Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Calgon, Take Me Away

I am dating myself, but… it is what it is.

I have never had a more stressful week than the one I am having now.  I don’t mean to whine, and I know there are others that do this all alone, and I don’t know how they do it, but here is what I have on my plate:
  1. Six kittens in my tiny bathroom, all with upper respiratory infections – I am treating each of the six, wiping their eyes, giving them their meds twice a day, and knowing they should have deworming pills.  Plus they are little devils.  Litter pebbles all over, they tore a whole roll of toilet paper, they spill their water, food, climb on shower curtain, and up the hanging bath towel.  They’ve knocked over the contents of the sink, ie. Toothbrush, paste, dental pics, soap dish, soap….  Uggg.
  2.  One of the kittens has a really bad eye, the other eye is just bad – I don’t know what I should do about this.  this is all very stressful for me, I just can’t handle it.  I am afraid she will go blind.  I’ve heard of those things, and I don’t have the funds to treat the removal of an eye.  I’ve heard it costs thousands for surgery. I’ve received advice from good people, but I am stressing, nevertheless.
  3. They still have fleas even after two baths, the third one maybe tonight when I get home – this is really difficult, with six of them. 
  4. I trapped two cats this morning for the clinic, with a third trapped by Laura.  I am praying the clinic will take the third even though I only had two slots.  The reason for the third is I set the trap for a hard to get female on Parsells, and kept returning to see if she (or whoever – there are others) went in to the trap, but no.  She was sitting outside of it each time I went back).  So I went to another location – Chamberlain - where there is a beautiful Siamese unneutered male, friendly, that let me pick up and put in carrier – (by the scruff of course).  I then prayed that Laura had not arrived on Short to get the black seven month old kitten that I’ve been hoping to get, to ask her to try another time for me, but she was already there, and had already trapped him.  We could have avoided me getting the male if I had known sooner that she had gotten the kitten, but oh well.   So I am now stressing that the clinic will allow me three.  If they don’t, I will have to return the Siamese to the street, and he may never trust me again.  Pray they have a cancellation.  I will have pictures tomorrow of these guys.  (Update:  The clinic cannot take the third cat today - the beautiful Siamese, but will somehow get him in on Friday - that means he will go to my basement until then.  I will then have to return him, after two days of captivity and it hurts me to do this.  Its hard enough letting them go the same day, or the next morning.  If someone can take a Siamese, please let me know.  This is getting crazy, my house is too full.  I am going to scream.)
  5. Someone is causing problems with my shelter that I have on the side of the porch that I used to feed and shelter on on Chamberlain.  If it’s the neighbor next door, I need to speak to him, and try to get him to understand my side, and remove the barrier to the porch that he placed early this summer.  I am so worried about the cats this winter, at most of my locations.
  6. I still have not finished writing thank you notes to the kind people who donated to me for my fundraiser.  

There, my whine is over.  Again, I know there are others out there that do all this and then some, daily.  But they are surely stronger than I am.  Calgon, take me away.


  1. This just breaks my heart - on all levels. -carol

  2. Janine don't stress about thank you notes. If they read your blog they will know how much you appreciate what they did. You can get to those when you are able. {{hugs}}

  3. So glad you found a place to take the Siamese boy! Hopefully an organization will step and take the kittens, as I can think of two that deal with just kittens.