Monday, August 11, 2014


Pic below is of Sir Winston Garcia-Key  He was adopted  nearly two years ago (aka Buddy) as a kitten by my resident fundraiser photographer, Yesenia.  She sent me a few photos of him recently.  Such a handsome boy.  Its so rewarding to know that you rescued an animal that had been living on the street, and was doomed to suffer, and be able to place him with a loving family in a safe and loving environment.  A home of his own.

This little baby below is the 'feral' kitten I rescued a couple of weeks ago, and is being fostered by a wonderful family who has fostered kittens for me before.  They have named her Luna.  She is fully vetted, and is a shy, but loving little girl who needs a permanent home.  She also needs to learn to smile!  

I have a two clinic spots tomorrow at RCAC on Bay Street.  I had been seeing this girl for a couple of weeks now, pictured below, on Short Street, no eartip, but no sign of pregnancy.  She is a friendly little thing, a bit timid, but comes to me because she knows I have some good food for her to eat.  I figured she was easily scoopable this morning, so I got her and placed her in the carrier I carry with me, and she is in my bathroom now for the day and night until spaying tomorrow!  One down, one to go!  Wish me luck!  PS, if anyone has any interest in her before I have to put her back on the street Wednesday morning, please let me know.  She is SWEET!

Finally, great news.  Little Fraser, who I rescued in the bitter cold of winter this past December, has now been adopted.  By his foster mom!  Thank you Sunday Sheryl, for giving this little guy a home, and opening up your heart to him.  We tried and tried to find him a home, but Sheryl, has now fallen in love with him, and has decided to keep him forever!

Have a great day everybody.  Spread the word for all the kitties that need homes!


  1. Yay for Fraser!! Yay Sheryl! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I always thought he is beautiful and was surprised no one had adopted him, so, lucky Sheryl! And lucky Fraser!!

  3. So happy for Fraser and his mom! I'll be on the lookout for wood as I always do, Janine.

  4. I so, so wanted Fraser but just couldn't do it. Thank you Sheryl for fostering and adopting. - carol