet and shy, but I am sure she learned a lot about what is going on in this city in the early mornings each day.  Lots of starving cats!

Someone asked about shelters.  Yes, they can range from the largest plastic totes they sell, to wooden huts.  Anything your mind can concoct, as long as its waterproof and able to move about.  Thanks to folks who donated straw.  I have enough to last me two years now.  :)

As promised, here is more info on my spots:

The back nine:

After I finish up at Baldwin and Goodwin, I head to Webster and Ferndale where i/ used to have confrontation with Crazy Mary(leigh),  She has not bothered me or the food in over three weeks now.  Thank God.  That was a nightmare, for real.  The problem is, there were so many sick and pregnant cats in the back of this spot, where her house adjoins to the street behind, I don't see any right now.  I occasionally see a calico, but that is it.  I am wondering what she is doing with all those cats.  Of course, the humane society never did go over and take a look in her house, after numerous calls about it.   Don't get me started on this subject or I will never get to my next spots.  I could do an entire post on her and what she has done, and all the cats I've rescued from here in the past year, most near death.  I place food and water, which is mostly gone the next morning, but not touched by her, as was obvious in the past.

7th Street - in the spring I was feeding five newborn kittens, now down to maybe one or two.  I can't even stand to think about what happened to the others.  I reached out for help, never got it.  I set traps a few times, did get the mama, but never the kittens.  Otherwise, most are fixed there, although there has been a pure black kitty there waiting hungrily for breakfast each day.

Short Street - My Mr. Whiskers and Buttons are always there, running to the car as they see me coming.  They are sweet boys that would make such a fine companion to someone, they've been here for years now, and I greet them every day with a rub and scratch.   There is also a young black male, and a couple others that are more shy.  I've also seen an older white cat with brown tabby spots sleeping in the hut way in back here. 

Central and Fifth - There is a black and white cat here - a tuxedo I guess you call it, and I am trying to lure the mother and her two babies I saw just on the corner from here the other day.  Nice safe shelters here.  I have run into numerous skunks in this field, but never have been sprayed!  There is also a gray cat that runs across the median here every time morning when I pull up.  He has to be fed in 'his own spot' which is under the tree near the road (pic above).  Cats are very territorial.

3rd and Central - Tabby, black mama, and another black cat are regulars, although there have been many others lately.  I have not seen the beautiful grey with a white stripe.  I don't know what happens to these angels.

Niagara - This is a spot that was originally being cared for by a friend, but she doesn't feed there regularly, and I am now going there every day because there usually is no food or water here, and I don't know her schedule, so I fill the bowls up for these poor animals that may have had to wait until the next day to eat.  I just can't imagine that, so off I go, there each day.  Placing food and water down, including under a tree across the street from the apartment buildings that house people that hate the cats that live in the walls there.

Second - behind Paul's house - the kind man who has allowed me to shelter and feed for years now, is the regular tabby that has another upper respiratory, so I slip medicine in for her.  I spot a muted calico here, and I am sure she is the mother of Chloe, and a few other kittens.  I have not seen the kittens lately, but every once in a while I see her.  I must get her spayed!

2nd and Pennsylvania - This is where Trixie and Alice were recently rescued.  There is a grey calico here, a red short tailed kitty, and another calico that waits on the other side for me to come fill its plate.  The man who's house I feed and shelter behind has passed on, so I am just holding my breath before his family comes to sell the house.  And away my shelters will go!

Pennsylvania and 4th - I forgot to mention, this past Sunday myself and another friend went to my garden and planted daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips for spring bloom.  Yes!  Think Spring!  :)  I also planted three baby bushes beyond the garden that someone dropped off.  They will probably take 10 years to grow to my height, but that's ok.  They looks sweet where they are.  I just hope I don't step on them when they are snow covered! There are at least seven or eight cats that wait for me here.  I need to continue to build up this shelter that was destroyed earlier in the summer by the creep next door.  It hasn't been touched since, but he destroyed some really nice wooden huts.

Back to Parsells to chase off the raccoons where Parsley's spot #3 is.  And then home to fill the bags and containers back up again for tomorrow morning's run.  ugggh.  That's my life.  Now its off to work I go.  Hi Ho.

Have a great day!

"Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true."

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  1. The kitties thank you each morning when you arrive :)