Friday, August 22, 2014

Sigh of Relief!

Yesterday, after work, I went home to round up all six kittens in my bathroom, and delivered them to Maria, my friend in the country.  When she told me she was keeping them in a horse stall, I had my reservations, thinking ‘these are baby kittens, all sick, and they need warmth, love and socialization.'  What I found was the cutest little ‘room’, it reminded me of kindergarten for some reason, with toys, boxes, crates stacked up with little pillows inside, the floor was a black mat type flooring, it was humid and warm out there.  The humidity would be good for their upper respiratory ailment, I’ve been told.  Her son Tristan, who is going in the fourth grade this year, loves the little ones and spends his time playing with them.  They are happy as clams, most of them.  Two are on the shier side, but the other four are so rambunctious!  The next step is getting them healthy, then naming them, and then getting their pictures taken.  The final step is adoption!  Please, start spreading the word!

My friend Donna took in two other kittens (remember, these are all kittens from the Roberts Wesleyan College property, the man that was feeding and allowing to reproduce, over 30+ cats and kittens.  Those little ones will be going to the clinic today to be looked over, given whatever medicines they need, and tested for leukemia.  Donna wants to introduce them to her other kitties so that they are not as alone as they are in one room.  Their next step will be naming, picture taking, and eventual adoption!  Spread the word!  J

This morning, at my first stop, the plates of food and water were still on the new porch that I am feeding the cats on.  The food was barely touched, but it was touched.  I stood in front of the new location, looking toward the old location, and cat called for them.  I could see them waiting on the old porch, praying they were not starving because their food was not delivered to that spot yesterday, and hoped once again that they will come down when I leave and chow. 

At my Chamberlain spot, where the neighbor boarded up the porch on me, and stuck a no trespassing sign on it, someone keeps knocking over the wood that leans against the side of the house where I am feeding Lucy, and a few others.  These two locations have caused me so much stress.  I am going to try to go over today on my lunch to speak to this man again about what he is doing, and ask him to stop.  He has no right to do what he is doing.  Wish me luck.  I am dreading this.  I never seem to have the right words to defend these helpless animals.  Does anyone have any advice?  I need it!

"Never give up on something that you can't go a day
without thinking about."  

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  1. You, Maria and Donna are saints for helping these kittens. If any of your other readers are willing to foster, just say the word. We still have 20+ cats to find places for!! -Kristin