Wednesday, December 3, 2014

There have been two deaths that have touched my life, in a small way, due to heroin overdose, in the past week - one was a guy that worked on my roof this past end of summer, and the other was the cousin of a friend.  Both men were young and vital to the world.  I also have a friend of over 30 years who is supplementing her pain medicine with heroin.  I have watched this once fun, vibrant girl go from the life of the party, to having her car recently repossessed, and now facing eviction from her apartment.   What is going on in this world?  I can't imagine having my life end this early.  I have dabbled with dangerous things in my life - all in the past - but hey, look at what I do every day (going into the inner city, crime-ridden neighborhoods at 4:30 am. to feed cats)!  I can't imagine ingesting hard drugs, knowing how dangerous they are, and could end my life in an instant if I took one more drop of it, or wound up with some 'bad stuff.'   Addiction or not. When you become a heroin addict, you run the risk of losing everything nd making your life a living  hell for you to live in daily.  Some heroin addicts lose the ability to do anything for themselves even after taking only one hit the wrong way.  Its nothing to play around with.  If you do not lose your abilities to function, you can lose your memory, finances, family and your life.  I think to myself, where did our paths travel in such different directions?  We are both the same age, we both grew up with good family values.  I still struggle in my life in many ways, but not to the point where I am losing my car, and the roof over my head.  Its sad, there are a lot of sad stories out there.  Nuff said.

I am posting pictures taken this morning.  I am hoping one friend that wanted the white kitty Lacey, but lost out to another who is going to give Lacey a try, that she and her husband will consider another.  I have Elvis, the pretty white and black male kitty on Central, and I have Jelly, the sweet girl on Baldwin.  Peanut Butter is another short haired male, very sweet, literally runs to the door of my car when I pull up each morning...  and then there is Elvis, another one that runs to me each day.  Mr. Fluffypants and Charlie are still waiting to be plucked off the streets and given a warm and loving home.  Please spread the word.



Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

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"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body - but rather a skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘WOW, what a ride!’ "


  1. Hi Janine - just getting to your blog today, so busy at work! So sad, what addiction does to someone. I can't imagine watching friends/family go through something like you are talking about. We can pray for them and encourage! Tracy

  2. Addiction is ruthless, merciless slave master. I"m so thankful neither I nor my family member have ever been sucked into an addiction, even just smoking. Thank God that Jesus can set us free from any master we serve.

    I love the names you give these cats. Peanut Butter is a good one!