Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TNR Tuesday

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  TNR.  Trap Neuter Return.

I am in a miserable mood this morning, and I blame it on the rain.  Sometimes I wish I could just shave my head, not worry about the $25 I spent the other day to get my hair ironed, straightened, whatever you want to call it, at the hairdresser.  So I go out this morning, and its lightly raining, but just hard enough to make my newly short cut hair blow up.   So I get out a towel and place it over my head, only to have it fall over my eyes, slip off the back, get in the way so that I can't see what I am doing when I have to bend over a hundred times to pour food and water for the cats. 

On top of pouring food, I had to place traps.  First I placed one at Gael's house, on Greeley and Parkside.  Gael is the older woman who called a rescue originally only to have them refer her to me.  I felt guilty after speaking to her, wanting to help, and after several visits, realize she is a very very very lonely woman who just needs someone to talk to.  But we have managed to get four kittens now spayed and neutered and into barn situation for two, one deceased, and the fourth I let go at her house after neuter last week.  Parker.  Gael swears there are more eating on her porch where she puts a bowl of water and food out, so I told her we would continue trying there.  I set it, forget it, and went off to the next spot where I knew I could grab a kitten that has become daring enough to come near me as I pour the food, it being hungry, on Parsells.  I did it, and here we have Pixie.

Then off I go speeding back to Gaels, only to find an empty trap, not a cat in sight.  So off I go to set it around the corner on Melville.  I then go feed at another spot on Garson where there are at least 8 cats that wait for me each morning, all spayed and neutered as far as I can tell.  After that, I speed back to Melville, where there is a cat in a trap, but one that I had already had neutered!  A big beautiful red boy.  I let him out, placed food and water for the at least five cats I see there, and speed off again to set the trap on Parsells, where I know there are still a few cats that are baby makers.  After setting that, I SPEED off to Baldwin off Parsells, knowing there is a look-a-like Fluffypants (from Pennsylvania and Second - Mr. Fluffypants is now neutered and in a home where he is the love of the life of a wonderful family!).  Sure enough, Mr. Fluffypants #2 is there, and sure enough, I grabbed him and placed him in a carrier. 

Now I have my quota for the clinic, so I race off to where I set the last trap on Parsells, and thank GOD I didn't have another in there, as I think the clinic gets upset if you bring in more than are scheduled.  Not to mention, these two will cost me $100 today.    So its not only the cost for TNR, its trying to do it while you are trying to get to 18 locations to place food and water down, most of them in the back of lots and houses, where you have to walk a bit, and watch where you are walking, IN THE RAIN. 

As far as the other reason for hating TNR, I have to let these babies back onto the street in the morning.  It is HEARTBREAKING to do for me.  I don't know how other people can do it.  I will try to figure out their personality when I bring them home this evening for a stay over on my porch, but even the ferals, the completely unsocialized cats, are hard to do.

I keep in mind, this is NECESSARY for me to do.  Its necessary for the CITY and GOVERNMENT to help out here.  We must end this cycle of overpopulation, but little old me can't do it by herself in this tiny corner where I do it.  I need help!  There are far too many out there for me to do it alone! 

I will have an attitude adjustment soon, I am sure of it, because there are people who are suffering truly, not just in bad moods.  Please be kind to one another, as we are all struggling with something.  Its how we treat others that will make or break the day for someone else.  

Have a great day!

"It is important not to allow ourselves to be put off by the magnitude of others' suffering.  The misery of millions is not a cause for pity.  Rather it is a cause for compassion."


  1. Janine,

    Thank you very much for all you do every day for all the poor defenseless Kitties out there. You are making a significant difference in the lives of every cat that is fortunate enough to cross your path. Also thanks to everyone that helps you with fostering, adoptions, and donations. Without this support Janine would not be able to continue the Excellent work she does on a daily basis. I implore anyone that can donate some money do so by calling RCAC AT 585-288-0600 and give to Janine's spay/neuter account. Thank you for helping these struggling kitties.

    Walt Simoni

  2. I would be glad to help you on Tuesdays Janine...