Thursday, August 21, 2014

Open Letter to Brenda and Al

'Brenda, you should be ashamed of yourself, by allowing your boyfriend and living companion Al to suppress your love for animals, and Al, you have a black heart.  I hope someday you find yourself homeless and without food to eat, because then you will know what homeless animals feel like.' 

This will be close to the note I will be writing and mailing to Brenda soon.  Al called me last night and told me that I had to move my stuff from across the street from his house because of the 'rats the size of cats' eating the food, and he didn't want to chase away the tenants that he apparently maintains property for next door to the vacant porch I feed on.  I told him I would not stop feeding the cats, politely, and if I were to stop, he must help me in finding another location nearby.  I suggested his house, and he said no way, he didn't 'want his property ruined.'  I asked to speak to Brenda, and he said she didn't want to talk to me, or something like that.  Brenda on Parsells, this nice Puerto Rican woman was always showing kindness to the cats, and even fed them in in overhang behind her house for many years.  She asked me for help in spaying/neutering the cats in her area, and i did.  Her boyfriend Al hates cats, and has barely tolerated her 'habits'.  I think he has now put the kabash on it all for her.

SHORTY (Short St.)

PEGASUS (Parsells)

I just returned PEGASUS there today, the at least fifth cat I've spayed in this area in the past two months.  And I've rescued at least four kittens from there in the past two months.  Pegasus was the name change from Peggy, where I thought the cat I trapped yesterday was a girl. Surprise surprise, that is one long haired pretty boy!  :)  Pegasus was also treated for LICE.  Man oh man.

Anyways, back to these people.  Al told me about a vacant house about four houses from him, and that is where I left the food this morning, and where I let the newly neutered Pegasus back out.  I am sure these poor animals will have a hard time finding this food several houses away, and across the street from where their food source has been.  I pray they do, and I pray the people around there accept me placing food down.  I must figure out something soon, as I also need shelters for these animals.  Its terribly sad the way these ignorant people think, or don't think.  The lack of compassion for the animals right under their noses.


Yesterday was insane for me.  I also released Shorty, the little black 8 mo. old kitten from Short Street this morning, breaking my heart yet again.  To release a kitten is pretty sad.  Shorty is a boy.  The third kitty that I couldn't get neutered yesterday at the clinic due to having only two slots, and they went to Pegasus and Shorty, the Siamese, is now named Chandler and has been taken in under Another Chance Pet Rescue by Wendy.  If it hadn't been for Laura not letting me know early that she had gotten Shorty, I wouldn't have caged Chandler, and he wouldn't have had a chance like he does now.  Thank God for Wendy, she has shown me such kindness, starting at least six years ago when she took in a very beautiful kitty, one of my rescues from the early days, and made that cat her own.  She then took in a pregnant cat last year, Sassie.  Sassie was at Petco when I dropped off Chandler, and guess what, Sassie was adopted last night!  She still has two beautiful kittens out of the four she had available for adoption, and the other two have already been adopted.  Thank you Wendy, for giving this beautiful blue-eyed boy another chance!

It funny though, I had so much interest shown in this beautiful Siamese - how come not the others?  They all have their own beauty, but it seems the pretty ones are the ones that get more attention.  Its the same in humankind, isn't it?  I considered myself very pretty when I was younger, still am in many ways, not so much in others anymore, but lets not forget the not so pretties.  They deserve a chance to be loved just as much.

Just prior to dropping Chandler off, I had to give the six kittens a dose of flea treatment pills, deworming pills, and Clavamox liquid, plus one of the kitties some eye ointment.  (Thank you Kitten Korner Rescue for supplying me with the meds!).  Believe me, doing this for six kittens all clamoring under your feet is a tough thing to do.  I was out of my mind.  Here I had two TNR's on my porch, a Siamese in the basement waiting to go to the rescue, and six little kittens in my bathroom.  Never again can I handle NINE extra guests in my house!  Or can I.  Hmmmm.....  hopefully not in the near distant future. 

Have a great day!

"Accept what you can't change, and change what
you can't accept."

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  1. Try leaving a trail of cat food down the sidewalk one piece every few inches from old lacatio to new. Or maybe a trail of tuna mixed with water dribbled down the sidewalk. Think that might work?