Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! YULIYA!!! and...another RESCUE!

Today's thanks goes to YULIYA!  She sent her donation to me along with a pair of cute kittie socks.  Thank you so much Yuliya!  My feet will be warm and dry when I go out to feed the cats!    :)  I met Yuliya through my awesome neighbors Tracy and Chris.  And their little boy Graham  :)  I was blessed the day Tracy passed my name to her!

So I had to let the little boy Zippy back out into the big scary world to fend for himself this morning.  He didn’t even eat the food I placed in his trap while he spent the night on my porch.  Poor little guy, scared out of his wits.

Mr. Fluffypants #2
Here he is BEFORE rescue!  :(

So ….. one let go, but another saved.  Meet Mr. Fluffypants #2.  What a sweetheart.  I rescued him this morning from Baldwin and Grand.  Its funny, he must have known something was up when I pulled up and went over to the bench with the food, water, AND CARRIER.  I set it upright, and after a few minutes, he came to me, ready to eat, and up he went by the scruff and into the carrier.  He was placed in my tiny bathroom, very scared at first when I let him out, but after petting and scratching and stroking his head, neck and back, he knew he was in a good place.  Before I left the room, I placed him on my lap, and he was in heaven.  He is one true sweetie – one very lucky sweety.  Not to mention, he is the most fluffiest cat I’ve ever seen!  Besides Mr. Fluffypants #1 from Pennsylvania and Second Street!  These two were practically twins!  And #1 is living the good life now with his new parents, thanks to Kristin!

There are two others that I want to rescue so bad.  One is Seven from Seventh, the other is unnamed from Parsells.  Started showing up lately, can’t tell if he is neutered as his ‘nuggets’ are very tiny!  J

The Jeep is still not fixed.  Its been a very trying day trying to get around in my very small vehicle.  I am praying the news will not be as bad as what I think it will be.  Fingers crossed everyone.

I received an update from the woman who adopted Cammy a couple years ago, and then Jules, now named Garfield.  Here is what she has to say:

"So Cammie wasn't quite sure why his humans were bringing a tree inside the house this he gets it! He leaves only to eat and use the litter box. Other than that, he has claimed the tree as his very own!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! All is well here and Garfield is doing great as well (though he thinks the tree is a new cat toy!).  Ha ha   Just thought you'd like this - Cammy's first Christmas with a home :) "

Thank you Amy!  Looking forward to a pic of Jules/Garfield now!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the ROC the Day campaign yesterday!  Remember, any donation you make is tax deductible!

Have a great day everyone!

"Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! TOM and SUSAN!

Today's shout out goes to Tom and Susan D. in Texas!  I published their story several months ago when they wrote me their 'tail' of rescue from Rochester to Texas - they brought all their ferals with them!  They just couldn't leave them when they moved across the country!  Awesome people.  Thank you so much for your donation - to help feed over 100 cats for a day!  Two days actually!

This morning was also TNR Tuesday, and as luck would have it, the Catmobile broke down.  It wouldn't start at all.  I had to mad scramble to place two traps, one carrier, 4 2-gallon sized bags of dry food, three large water bottles, six large yogurt containers full of wet food, plus a bag with at least 15 cans of extra wet food, plus blankets and towels, all in my dinky car.  I am beside myself.  Have no idea what is going on with Jeep.  Obviously something.  Have to wait for shop to open, and then call AAA to be towed.  What a mess.  Its always something, isn't it?

ZIPPY from Central and Second
I set traps both on Melville and Parsells, and as more bad luck would have it, NADA.  I moved them - set one up further on Parsells, and then one on Central and Second, where all those grown kittens are - the mailbox cats, and voila! Got this little bugger, I call Zippy, because he and his sibs are so fast running across this street.  So sad. They are so cute.  I have to let him go though.  He/she is an older kitten, for sure.  I can't save them all.  My goal is to rescue Seven from Seventh Street, or Mr. Fluffypants #2 from Baldwin, tomorrow.  I have two fosters waiting in the wings for someone.  There were some 'characters' out and about this morning, so its always iffy to leave these traps and drive off.  I kept a close eye on this one though, making sure these 'characters' didn't go over to check things out.  They were just interested, I think, in buying some smokes, booze, whatever, from the bootleggers house on Second.

That's it for today.  Dixie/Baby is doing WONDERS at my friend's house, the Cat Whisperer.  Just amazing.  She will be adopted out in no time!.

