Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Scoop

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This is a co-workers baby.  What a great picture to start the day with.  Little baby Ella!  You are a doll!

OK, Monday morning scoop.  What a great weekend it was for the cats!  First off, went to Jelly's new house early Saturday, - if you will remember, she hadn't been seen in over a week by her new parents who let her out of her room too soon, and within the first minute of going into the basement and looking in the first room, behind the first thing, there was Miss Jelly, sitting behind the furnace.  We managed to scoop her out, calm her fears, place her back in the room she belonged in from the beginning, and gave her a good scratch, and a stern talking to.  HA!  Actually, I gave the stern talk to her new parents, who didn't understand the importance of closing the door with her in the room.  She needs that time to get to know them, gradually. This is a cat that has been living on the city streets for a very long time, maybe her whole life, who knows, and she needs to learn to trust these new human beings that are vying for her attention.  She learned to trust me, and now she needs to trust them.  She will come around.  I pray the day comes soon too, so that she can enjoy the new, big house she lives in!

Right after that, I scooped up Charlie, the fluffball, from my bathroom and drove him straight to his new home!  His new Mom loves him, and has this to say:  "Hi Janine, Charlie is still hanging out in my closet; he'll come out for treats and petting but gets scared and runs back in pretty easily, he's a work in progress!"  He will come around, as they all do, eventually.  SUCH a lovebug with me while I had him.  He is one lucky kitty, and so is his new feline sibling Sweet Pea, his new mama, and his new grandma!  :)

Charlie Barley
Sunday morning, I rescued Gigi!!  A fellow rescuer offered to help me out with one kitty, the one that most needed to be rescued, and I chose Gigi, because of her crying FOR me when I arrived on Garson each day, and then crying AFTER me as I walked back to the car to leave after feeding the other eight of cats that she shared the bowls with.  She has turned out to be a real sweetheart, full of fleas, and dirty, but a head-butter, and snuggler.  She was frightened to death at first, as they all are, but she came around quickly.  Here she is. amd after her vet visit today, which is being sponsored by my friend Kristin, she is available for adoption! Please spread the word!



Thank you my friend, for fostering her.  People that foster have such huge hearts.  Please consider.

Next, Peanut Butter is next in line for rescuing.  He needs a home very badly, and will make a most wonderful companion.  Please, consider, and spread the word!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter!
Tomorrow, update on Lacey, the sweet white kitty that I rescued from Second Street a few months back - who was early pregnant, and had a very bad skin condition.  WAIT til you see the pictures of her, and her new forever home story!

Have a great day!

"Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal."

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  1. Janine,

    Excellent job as usual!!!. How is your Brady doing?.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours and of course all your Blog followers. Just a reminder that the Kitties need to eat more food during these long cold days, therefore Janine could use more donations. Thank you everyone for helping Janine (Cat Angel) make live easier for all these Homeless, starving Kitties.

    Walt & Karon Simoni