Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

A couple of different things to note this morning.  This is a picture of Jackie, my friend from grammar school, who worked as security for the recent Italian festival Rochester had last weekend.  She had her picture taken with one of Rochester's own, homegrown celebrity, Lou Graham, from the band Foreigner.  Nice. Jackie is also one of my adopters, having adopted Bittens in the early summer this year, now named Skye. Thanks Jack!

Jack and Lou (Graham - Foreigner)
Bittens aka SKYE
At my 11th spot this morning, on Second, I was greeted by two very smelly visitors in the back behind Paul's house.  Mr.a nd Mrs. Pepe LePew.  I slowly backed away, not wanting to be sprayed, and not wanting Paul's house to be sprayed, and decided to come back after I finished up the next few spots.  After finishing up on 7th, I started to drive down Bay to Second and spotted a dead cat in the road.  I turned around, parked, and got a towel from the back.  I picked up this poor animal, a once beautiful muted calico, with its guts hanging out, and placed her under a bush.  I used to cry, but don't usually anymore.  I am becoming desensitized in many ways.  I also noticed two young guys, running, one of them carrying what looked like a board in his arms.  It certainly appeared to me that they were up to no good, in the still near darkness.  I also noticed a 'woman of the night' watching me as I picked up the dead cat.  I wonder what she was thinking watching me.

I have a grave situation that I need to figure out, and quick. Maria, the kind girl who, in a pinch, took the six kittens and has housed them in stable rooms in a barn attached to her home. The rooms are very damp, and musty, the very wet summer conditions we've had here adding to that.  I went there to bring some new eye meds to these still sick kitties, all with URI, and heard them still sneezing, wheezing, and two with very bad eyes. 

I was advised that I need to get them into a dry, warm environment, which means I think I need to take them back to my house and place them in another bathroom upstairs where it is hot and dry.  This is truly a hardship on me, due to me being stressed as it is with all the cats in my house not getting along, and not having much experience with kittens, let alone SIX sick ones.  I am begging someone to help, at least take two off my plate.  I could also use someone with expertise to look at their eyes and tell me if they will heal.  They don't look good. I am so worried about these babies. 

Have a good day.

I have found the paradox
that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt,
but only more love. 
~Mother Teresa

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