Friday, December 19, 2014

Hurray! Its Friday!

This is Winston.  If anyone remembers, he used to be named Buddy.  I rescued him when he was just a wee boy, about five months old.  He was adopted by a wonderful family, a mom and a dad, and a feline sister named Magic.  His new mommy is extremely talented, as you can see.  She is also an award winning photographer.  She took pictures at my fundraiser this past summer also.  She has been out of work for a while now, and is not feeling the Christmas cheer.  If anyone knows of any openings at their office, it sure would be appreciated!  I can forward you her resume!  She is a wonderful and talented girl!  (be sure to click on the pictures to see up close!)

Well, here is what I am doing tomorrow:  mid-morning, I am driving to where Miss Jelly is now residing, way out in north Greece, to try to find her in this massive house, so that I can put her back into a room so that she can get to know her new parents.  I fear that the longer this goes on, the more afraid she will become, and the less love she will have from her new parents.  Does anyone have any advice you can give me to find her? The problem is, I don't have much time to do this, as I have to .............. DRUMROLL..............  bring Charlie to his new home!!!  If you will remember Sweet Pea, she went to a lovely woman who lives with her mom, and Sweet Pea has been the Queen of the Castle ever since.  She is loved and cared for by two great women, and is now going to get the cutest little brother.  The woman Candy just couldn't get over the look on Charlie's faceCharlie is ready to roll!  He spent another night in the bathroom, the vets did their best to groom him, and get the burdocks out of his tail.  I am so grateful to those that step up and offer to foster or adopt.

Because guess what?  Another ANGEL texted me yesterday and asked me who was the next on my list that needed to get off the street, and she offered to take in Gigi from Garson!  To foster her.  So my plan was/is to grab her Sunday morning, after Charlie vacates my bathroom, and then bring her to her new pad.  I was a bit sad and nervous this morning though when I did not see her.  She was not where she usually is.  This always worries me.  These cats sometimes come and go.  I also did not see Elvis on Central. I worry so about these little babies of mine...  Pray they are around tomorrow.  Its so cold out this morning. I changed all their frozen water, and replaced some damp towels for dry ones for their little pink pads to stand on.

My boy Brady is going into my vet this morning with a very bad upper respiratory infection.  Its funny how these cats can hide their sickness.  He is FIV positive, but must have caught something from when I had all the sick kittens I was fostering a few months back.  He most likely has been sick since, but has hidden it.  I should have noticed.  He is very sick - hard to breathe and sneezing galore.  I pray a shot of something will do the trick.

Wish me luck with all of this!  Have a GREAT day!


  1. Wonderful news about Gigi. Thanks to your angel. Hopefully you can find homes for Peanut Butter, Mr. Fluffypants and Elvis very soon. -carol

  2. Great news about Charlie and now Gigi!! Two more precious kitties off the streets!! Nancy C.

  3. If they have some idea whete she is hiding, catnip? Otherwise set a trap with food as if she isnt coming out at night for food she must be starving. But youd have to have some idea where she is.
    why dont people listen?

  4. Hope Brady pulls thru. Is he eating? Very important. A humidifier will help if you put him in small room with it. I have a nebulizer with mask for cat that you can borrow if you think he would let you hold it up to his face. Carole