Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spanky and the Gang

I am still in shock from Saturday.  There are so many memories – there were so many faces there that I didn’t know, so please forgive me if I haven’t mentioned your name and thanked you.  Please reach out to me and remind me of your presence?  I know Dave Roberts, a long time reader and his pretty female friend were there – we met out at ‘the rock’, if you will recall…  J - and I didn’t mention my other sister Karen, who has been a fan of mine since I came out of Mom’s womb, right Karen?  Ha ha.  eeeuw. “_  I am sharing more pictures here today.

I would love to know who won the baskets with the Laurelton Animal Hospital gift certificates.  Those were pretty awesome, free vet service.  I love my vet, Dr. Kenneth Boehm.  SO SO GOOD LOOKING.  Ugggh.  J  And so sweet and wonderful.  He has seen and cared for so many of my own animals for so many years.  He and his staff are wonderful, so make sure you use them, and say hi from Janine!  J

A couple of things from this morning, before I forget.  Its so dark out there.  And wet.  This has been a very wet summer, although the forecast is no rain until at least Monday.  We’ll see.   I have a ton of weeding in my gardens, and my tomatoes and basil are the size of basketballs.  Can't wait!   I have not seen Tuffy, the older tomcat that I had neutered recently, in many weeks.  He had severe bleeding from his ear, which could have been mites, when he was trapped, and it seems since the last time I saw him, he didn’t look good.  I feel terrible about that – and terrible I couldn’t have gotten him off the streets, rather than releasing him back after his surgery.  Sad news:  the little Calico, sister of Daisy, the little black kitten, both going feral when I grabbed them from Second Street last week, got out.  She’s been missing since Saturday.  Julie, the kind woman and her family who have been caring for Daisy called me before the event that morning to let me know.  I can’t say enough prayers for that little one, and I hope she stuck around there, even though she has not been seen.  She is just a wee one.  Scared to death.  Her sister Daisy has come around, enough so that Julie said her daughter may keep her.  She borrowed traps from Lollipop, and will continue to keep it open hoping to catch little Piper soon.  Another situation, Laura is on Hayward this morning trying to fill some slots she has at the clinic.  I thought I had gotten all of them, but apparently not.  She did release the pregnant girl – sans surgery – this past weekend.  No noticeable limp anymore. Thanks Laura for holding on to her for a few days before putting her back on the street.

Speaking of Laura, I was hoping I could show her off at my event, as she has been a superstar many a mornings for me,  but hopefully next time, right Laura?  Hoping to hear soon on how she did this morning at my Hayward spot.  I had almost forgotten she was going to trap there – I had pulled up to that spot and there are always three waiting for me, although I know there are more, and their bowls are always empty.  They were very hungry this morning and I felt bad driving away with them knowing I was there, and didn’t leave them their food.  L

As I pulled up to Baldwin, there were five sets of eyes shining from my headlights, all running towards the car in the dark. They know me, they can hear me from a mile away.  I said to myself 'its Spanky and the gang'.  It was kind of funny, and at the same time, kind of sad.  There are so many homeless animals out there.  There are at least two right at that spot that are adoptable. If only they were given a chance, and if only we had more fosters available for them.  Please think about it, please give them a chance.  

I've received a lot of compliments about the veggie burgers served at the event on Saturday. Must find out what brand they were - you don't find a lot of good ones, unless you make them yourself.  I hope everyone enjoyed the food, and the snacks on the tables, and the cheese trays, and my veggie tray and dips, and the drinks, and the desserts!  I almost forgot, if anyone had the macaroons that my friend Lillian, the 85 year old woman who adopted Pepper from me last year, the one that had to have a lot of her teeth pulled before she was one year old, she made them!  And my cousin Patty made the other cookies, on a big round tray, not sure what kind they were, I didn't get a chance to sample!!!  And the rice crispies bars were my idea, I made them that morning.  I hope you all enjoyed the food! 

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if
you were to live forever." 


  1. The food was delish!! And what a treat to have a veggie burger - I thought for sure it would be salads only for me - and it was so good. I won the 'summertime fun' basket - can't wait to play with my grandkids and the basket stuff! I also want to help more next year. Please put me on the list. Nancy C.

  2. Hey Janine! I am glad the veggie burgers were a hit. I will ask Mark what kind they were and let you know. I didn't anything that day except a couple slices of cheese. I was too busy running around and drinking beer and wine ;)
    A lady named Maria Donelly won one of the Laurelton baskets - I dropped it off yesterday. :) I am sick of this wet weather and I know it makes it so much harder for you. I am praying for the little calico - are they leaving food and water out for her?

  3. I was thrilled by the veggie burgers as well. Do tell as soon as you know the brand. Sorry I missed the desserts completely (where were they???) but it is probably just as well.

  4. Hi Janine!... what a great time everyone was having on Saturday!!! Thanks to the organizers, the Creekside personnel, the folks who donated the baskets, brought food trays, drummed up contributions for the 50/50 and "matching" endeavors... and thanks especially to YOU and all YOU do for the cats and kittens on your daily route. Our meeting "by the rock" was an unexpected surprise!... a nice chat with a "sister of the vanishing breed"!!! :: wink wink :: You take care of yourself, now... because I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

  5. Janine,

    What does that guy Walt do for a living to write such a large check. He is easy on the eyes also. Do you know if he is married?