Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome Back! :)

What a great long holiday weekend it was for me.  I got to cook, and bake, and visit with some friends I wouldn't normally visit because of the lack of time in a weekend, I got to go back to bed each morning if I wanted to.  I got to do some things around the house that I wouldn't normally have time for on a two day weekend.  My mother always tells me though, I never just sit and do nothing.  I am always on the go - I actually do feel guilty just sitting around reading a book or something.  Why is that.  I feel like I should be doing something.  It was great!  I could get used to this.  But...  back to the grind I go.  And thank God I have a grind to go back to, right?

My friend Kristin came over on Wednesday and we went back into the hood that morning and she helped me secure five or so shelters.  It helped immensely.  Sheryl took over for her on Sunday, helping me with a few also.  The proof was in the pudding, so to speak, when I went to the shelters this morning to feed all those hungry mouths, and the tarps and boards hadn't budged after the ferocious wind and rain we had last night.  I heard it in the wee hours of the morning, pounding against my window. 

I also had two people reach out to me looking for a kitty.  I decided that they could either choose from Lacey, the beautiful white female who is being fostered by Nancy, or they could choose from Charlie and Fluffypants, who desperately need to be removed from the streets.  Charlie is bullied by several other cats on Central, and cries and cries while I am there, most likely saying 'take me home, take me out of this hell, please....  ' and then there is Fluffypants, who crosses the busy street each morning, as he rolls over on his back, waiting for a scratch and a pat, meowing the same thing (I know that sounded a bit weird, I sound like a REAL CRAZY cat lady now).  :)   Here are pictures of Charlie and Fluffypants that I took thIs morning before my #@$%#@ camera died on me, and I am still hoping to get a good picture of Lacey.  Fingers crossed, we will have two matches!  (BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE THESE BABIES UP CLOSE!)


If you click on the picture, look close, its the lion from Wizard of Oz!


I have had several people donate shelters to me, and I am extremely grateful for them.  These cats are so territorial - at some locations, you can never have enough shelters for each of them.  They don't share nicely. 

My Butterscotch is still frightened to death.  I had friends come over yesterday - in fact one was Brady, who asked his friends to donate cat food in lieu of birthday gifts, and a good amount was delivered yesterday.  Brady, you are a good kid.  Thanks for your generous heart.  When I brought out Butterscotch for them to meet, Butterscotch trembled practically the whole time.  I wish I had a better way to get this cat more socialized.  Poor thing.  But he is so sweet - not a mean bone in his little 8 month old body.

I wish you all a good day!  Eh!

That best portion of a good man's life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.  


  1. Janine, PLEASE encourage those 2 people to take Fluffypants and Charlie. They need to get off the streets; Lacey's fine. She'll adjust to a new home anytime. I can't take a better pix til Christmas - I literally threw my camera out and am getting one from my son. Nancy C.

  2. I agree, get those beauties off the street!!