Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sweetie and Petey

As I lay in bed this morning, at 3:20 am., after having woken each hour just about after going to bed just six hours prior, I listened to the rain hitting the skylight above me.  I thought, ‘oh I don’t want to get up!’ – of course I didn’t have to get up til 4, but between the cats, and my arms falling asleep all night, what else am I going to do – I am a terrible sleeper.  But I lay there, and drifted off again, only to be jumped on by Daisy, my little spoiled brat, who wanted me up, and as usual, like clockwork, it was actually the time I needed to get up.  I thought about the rain, and then I thought about my hair, and then I thought about the other cat I needed to trap in the rain, to make the slots I have booked for the clinic this morning. 
Remember, yesterday, I scooped up a muted calico girl that I’ve named Sweetie (from Short Street).  She was easy.  I knew this morning I had to get just one kitty, but am never sure I will get one, especially in the pouring rain.  As I set the trap at my first spot on Parsells, the cats that were hovering on porches to protect themselves from the rain, wearily watched me.  I drove off to the next spot just down the road, came back, and voila!  There was a little tabby kitty in the trap. That was easy!  Mr. Big Ears, I named him Petey (from Parsells).  So, Petey and Sweetie will go in for spay or neuter.  I know Sweetie is a girl, but not sure about Petey.  He was pretty scared, and somewhat feral.  I didn’t want to disturb him too much by trying to get a look!  Each time I went in to see Sweetie yesterday and this morning, the more I am having a hard time thinking about letting her back out.  She will lay in my lap and as I stroke her, she purrs.  How can you put a cat back that is that loving?  And most likely grateful to be in a warm and safe environment?  How can you?  But I already am over my limit with George and Brady! 
Just some of the Roberts Wesleyan College Kittens

We need fosters.  We need them desperately.  My friend Kristin is trying to help a mentally unstable man who lives near Roberts Wesleyan College, who is inundated with cats left by the students on campus.  It probably started with just a couple of cats, and then multiplied, and has turned into a very sad situation. There are now over 40 or so cats, and kittens galore.  Apparently most are friendly, including the baby kittens, and now we are all trying to help in whatever way we can.  My way is to implore each and every one to take a look at their life, and see if you can fit in a kitten or two to foster.  They aren’t usually hard to adopt out, but they need this shelter now.  I know I am always begging you to adopt or foster the cats that are waiting to get off the streets, but this situation I believe is more dire.  Think about it!   It was also pointed out that the administrators of this campus also need to be held accountable for allowing students to have these animals, and then to leave them to fend on their own.  SHAME on you, students and administrators alike!

My needs:  Tarps (the kind where rain can't get in), heavy, deep bowled dinner plates, paper bowls and plates (deep bowled).  NO towels, sheets or blankets, please.

Have a GREAT day!

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything,
but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. "

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