Friday, December 26, 2014


Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring, even the fake mouse!~

My gang has certainly had a ball with Mom being home three straight days,although there were quite a few time outs.  Both Scooter and George stalk Brady, and when those two are put into a bedroom, Brady will stalk the others.  So then he gets put into his own room!  And then there is Butterscotch,who is still in hiding where ever he gets put, still frightened to death!  But cute nevertheless.

On Tuesday,while I was preparing a dish for Christmas, using a mandolin to cut my potatoes very thin, I sliced off a chunk of flesh on my thumb!  It was NOT a pretty sight.  Its also on my right hand so it makes it hard to do JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!  You never realize how much you use your thumbs!  My contacts, makeup, typing, eating, texting, washing dishes.  I feel totally useless.  And wonder when my thumb will ever heal.  What a pain.  Although it did not stop me from going into the hood!  And feeding all the sweet, beautiful kitties out there.

I have had such good luck this past month,getting so many off the street, and adopted.  By the way, thank you for the wonderful advice received for Jelly's situation.  I hope and pray her new mom reads it and follows it.  She wrote me the following the other day - "I think the position she is in, I would have to crouch way down to get close to her, & is ackward. While I would be reaching for her neck, she would be lunging. Yes I am a bit afraid when she does that, although of course, I completely understand. I wish she would be interested in some kind of toy. She looks so forlorn."  I wish I could give her strength to take control, but I can't.  She is not that type of person, and it will just have to happen on its own, although its just going to take a lot longer at that rate.  :(  But I remain grateful to them for sticking this out!

In the meantime, the others seem to be doing very well.  Lacey in her new home, Gimli in his foster home, Webster in his new home, Charlie is in a picture sent the past couple of days eating in the same kitchen as her new sister Sweet Pea, Wally is doing well in his new home with his 88 year old dad...  All the kittens recently adopted, all TWELVE, are all doing well...   I do get updates on them also...

Peanut Butter ran to me this morning,followed me to the feeding spot/shelter, gobbled up some food with the other six there, and proceeded to run after me, again.  Someone has offered to foster Peanut Butter, a kind woman who already has her hands full with many other cats, but Peanut Butter also has a distended belly,so he needs to be seen, and this is as good a time as any.  I did give him a de-worming pill in his food the other day, but who knows if that is even the case.  I will most likely pick him up tomorrow,and he will be seen by the clinic, hopefully, Monday or Tuesday.  Stay tuned...

Its taken me hours to type this with my thumb bandaged as it is, and correcting all my typos! so I am going to end here.  I wish you all a great day!


  1. Merry Christmas Janine! I got your text but was with my kids. Sorry about your finger - bummer. I'm so glad Susan loves Lacey; I miss her but know she has a great home. As you know, I'm alot like Jelly's mom (not very aggressive) so it will take longer for Jelly to warm up, but she'll come around and it's a great feeling when they do. Happy Holidays everyone! Nancy C.

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