Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hump Day

My Boy LEO

So, I brought two cats in for neuter/spay yesterday at the clinic.  Petey, the male, was full of fleas, and Sweetie was pregnant!  VERY early pregnancy because she is as thin as a rail, and no sign outwardly of a pregnancy.  She is also FeLV negative.  She is also SUPER sweet.  AND grateful she is still in a house.  I am hoping someone is going to step up and foster her, and fast.

Hi, I am super friendly, and need a home!

We had terrible storms last night, lots of rain, lots of thunder and lightning.  Poor Petey was in a trap on my porch overnight.  I think these cats are used to these storms, but he must have been extra scared not knowing what was happening to him.  I did release him this morning to the first stop on Parsells, where I had another surprise waiting for me.  Someone took the nice dog dishes that I used to feed these cats, it was all gone.  Its so upsetting to see this.  Where is the compassion in people?  Most of the folks in the neighborhoods I feed in could care less about these cats, and actually don’t like them.  They see them as nuisances.  I set two paper plates and a bowl down and filled them up for the hungry cats waiting, and released Petey, who shot off like a bolt of lightning when I opened the trap door.  Hopefully he will come back to that spot before the plates are removed again to eat, because he didn’t eat much overnight on my porch.  I left a note for Ronald and Donald, the two odd men from Texas, brothers, who live in the other apartment of this duplex house, to call me.  They are somewhat kind, and I need to find out from them who removed these bowls.  I will then have to figure out what I am going to do here.  I am tired of this.  Can’t people just leave them alone?  I am not going to let these animals starve – they are used to me, and used to their one meal a day.  I will not back down, I will not go away!

There is another cat on Second, I've named her Sweet Pea, she is the mother of the two kittens I recently rescued.  Both kittens were semi-feral, but I think I got them at just the right time.  One is the black kitten - Moonbeam, who is being fostered by a wonderful family in the country, and the calico kitten, Piper, was also brought to her a week later.  Unfortunately, and sadly, Piper escaped her cage, and hasn't been seen since.  I am heartbroken, but comforted by this woman who tells me that her property is like a paradise for cats or kittens, with lots of mice, hiding spots, etc.  She has a barn on her property, and does keep food out for an outdoor kitty or two.  I pray this little one is doing good.  Sweet Pea has been alone without her kittens for some time now, and each morning, when I pull up to feed behind Paul's house, I've been coaxing her to come across the street to these shelters where I usually am feeding Tuffy, and a couple of other female adults.  She finally is following me, but Tuffy was there this morning, which he hasn't been recently, and hissed at Sweet Pea.  Sweet Pea didn't want to have anything to do with Tuffy, so she followed me back to my car, hungry.  I've been placing food under a tree for her, but the landlord of the house there has been removing them.  I must find her a home.  She is a darling little grey and white kitty not even a year old.  I must get pictures of her tomorrow!

I want to thank Donna, the one person who stepped up yesterday to offer to foster a kitten, one of the kittens I mentioned in yesterday’s post.   Please spread the word, these animals need our help.

Thanks for listening, and have a great day!

"Before you talk, listen. 
Before you react, think.
Before you criticize, wait.  
Before you pray, forgive. 
Before you quit, try."

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