Friday, December 5, 2014

Day Two - Missing

The Good News:
Well look at who we have here!  Its Jelly Time!!!  Its Peanutbutter and Jelly Time, peanut butter and jelly time...  (don't know if you all know that jingle!  :)  google it)  - unfortunately, Peanut Butter was left where he is, but I did scoop up Jelly from Baldwin and Grand this morning.  I have a lovely friend, she is English, and expressed interest in getting a cat from me after years of being catless.  She originally chose Lacey, but Lacey is being adopted this coming Monday by another woman!  So, here is Jelly in my bathroom this morning!  Scared to death, but I got some pretty loud purrs from her after stroking her for a while.  She loves to be stroked, and scratched!  Actually, I am not sure Jelly really fits her.  Without Peanut Butter, where's the Jelly?  So, maybe name her something English, like Crumpet?  Ha.  Obviously, my friend will have the first say as to what her new name will be.  I did feel bad leaving Peanut Butter there though.

The Bad News:
So I’ve been in the habit of bringing little fluffy red Butterscotch, the semi-feral kitty rescued from Robert’s Wesleyan College campus, into bed with me at night, where he snuggles up to me and doesn’t move, due to him being absolutely petrified, but he is comfortable with me.  I happened to bring him there on Wednesday night, and all of the sudden, I must have fallen asleep for a minute, and he got away from me.  He is nowhere to be found now.  This scares me because he is frightened to death of EVERYthing, including the other cats.  I am afraid he will never come out to even eat.  The house has been checked many times each day, and still no sign of him.  I pray something changes here, but it doesn’t look good.   I don't know what to do, this weighs heavy on my heart.  :(

I had two appointments at the clinic yesterday morning.  I am helping out a black woman in the inner city who has no money, but has five cats in her house, a good heart, and sense enough to keep them in.  One, she suspects, is already pregnant.  So, the two females were dropped off and spayed, with no pregnancy, thank God.  I had brought her two carriers last Wednesday - used and not in the best shape, and I will let her keep them because she doesn't have any.  And she has FIVE cats.  Not good.  I told her she needed at least two in case of an emergency!  And I am missing some of mine, any of you have a carrier of mine?  :) Of course, I have no business helping others out when I am broke to begin with, but I just couldn’t turn my back on this woman, who called me after she saw me on television two weeks or so ago.  She sounded so sincere, and how many people in the inner city love cats like she does???  I have made two more appointments for next week for her also.  What is wrong with me….    Seriously, I just had car repairs to the tune of $590.   Thank God I have a good mechanic who doesn't charge me an arm and a leg like the car places do.  Brakes, all four pads and rotors, and an exhaust pipe.

Monday, Lacey, the white kitty whose skin was ravaged by fleas, outside elements, who knows what, and was also pregnant, is also going to her new home.  My friend Nancy has been fostering her – oh what a lucky girl she is..  She will be sibling with her new feline brother – fingers crossed they get along!  She is so sweet and pretty, and meek and dainty.
I wish I could count how many cats I've rescued and found homes for this year.  At last count in August, it was something like 40.  Not sure how many its been now, but if anyone has the time? HA!.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe day!  

"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can.
In all the ways you can. In all the places you can.
At all the times you can. To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can." 


  1. Happy Friday! Janine, Butterscotch will come back out of hiding! He has to! Just a matter of time :) Tracy

  2. Butterscotch WILL come out. Also I am calling the RCAC right after this class and putting a $200 credit on your account. It's YOUR money and I keep forgetting - but I will in 5 minutes. That will help pay for Frida's cats. As far as counting up the cats you've rescued - I will do it over xmas break. :) Finally - we need to find a home for peanut butter!! And Mr. Fluffypants and Charlie. I am going to put out an email at my school district again. Maybe someone is now in the market. :) Keep on keepin' on! You do great things.

  3. I am sure Butterscotch has found a great hiding place and comes out when you are not home and all other cats are sleeping soundly. Bet he dug a hole under a bed frame or is hiding somewhere behind a couch. They can get into the most hidden places! You do an amazing job and I will pass the word around about these other kitties needing a home I hope they all find one and they can get off streets soon. Webster sends his smooches :)

    xoxo Toni S.

  4. You'll find him! I'd be frantic, too. Gxir used to "disappear" and I'd search all over the house until I'd searched everywhere and started to feel panicky. Eventually, just as my heart was about to fail, I'd turn around and there she'd be, right behind me with a curious expression on her face, as if to say "Whatcha lookin' for, Mama?" Her fave spots were in the closet on the towels, under the comforter on the bed, or in the bedroom closet on a shelf hidden by hanging clothes. She could lay out so flat under the covers on a bed that you'd never know she was there.