Monday, August 4, 2014


Kristin, Me, Pattie

How do I ever thank Kristin and Pattie, two beautiful and kind-spirited women who put this idea of doing a fundraiser into my head months ago, and then made it happen.  And very successfully I might add.  Of course I can't forget Kim, who had a big hand in making this possible, although she was absent that day. Her sister Laurie filled her spot!  I am so gifted to be friends with these women, and so gifted to know each and every person who has supported me, in any way, shape or form, including just prayers.  In a world full of sadness, there is so much joy.

From these two creative, determined women, to the Honey Badgers, and Ocelots, the two bands consisting of of very talented and professional individuals that donated their time and talent, who hold a special place in my heart, to the people who donated the baskets and gift certificates that made this event a success, truly, to the volunteers who tirelessly put together the tables, the tablecloths, the food trays, and working the registration, handing out a gazillion tickets.  I wish I could name them all.  Special thanks to Kristin’s parents who went above and beyond.

Thanks to the Creekside Inn, Mark and his staff, for allowing us to use their beautiful outdoor facility, and thanks to the Sun Goddess – who held off the rain as best as she could.  We really did luck out until close to the very end.  And then it wasn’t so bad after all.

Really special thanks to Kings, who just under threat of violence, gets up each and every day (except Sundays) to sit in the back and watch out for bad guys (which there never are) and to Sunday Sheryl, who hasn't missed a Sunday in 10 months to ride with me.  Minus once I think during a really bad blizzard.  Oh so dedicated to me and the kitties, both of them.

Me, Mum and niece Amy!

Me and Cousin Patty!

Thanks to the animal rescue groups that came out to support me.  Founder and former President Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue, and her friends, Laraine, President of Kitten Korner Rescue and her friends (including the birthday girl Diane, who two days ago had dropped a television on her foot, bone sticking out, and still managed to come), Karen from Four Legged Friends Rescue, and her friends, Sue from Susie Q. Dog Rescue, and her friends, Dee from Blue Moon Meadows showed up just for a hug in the very beginning, Karon, former President of Habitat for Cats and her husband Walt, who have both been big supporters of me, Deb Boyle, who was recently with Pitty Love, Carol Reed, who tirelessly does what I do in Livonia/Lima area -And then there was my family – who are always there to support me, and take in the strays that I guilt trip them into taking, when they can.

Many surprise guests, such as my sister Ann, and ‘my guy’ Chris Connelly and his beautiful wife, who drove all the way from Buffalo to see me after 10-15 years since last seeing him.  Chris is my promo guy from Schlegel Manufacturing years ago, until now, at the hospital.

My co-workers Carol, Marie and her husband Ron, thanks for your support.  My friend Mary, her sisters, and co-workers (thanks for the snacks Mary!), my sweet friends Peter and Gerry, love you guys!, Yesenia, my official photographer, and her husband Rodney (they adopted Buddy now named Winston), Kristin’s sister Kim and daughter, Pattie’s parents and kids (who I missed seeing!), Emily, Mylene (1st time meeting), and so many others, first time meeting!

Jessica, my blog guru, and her mom, Dave , some of my fosters like Tracy and her husband Chris, her parents, Gail and her mom and cousin, Donna and Dan, friends from junior high, Steve and Ginny, who adopted Boris, Carol who adopted Greta and Abby, Maria, my pasta queen, Rene, what a surprise that was!, Dave and his friend, what a surprise!, Nancy, who has adopted 10 of my cats from the streets, and her sister, Gary and June and their friend, who I've just recently met, wonderful people - and Felicity and her husband, wow, what a surprise...  Robyn, Doc and Jim, my dear friends.

What can I say???  I couldn't say much when I was handed the mike on Saturday.  I was speechless.  Not only am I nervous to publicly speak, if I could have gotten started, I would have been there forever, acknowledging each and every one of you who attended my fundraiser on Saturday.  In fact, I should have done just that because I feel like I didn't acknowledge half of you.  Someone compared it to a wedding. You try and try to get to each person, to have a meaningful conversation, to thank them for coming, to thank them for their generosity, and there is always someone you feel like you missed out saying that to.  I feel like I missed MANY.  Forgive me.  Please.

I believe financially it was successful, but I am not quite sure yet, as Kris’s parents are still settling with the venue, but keep in mind, this ‘passion’ of mine costs between $7,000 - $10,000 per year for me to feed, shelter, spay and neuter these animals, all out of my own pocket.  So this fundraiser helps me out for (lets pray!) quite a few months of feeding.  I am so appreciative of every single penny raised. 

I will keep you posted, and will be speaking more, and acknowledging the others I have not mentioned today, and sharing more pictures because I personally have not even gone through all that Yesenia, and others took, because I must get to work and send this out! 

So thank you again for coming to my fundraiser, I hope you had a great time!

PS, if you won a basket, could you please share it with me?  Would LOVE to know who won what!  So would others!  Thank you!

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Janine, it was a GREAT event - and such a success!! Patti and Kristen deserve HUGE kudos for all their hard work. The music, food, baskets - and friendships were all wonderful to experience that day. I'm so glad I went - didn't win a basket tho - at least no one's notified me!! :( But someone deserving did and that's good. Nancy C.

  2. KUDOS to those that made this worthy event possible. Great food (especially the veggie burgers, super friendly folks (would you expect less from fellow animal lovers?)
    awesome music and lots of fun. What a great party, not only to give a hand to Janine, but also to celebrate the life of a beautiful young person no longer with us.
    Janine, send out an SOS next year, I would love to help with this event.

  3. Great cause! Great event! Great venue! So glad I was able to make it, and meet some of your fellow bloggers. Add my name to the growing list of those wanting to help next year. -carol

  4. Great people, awesome food (best veggie burgers)... I look forward to more "Bean" events.


  5. It sounds like the event was quite a success! Congratulations Janine and thanks to everyone that helped set this up! So sorry I missed it. Wendy B

  6. What a great time we had! My mother and I won the basket with the dog stuff (which Gracie loves) and the basket with kids stuff, bubbles, balls, etc. My cousin Jeff won a basket with all Italian fixings for pasta and a cook book which he LOVES. He also won the basket which had handmade greeting cards and note paper and such. Gail Gutfrucht