Friday, October 23, 2015


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have a cat,
that's perfect for you! 

And you thought I had no talent  :) 

It was a cool morning out there.  Lots of frustration though.  At 4th and Pennsylvania, there was a raccoon.  As I came closer to it, it went up the tree.  I tried to scare it, but it just stared down, watching me as I poured the food and water.  I knew I would have to circle back here.  I did, and Mr. Raccoon was there eating again.  It went up the tree again, and at that point, I had to give up and get back home to get ready for the day. 



In one room I have Trixie and Alice who were scared out of their wits to leave the home they've known for the past ...  three weeks since I rescued them?  I have slowly coaxed them out from hiding, but they still aren't eating.  They really are sweet girls, bonded.  I have someone coming over on Sunday for a meet and greet with them.  Say a prayer. 


In another room is Barney and Violet - the two remaining kittens of Nora, the mother and her four babies that were rescued from Niagara over a month ago.  Nora is being fostered by my sister, and these two gorgeous long haired tabbies are waiting for their forever home.  However, Violet is having problems right now.  Big problems.  She is slowly starving to death.  About four days ago it started.  Three days ago I brought her to my vet, $150 later she was sent home with meds.  No better the next day, brought the kitten BACK with food so that the doc could view what is happening after she tries to eat, but the vet decided to let a tech view it and she said she would relay it to the doc, didn't hear anything from them since.  That was another $50.  Thank you very much.  Now I have an appointment with another place today in Greece, hoping they will do an endoscopy or something.  Someone has to look down this poor kittens throat to see what is going on.  She tries to eat, but throws it all up, and her little body is jerking for a while afterwards.  Poor little thing.  Prayers for her too please.

There are new cats on Short Street.  Very beautiful and sweet cats, unaltered as far as I can see, but wondering where they came from.  Buttons and Mr. Whiskers #2 have been here for years.  They would have made such good kitties for someone.  This is the shelter where I found Shorty, tongue and feet burning away from acid or something.  Poor thing.  I do see so much sadness.  I want to take so many cats home to live out their lives fear and pain free. 

Benson will be going to his new home tomorrow!  He will join Princess, the young girl I rescued from Parsells three weeks ago.  Hurray!!!  Thanks Donna for fostering him!

That's why we need more people to take more kitties in.  Please spread the word.  We still need to get Franci, Trixie, Alice, Nora, Barney, Violet, Hermie, Cammy and Patches good homes. 






Thanks very much for reading and spreading the word.  Have a great day!

"Don't let idiots ruin your day."


  1. I love your quote today!!
    Was the drug you tried metoclopramide? That might help- it helps the stomach empty out.
    You might ask about a possible diaphragmatic hernia. I had a kitty for years who was born with one causing his stomach to be squashed by the intestines coming up thru the hole in his diaphragm requiring surgery. Not saying thats what it is but makes me wonder. Vet could tell by the way he was breathing. I think it would show on an xray. Just my thoughts.

  2. I am so excited that someone is interested in Alice and Trixie! How wonderful. I will say a prayer.... As for little Violet - poor baby. I will help you with vet costs for her. Where are you taking her? I can have some $ put on your account for her. And don't say no!! And Benson is being adopted? That's fantastic!! I know all this takes a huge toll on you. But I am so thankful there are strong people like you who do this day in and day out. You have literally saved many many hundreds of lives, if not into the thousands now. Amazing work Janine!! -Kristin

  3. my need a different vet. The vet has either written this kitten off as acceptable loss...or doesn't have the tools to do the test. bay?? really..this one needs a regular vet..with scoping ability. and they should refund the fifty...I agree, the vomiting and shaking after means it was very forceful..could be hernia...atresia stricture...