Monday, December 22, 2014

Tuesday Tails....

Update on Lacey!  Here is what her new mom has to say:

 "She is a loving and affectionate pretty little lady:). Still hisses @ my Lurch but they are getting used to each other. A good sleep partner now and has to be wherever I am:)"

And guess what the other big news is...  Gigi is a BOY!  Gigi's name will now be changed to Gimli.  The whole time he must have been thinking, "why are you calling me some stupid girl's name??  I am a boy! Can't you tell? "  = er ... no Gimli, I couldn't.  You felt like a girl, you sounded like a girl, you acted like a girl...  maybe Gigi is your stage name?"  ha!  either way, I am either getting really bad at distinguishing between the two sexes lately, or you had a good surgeon!

Gigi/GIMLI lovin' life!
Friends, I have a dilemma - the kind people who have adopted Jelly have written me this since I went over on Saturday and retrieved her from where she had been hiding for over a week.  I don't know what else to tell her - I have advised her that she just needs to get Jelly out of the little hiding spaces in the room, and hold her forcefully at first on her lap and begin to pet her.  She is afraid to even do this.  Mind you, this is a sweet little woman who probably doesn't weigh over 100.

"Hi Janine: It isn’t going very well with Jelly. she hisses & tries to lunge at us when we look in to see her, so now I just go in & talk to her. She never did that before, just  the growling. Of course I haven’t given up, & it has been only two weeks.My whole being hurts for her. I guess I am afraid to put my hand anywhere towards her, or even close to her, as she lashes out. No, we will not give up!"

I know I have an assertive personality, and maybe thats what makes me good with cats - they know I am the dominant one, and they learn to like me faster this way.  But how do you teach someone who is not so assertive to be assertive with a cat?  HELP!!

It was wet and muddy out there this morning.  I gave Peanut Butter a half a drontal (worming pill) this morning - had crushed it up beforehand and put it in his wet food.  His belly looks large - so I am thinking its some kind of wormy thing, but hopefully the pill will do the trick of whatever is causing it.  If not, I pray he is rescued soon so that a vet can give him the once over. 

I have the day off today, and have a million things, as usual, sigh.............  I wish I had just one whole day to do what I've always wanted to do:  sit and read.  Its just never the case. 

I wish you a good day, please spread the word about the ones still out there needing homes - Peanut Butter, Elvis, Mr. Fluffypants - I saw two new kitties out there this morning at different locations, both uneartipped, and I wondered what their stories were.  There are two sweet boys left at Garson, one is black and white, the other is a grey tabby - both RUN to me when they see my car, and I trip over them walking back to the feeding spots on the other side of the vacant lot - one is the kitty that was crying because he was stuck due to the amount of snow we had from the storm two weeks ago.  I need to think of names - both boys (I am SURE about one of them because I had him neutered a month or two ago!).  :) 

Have a great day!

Last Minute Gift Suggestions:

To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To every child, a good example.
To all, charity.
To yourself, respect."


  1. Jelly's mom sounds like a wonderful lady. I do believe she will come around with time AND some work. I was wondering - does Jelly have a box with a "roof" that she can go in to feel safe? I had a kitten once that was acting terrified but he had so "safe place to go in the room he was in. Someone suggested getting a box, putting blankets in it and cutting a door. He immediately went it and started purring and went to sleep. Maybe Jelly needs a safe spot so she can feel secure as she checks out her new surroundings. Also, I was thinking what if she was given catnip in her room and some toys to play with? She could then have a really positive experience and associate it with her new "parents". Maybe let her enjoy it on her own the first time or 2 - but then after that stay in the room with her at a distance talking softly to her. And then eventually trying to play with her with a toy on a stick. I have NO idea if this might work but if I had Jelly, I would try those 2 things. I also might give her some super special food here and there - like a bit of tuna. You want Jelly to see her people and think "oh! something good is going to happen!" :)

  2. Excellent advice that Kristin gave! Everything I had thought of, plus more!
    Jelly and drontal. A whole drontal pill if cat size treats up to a 9 lb cat so 1/2 pill isnt enough unless he is a kitten. I hope it is just worms. Is he acting o.k. otherwise?

  3. Oops I meant Peanut Butter and drontal dose.

  4. Kristin has great suggestions!! Poor Jelly.... so sweet but so scared. Hooray for her new mama and her patience!!!

  5. Totally agree with Kristin also. When I took my Uncle's cat into my house after he passed away suddenly, she was the most aggressive cat I ever saw. I had a vet come to the house because I couldn't get near her. He said 'She's not a mean cat, just very scared of the change." Everytime I went into her room, she lunged, hissed, growled. I've never had a cat act so aggressive before. So, several times a day, I'd go in & simply talk to her, reassuring her she'd be OK. I would get closer to her each time and simply reach a hand near her. Yup, she swiped & hissed but eventually she let me rub her head with one finger. I also brought a string and would toss it near her & pull it away, trying to play. After about the 500th toss, she took a playful swipe at it.I also turned a radio on in her room, very low, to drown out some of the 'scary' noises on the other side of the door. This took a long time, maybe several months, but now she is my buddy. I get headbutts everyday & playful meows. Patience, just a lot of patience and knowing that you did an amazing thing by saving her life, she'll come around. Trust me. ;)

  6. Wow everyone, thank you so much for your suggestions,,, they are all so practical, and I am sure will be easily adaptable to her new parents, I just have to make sure they read these comments. Peace and love... :) Janine (Ringo). :)

  7. They could always try Feliway. It diffuses pheromones that are calming to cats. We used it and thought it worked pretty well. It's worth a try.

  8. Kristen had great suggestions. Jelly's new Mom might want to try something called Anxitane or Quiet Moments for cats. She can order these from or other online sources. Also, she might try T-Touch exercises if she can get the cat into a carrier--I think there are some practitioners in the area. Sometimes time is your best healer.