Monday, December 29, 2014


Well, I did it again.  I rescued Peanut Butter this time!  He was a willing participant for sure.  His beautiful white fur is a bit dirty, and his belly still distended, not sure why, but he is one happy camper.  He began a loud purr the second I opened the door of the carrier to let him out in the bathroom.  He is a crier, for sure, doesn't like to be left alone, nor did he like the ride home, but he is going to make one fine companion for someone.  His left ear is clipped - he was neutered a year or so ago - and no, he is not gay (although, who knows?  :))!  But the fur on his hind quarters looks to be missing - hence the picture.  Don't look if you have the 'yuck' factor in your genes.  :)  He is going to the clinic today for testing, and his shots.  Most likely deworming also.  Prayers his test comes out clean!  Peanut (or Butter) will be going to his foster home sometime this week, if someone doesn't snatch him up before that, and will be available for adoption, so please spread the word!

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Sunday morning, I pulled up to my last spot at Central, where Elvis and Tippy Toes still need rescue, and in the dark, noticed something looked odd in the back of the lot.  As I got closer, it was apparent that someone had trashed the beautiful safe shelter set up back there.  All the totes and styrofoam boxes were opened, and it had been raining, so the straw was all wet, everything just strewn around.  At that moment,. you just go into Action Mode, and thank God I had Sunday Sheryl with me - not a word was spoken (except by me, cursing whoever did it) and we went to work to put it all back together again.  As I drove home this overwhelming sadness came over me.  Its so mean, so unfair to these cats.  They begin to trust these shelters, most being used, because you see them come out and stretch when you arrive in the morning to feed them.  Its so rewarding to know they know they have a safe haven.  And then this happens.  I just don't understand it.  This morning I brought more straw with me to place in the shelters as I had run out yesterday.

This little guy I've been feeding since the springtime.  He is a sweetie, he was TNR'd  in early summer, and runs to me each day.  I've named him Hayden, as he is from Hayward Avenue.

Hayden - Hayward

Hayden - Hayward
These babies will be missing Peanut Butter, and I am sure they wonder where Jelly is!


Peanut Butter - Baldwin

Short Street
Mr,. Fluffypants runs to me each morning. This morning, Tuffy was at his spot. I haven't seen Tuffy in a very long time, and am so thankful he is still alive.  Mr. Fluffypants, on the other hand...  might not be so lucky, as he darts back and forth across the street.  Yesterday morning, a cop was sitting in front of this spot with his lights off.  I knew I looked odd to most people at that hour, so I walked up and said 'you know what I am doing, right?" and he just nodded and said yes and went back to whatever he was doing, staking out something or someone...  lots of cops yesterday - and this morning some black dude walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy some shampoo - I told him what I tell the others, I don't carry money on me, nor do I have any to begin with! - and then he went straight into the drug house a few houses down.

Mr. Fluffypants

Mr. Fluffypants

Mr.  Fluffypants - Pennsylvania

Tippy Toes - Central

Elvis - Central

Elvis - Central

Tippytoes - Central
This red cat is very sweet.  I've been feeding him for years now, and he trusts me.  This morning there was a new pretty girl or boy cat there, a sort of friendly one, that I have finally lured from Stout Street around the corner.


Parsells Shelter
Garson ran up to me again this morning, as he does each morning, and does flip flops on the ground, waiting for me to greet him.  He needs a home too.

Garson - Garson Ave.

Please consider one of these angels. 

Have a GREAT day!

You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others”

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  1. Happy you saw Tuffy Janine, maybe you will get hold of him one day and he can have some quality in his life ,"off" the streets