Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Hours, Two Feet

NEARLY two feet of snow.  Maybe a foot and a half.  I won't sugar coat it.  It was terrible this morning. Up at 3:15, out the door at 3:40 to shovel a path to the car, headed out at 4:20, and didn't get home until 6:30. Snow mid-thigh.  Some of my locations are way back in a lot, so I had to shuffle through a lot of snow that was literally up past my knees.  I had to shovel at all 15 locations.  Some of the spots the snow covered the entrances, and I lost all hope of these cats being safe in their shelters until after digging out the Short Street location, which was completely snow covered, out came a friendly little black kitty (who is unneutered) that has been hanging around.  I was shocked to see him, but oh so glad.  Although no sign of Morgan and Millie who hang there.

This much snow makes it so difficult for the cats to get around.  I scared one that had been in the shelter on 7th, one of the kittens that was born in the spring this year, and he tried to run as fast as he could through the snow, but he struggled.  It took him a minute when normally it would take him a second.  At the Garson location, the whole while that I was digging out the two feeding areas, that includes a shelter, I could hear a cat crying and crying and crying non-stop!  I looked over at the house across the vacant lot, and saw this image (so far away, and I am half blind!), realized it was a cat in the snow, and it looked like it was just stuck there.  I am telling you, the snow was high...  I am thinking he was afraid to go through that amount of snow to get to the where the food was.  So, I made a path, just like I did at all the other locations, for these cats to get around a little better, by shuffling my feet, rather than shoveling a path.  These little things help them.  I made a path to him, and he hissed, but was obviously starving.  I had no bowls, and it was not the easiest thing to do to get back to the car to get one so I took off the lid of a wet food container I had, and poured some wet food on that, which he gobbled down.  It was heartbreaking to leave him there, but I hope he had sense to get to the other two spots with food!

So, what can I say, it was hard, on them, and on me.  I can't tell you how much I ache.  But, nicer weather is around the corner, and we just have to make the best of what the winter will bring us, won't we!  :)   I have the day off from work tomorrow, hallelujah, and I can relax for a minute or two then.  :)

Two kitties going in to the clinic today for spay and neuter.  Another two bite the dust.  Next week, I am hoping to get Charlie in, along with his burdocks (sp?) - thanks Carole for clarifying what those sticky spurry things are on him!

Pebbles and BamBam

Some other news - if you will recall the two puppies I rescued from Sherelle last summer on Fifth, Pebbles and BamBam, (they were renamed this after Sue from Susie Q Dog Rescue donated money to give to the woman to get these poor animals from the wretched conditions they were living in).  They were adopted out, and I just received this follow up for BamBam - makes my heart sing to know these animals are loved and cared for properly - hoping to get an update on the girl, Pebbles!:

"Bam (we now call him) is doing really well. He is about 56 lbs and getting bigger as each day progresses. He has had several trips to the vet to make sure he is up to date on shots, worms and heartworm check.  He has been to Petco and Petsmart  to be groomed and nails cut. He still does not like to travel in the car but vet gave him some prescription to help with the travelling.  We have taken him to Va, and he did real well on that prescription, Every where we have taken him, people have said what a beautiful dog he is.....and he is!  He is housebroken and there have been no accidents anywhere we have stayed  with him.  I or Cindy take him for a mile walk in the morning and at least 1/2 mile in the afternoon.  We take him out to do his thing a couple times a day and stay outside with him, weather permitting.
Cindy will send her latest pics of him....she has them on her I-Pad and her and the I-Pad are in Pa. seeing her Mom.  He has been a blessing to us and we both love him dearly....he is like having a little kid again."

And speaking of dogs, found these pictures of my boy Thunder...  its been nearly two years? since you went to heaven Thunder, but not a day goes by that Mommy doesn't think of you!  You are my sunshine!

Make it a great day!!!!!!

"Be life long or short, its completeness depends
on what it was lived for." 


  1. You are one incredibly special lady...I thought about you all last night and this morning wondering what you would find. All your good work has made for safe and secure places for these kitties during these harsh conditions. The reason you didn't see all of them is that they were too warm to venture out. I'm sure of it. Enjoy your day off. -carol

  2. oh Janine, I am SO sorry that it was so bad for you and the kitties this morning. But you have made their lives these snowy days less cold, less wet and less hungry. I pray they eat their food and then go snuggle up in a shelter with a full belly. that is my hope for them. I am glad you have tomorrow off. Makes today seem not so bad. I LOVED the update on Bam!! To think what their lives would have been if you had not taken them home. I hate to even think of it...... Great work, my friend!! -Kristin

  3. I was thinking if you this morning! I'm sure the kitties are thanking you right now for all you do for them :)

  4. Read the comment by Jennifer Sanford. Tried to copy n paste for you yet too many words.. :)

  5. Janine... I will forward you Bam's picture when they send it to me... am waiting to hear back about Pebbles as well... wish they all could have such happy endings... God Bless you for all you do ~Sue~