Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy Hump Day

Well, I did my best this morning to get the shelters ready for the snow we are going to get today and tonight.  It was coming down heavy out there when I went out to feed the 60 + kitties I do each day - I made sure the tarps covering their little houses were weighted down with bricks or cement blocks, some even have branches so that they sort of blend in to the background in case mean people come along and tear it down.  It was very gratifying to see some cats come out of the shelters as I pulled up.  To know they are using them.  I drove away from Charlie this morning, my heart heavy.  His fur has a lot of those - not sure what you call them - they are round, and are very sticky, and have light prickly things at the ends so that they stick to you...  they are either from a tree, or a bush, not sure, but its wedged into his fur, and I could not pull it off.  I made a note to bring scissors tomorrow, if he is even around with all the snow they are predicting.  It must be painful for him. I would love to get him off the street there, he is just so sweet and precious. Even Elvis runs to me, along with Tippy Toes.  I want to get them adopted so bad.

I could have used some boards this morning.  I have a few at my house, large ones, but they won't fit into the back of the Jeep.Its garbage day in the city this morning, so I was scouring for boards as I drove to each of my locations, spotting nothing but garbage, and people's lives after the landlord has gone and cleaned out the apartments of the tenants that left their things behind.  This happened to Miss B. also, she had no one to help her, no place to keep her things, she lost all her possessions.  I remember going there on trash day when the landlord had put all her stuff out, after Miss B. had left, and I went through trying to get a few precious things for her, like a stuffed animal or two.  She was so grateful when I brought them to her.  Its little things like that ....  that mean the world to people.

I heard from Jelly's mom - here is what she had to say about her newly adopted kitty from the street - I rescued Jelly Friday morning, and brought her to her new home Saturday morning:

"Hi Janine: Jelly is still afraid, but I do give her a lot of petting which she loves. I did pick her up but she hated it. She hasn’t growled at me any more, but might give a very low hiss at first. When we arrived back home this evening, she had moved from behind the sewing cabinet door & is now under a ceder chest we have in the family room. She eats & uses her litter box. It is still early days yet, so maybe in another week things might change. "

Great news, I just know Jelly will come around, eventually.  She is due a lot of love from this life that she was thrust into.  All these cats are.  They are due, and they deserve it.  They didn't ask to be born, or to be homeless.  I give the ones I can a bit of love each morning, but they need so much more.  Please spread the word about the remaining ones on the street.  

Have a great day.

Because they bring us joy.
Because they are at our mercy.
Because they teach us kindness.
And compassion.
And understanding.
Because they are voiceless.
Because they wish us no harm.
Because they are our companions.
And because we are all animals.
We will never stop being a voice, for them.

Help to create a kinder world for animals

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  1. The sticky things are probahly burdocks. If you get them early you can split the hair away from them and pul them out if the cat will let you. Otherwise best to cut them out if you can but not if close to skin. If on a cat youve brought home I have heard that if you put vegetable oil on them you can slide them off without having to chop up the coat. Its a real problem at one of my spots. I get covered with them too in fall and wintervwhen I go back to where the huts are hidden.