Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Girls...

Then and Now:

SKYE (aka Bittens)

Oh, my sweet girl.......  I miss this kitty so much.  My friend Jacqueline adopted her.  She was such a cutie. She came to me at 5:30 am. on a 16 degree morning in February.  She was barely surviving on a very busy, and dangerous street, Central Park.  She was only 4-5 months old.  I scooped her up and fell in love with her!  She is now one fat and happy girl!

Well, lookee who we have here!  I scooped up another one this morning!  Meet Sweet Pea, not to be confused with Sweetie, the young girl I scooped up on Monday morning so that she could be spayed Tuesday morning.  Sweet Pea is the mother of Daisy and Piper, the two feral kittens that were also rescued a couple of weeks ago, and brought to a woman and her daughter who have a beautiful home in the country, kind of near Lollipop, who has fostered kittens for me in the past.  Well, she has once again stepped up and offered to take Mommy, to keep Luna (Daisy) company (remember, Piper escaped August 2nd and hasn't been seen since - I am sick over it, believe me).  I can't believe how lucky I am that I have found such wonderful people to take these cats in.  The desperate ones.  I had Sweet Pea spayed, knowing she was nursing, a month or two ago.  I knew her babies were old enough to eat the food, just couldn't get them at the time.  She waits for me every single morning at 6 am. on Second Street, even before I snatched her two babies.  She runs to me, follows me as I pour the food down behind Paul's house, and then runs back to the car before I take off, because she is too scared of the older cats behind the house.  My heart sank every morning.  So, she is being flea treated now, and I need to find deworming pill for her.  Anybody have one?  Or can you suggest where I can get one?  I don't believe my vet will just give me one without an appointment.  She will then go to her new temporary foster home to be with her baby daughter Luna.  Both will need adoption.


Another bit of luck, I got a note from a girl who I will refer to as my pasta queen, she lost her kitty a few weeks back, and has been contemplating another.  She saw Sweetie from my pictures on Monday and wants to meet her!  So, she will be coming over on Friday (vacation day for me, thank GOD!), and meeting her hopefully new kitty!.  I had to do a bit of finagaling this morning moving Sweetie down to the dungeon while I made room for Sweetie Pie in the tiny bathroom.   Hopefully this is very temporary, and all will turn out well!

Nothing new and exciting for me this morning, my paper plates were left where I placed them on the porch of the empty side of the duplex on Parsells.  I never did get a call from the brothers who live on the other side.  I still need to find a place to shelter these cats Ive been feeding there, since my old shelters were destroyed just a house away, where I had been feeding for two years.  Sickening.

I got out to rescue Sweet Pea this morning, and a prostitute by the name of Shelly was walking by and saw me put her in the carrier, and said 'God bless you, you have been doing this for so many years!  You are going to heaven for sure... " and we both teared up as I gave her a hug.  I told her I was crazy, that these were the best years of my life and look at how I am spending them - that I should be partying, etc., and she said "but isn't this more fulfilling."  I said you are right, and wished her a good day.  Its nice to be 'touched' like that in the morning, this thankless job I have.

One final note, above is my first tomato! Anyone who gardens knows that feeling of excitement to bite into your first tomato of the season.  I grew this by seed in my basement at the end of the brutal winter we had, and my painstaking care has come to fruition!  Isn't she a beauty!~

I wish you all a GREAT day too!

"The purpose of life is not to be happy — but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all."


  1. Janine I have a drontal for you!! Julie

  2. I think your tomato has hemmorhoids!!! Enjoy!

  3. Also, you can purchase de-wormer without a prescription now