Here is one pic of either Squirt or Riley - with their new big brother!  :)

Here is what Piper and Sydney's new mom has to say about one of them:


    I demand a refund from these kittens! Syd is a THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed my change jar getting lower, just thought it was me 'losing it.' Here's proof that Syd is a thief! That jar was full of change! Where did she learn this???? :)"


"The reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much... is because there are already so many people dedicated to hurting them."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JANET A!

As we did last year, the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign is underway.  I figure it costs me nearly $40 per day to feed the cats that I feed in the Beechwood section of Rochester, Public Market area as most know it as.

I go through over 30 pounds of dry food a day, and I think 50 (FIFTY) cans of wet food.  That's about $40.  Its a lot of money, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to each and every person that donates, in any way possible, even a gift card, even a ride along with me!  It helps tremendously.  THANK YOU~!

A great big thank you to JANET A! for your donation of Walmart gift card toward the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign.  Thank you from the bottom of their fat little bellies!  I say fat because their are some that are showing how well fed they are, thanks to you!

Sydney and Piper (formerly Joanie)

From Syd and Piper's new parents:

"Hey Janine,

    They are doing GREAT!!!!! They LOVE staring out my windows and watching the birdies. They LOVE playing with a string, foil balls, and this string thingy attached to a stick. They are a bundle of energy but its so cute when they crash. They sleep so hard!! One looks for the other and starts meowing when they can't find the other. They sleep together all the time. Their latest place is under my couch, in the lining, so it's like a little hammock for them. My cats have adjusted fairly well to them. My youngest doesn't know what to make of them as they have so much energy, more than he has. :) They are simply adorable!!! I cannot imagine them being separated from each other. They are so attached to each other, it's so freakin' cute!

Thanks again for letting us rescue them! They are absolutely a blast!!!"

Have a great day!

With my eyes, they will be seen...With my voice, they will be heard....
With my hands, they will know comfort...With my action, they will be free... 
~TNR and Rescue changes lives of animals.~

When the angels are busy God sends rescuers

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving All - I wish everyone were eating Tofurky today, but I am sure most are not.  I've tried it, and its actually not bad!  Poor turkeys...  :(

I've been off this week so have been really lazy writing this blog.  Plus so much going on at my house - have been baking, cooking, cleaning, painting, - its been just plain crazy.  Vacations are not really vacations unless you fly somewhere and sit on a beach under a coconut tree.  Right???

All the kitties out there are well and good.  I am treating SEVEN from Seventh Street for a minor cold.  Slipping Doxycycline into his food.  I am running out so if anyone has a spare supply I would appreciate it.  There are so many sick kitties out there, I would love to have enough to slip into their wet food so that they could heal before the brutal winter begins.  Thanks to Carole for my last supply. 

Little Dixie is coming around.  She is sweeter than sugar, honestly.  Still very scared, but once you have her in your arms, she purrs.  A family came to see her yesterday, but I dont' think she was quite what they were looking for. There is a big difference between kittens born on the streets, and those born to mothers that were rescued, NOT FERAL, and have given birth at home.  But with time and patience, these kittens come around, and make the sweetest pets.  Look at Joanie, Sydney, Riley and Squirt!  They've been adopted and are thriving!  Although I need an update from their adopters and soon!  :)

Have a great day!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Its Here......


1 am.  – wake, hear wind howling.
1:15 am. – wake again, wind howling, sidewalk plow outside
1:30 am. – wake again
1:45 am. – wake again, kick cats off – too hot!
2 am. – wake – look at clock – dread
2:20 am. – get up, get going
3 am. – get Dixie out of cage, lay on couch, half listen to news, close eyes
3:40 am. – wake again – REALLY dread what I have to do, really don’t want to get up.
4 am. – out the door, shovel packed, shelter packed, three boards packed, bag of straw packed, food and water – check.
6:15 a.m. – back home.

Yes, that’s TWO HOURS and 15 minutes that it took me this morning.  I made it as best as I could for the homeless cats out there.  The snow is high.  There are some shelters that are good, but others, because of the wind we have had, were a mess.  I need a whole lot more to make it more comfortable.  Sunday Sheryl helped me as best as she could on Saturday, but a whole lot more needed to be done.  Which I did a bit more on Sunday – it was the WIND that cause all the problems.   This morning I placed boards to keep the wind out at a few spots, like behind Paul’s house, and the kittens/cats that I feed under the mailbox – kitties have two shelters across the street with tarp over them.  I did as best as I could for them too. 

They are predicting another two to four inches today.  Good gravy.

The GOOD NEWS is that Muffin went to his new family, and Riley and Squirt went to their new family.  Thursday was Sydney and Joanie’s adoption, and the weekend prior was Peppercorn’s adoption.  PC is now named Oreo, Muffin is now named Chip and then Sydney and PIPER (formerly Joanie).  All are doing great!

And if you will remember Charlie and Arnie, now named Charlie and Max, they are doing great as well, reports their mom.


Arnie (MAX)

Charlie and Max

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Oh Baby!

Sorry - I did not state correctly yesterday - Norma and Anonymous.  I DO have a tax exempt cert. with Walmart, need to get one for Wegmans - both the only place I go to buy cat food at the moment.  I mean't to say the cost was without taxes!  😾  Oh look!  My blog has added emojis!

So at my garden location, the person living on the lot next to mine has been parking in front of my garden!  Garden - Spanish speaking - its for all to view, all year round!  He drives his big truck onto the driveway and goes sideways to park in front of the garden.  At first it was like, well, its 4 in the morning…  let it go.  But now that I think about it, maybe he is parking there on weekends, during the daytime hours, whatever.  I would like to say something but I don’t want to upset them.  I need to find another interpreter to write a short and sweet note.  It would say something like:

“Hello Neighbor!  Would you mind not parking here on this lot because when I planted this garden two years ago, it was meant for all to see, and your truck is blocking the view.   Even through winter, we maintain this lot.   Thank you so very much!” 

What do you all think?  Change the wording a bit?  Help!

Finally, the fifth kitten rescued from Bay Street last week – I’ve been calling her Baby but she needs a better name.  She was spayed last week, and ear-tipped unfortunately.  She was being fostered by a friend Diane, but I decided I wanted her with me for a short while, so Diane delivered her to my house where a cage was set up and waiting.  When I got home from work, I got up the courage yesterday to pick her up.  I am always frightened of being bitten you see.  She is the SWEETEST little thing, frightened for sure, but no aggression, and she allowed me to kiss her nose and her belly!  So sweet!!!  I must change her name to something really cute!  Cause she is really cute!  Her siblings, Sydney and Joanie, are being adopted today!  And Riley and Squirt are being adopted this week as well!  Yay!  Great news!

Have a great day!

"I used to walk into a room full
of people and wonder
if they liked me...  

now I look around
and wonder if I like them."

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Philanthropic Family!

4 am. this morning on Parsells
On Monday night there was a tragic accident on Parsells Avenue, just across from where I feed over 15 cats. The little boy died of his injuries after a car swerved to avoid another child, whereby he hit the little boy on the other side of the road.    I saw this makeshift memorial as I pulled up this morning, and knew that this was where the accident took place after seeing it on the news.  When children die this young it affects everyone, not just the family of the deceased, everyone.  The person that hit the child was not ticketed, apparently was not speeding or under the influence.  I can attest to cars speeding up and down this road in the early morning hours, even having to pick up a few dead cats over the years.  IT blows my mind how fast the cars can go – way over 60 mph in a 35 mph zone.  As I’ve grown older I’ve become much more conscientious about my speed in the city, and what can dart out in front of  you in the blink of an eye.  Even a squirrel – I would be devastated to hit any living thing.  I’ve done it and it’s a horrible horrible pain to know you took an animal’s life for nothing.  I could not even imagine the pain of knowing you took a child’s life.  Slow down everyone, and remember what’s under those cars you pass by, or what could dart out in front of you.  May God bless this little boy, and his surviving friends and family.

Speaking of cats, I had to let Punky back out at this exact location this morning.  There is a new mother cat here that I’ve been feeding.  I see her cross the street sometimes, so I believe her kittens are around somewhere.  Punky is a girl.    The other cat, Celeste, the calico, as we all know is a girl, but she was also pregnant.  Barefoot and pregnant.  Poor thing.  I am so thankful she went into the trap.  I had to let her back out on the street this morning.  Yes, she could have been adoptable, but I think it would take a lot of work given the length of time she’s been on the streets, and I am not quite ready to rescue one right now.  Soon, but not today.  But can you imagine?  ANOTHER little of kittens being born on the street that is now prevented.  I am just so grateful, even though abortion is another tragedy.  But it’s necessary when it involves the overpopulation of cats.  And we have an epidemic on our hands.  If you could see what I see, it’s just so sad to see all these cats out there.  Please help by spaying and neutering, and spreading the word.  Do you need to know how to trap?  Do you need to borrow a trap?  Let me know.  One person CAN make a difference.

From the comments yesterday, I want to thank Jean and Amy.  Jean is Kristin’s second cousin and Amy is Kristin’s husband’s sister.  They are a family of very generous and compassionate people, all of them.  Even Kristin’s Mom and Dad volunteered their time at the fundraiser, and for the past three years! 

Thank you also to the others that called the clinic to make a contribution to help cover the cost of the two spays yesterday.  It means a great day to me.  The cost of cat food is so expensive when you have to buy the quantity I need to feed close to 100 cats a day.   It’s now over $150 (before tax) to cover MAYBE four days’ worth of wet and dry food for the homeless critters.  I need all the help I can get.

More pictures from this morning:

Mr. Fluffypants #2

1st Parsells feeding spot

Kitten from 2nd & Central at my 3rd and Central feeding spot
(All three kittens ran down the block to get here)

Have a good day everyone.

“Despite our disapproval with what 
God allows us to endure, he still remains the same God that is not interested in our convenience, as much as our character.” 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Catch of the Day:  (CLICK ON PIC TO ZOOM)

CELESTE from Central & Second

PUNKY from Parsells
Today is TNR Day.  Its also Sponsor a Spay Day.  I am hoping someone will call the clinic and make a donation in my name for one of the kitties above.  It costs me $60 for me to spay and neuter each cat.  If you are able, please tell me so that I can acknowledge you!  The number is 585-288-0600.  Thank you on behalf of these kitties!

Punky is just a kitten.  I believe he or she may be the last of the kittens I was not able to rescue when they were very little.  He is about six months old now, I believe.  Quite feral also.  I did have Momma spayed earlier in the fall.    Celeste, I believe, is the mother of the five kittens I once saw, but now see only three. Two little black and white ones, and that adorable fluffy tabby that rolls over on its back, that I was nearly able to grab the other day.  Uggh.  

Did you know that two years ago, it was Janine Wagner Day in the City of Rochester!  :)  Thanks Maria for remembering.  My mother remembered last year and sent me a card, but forgot this year.

I occasionally run into some odd characters in the morning.

Lisa was out the other day, mumbling something.  I pointed her out to my friend Terrie, who rode with me for a second time, and told her how I tried to have assault charges against her, as she's been a terror in the neighborhood, most especially to cats, for years now.  I am not frightened of her, she has a mental illness for sure, but she plays games with my stuff a few houses down from her, and she might be at it again.  I haven't seen her in a year at least. 

Sometimes, while pouring food, or walking away or to a shelter, someone is walking past, and I immediately greet them with a hello!  Some greet me back, and some keep walking, saying nothing.  Those are the ones I have to keep an eye out for when I turn my back, even for a second.  Some are just not social, which doesn't mean they are violent.  Another morning not to long ago, a younger black man walked over talking loudly - unintelligible, and came a little too close to the Jeep on Short Street, his body jerking around all over the place, and I walked BACK to the car to turn it off, said 'what's going on.' but he turned around and left.  That was a bit scary for me, but I've not seen him again.

There are all sorts of characters out there.  Most see what I am doing and just walk past.  Have not seen homeless Will in a long time.  I worry about that man.

Speaking of puke (yesterday's post), Vanessa just did - ON THE CARPET. 

Have a nice day!

"If you want to know what a man’s like,

 take a good look at how he treats his 

inferiors, not his equals."

Monday, November 14, 2016


She's home!!!!! After 36 hours on the loose outdoors, thank you St. Anthony and everyone who prayed and cared!

I swear, either they are pissing (pardon my French) on your carpet, or using the litter box just after you finish cleaning it, or scattering their litter all over the place and you have to constantly sweep up, or puking up a hair ball, or knocking something over, or pawing at the water bowl so the water is going all over the place, or pay gazillions of dollars to make them better if they are sick, or they are sneaking out the door.  And what do we do after all that?  Squeeze them and snuggle them and kiss their nose and (I do) and kiss them on their mouth, and pick them up and put them under the covers with us, and love them and try protect them.  We would do just about anything for our little ones.  Even though they can be BRATS!

So yes, thank you to everyone that cared.  And guess what.  She got out again this morning, but stood on the steps looking up at me, and was brought right back in.  BRAT.  She is quick.  Today, when the contractors arrive, she will be safely placed in the basement room with her water, litter box and food, and will be snoozing on her favorite chair.

It was a very busy weekend for me. Friday was the day I brought little Squirt and Riley to a girl whose boyfriend is going to adopt them.  He lives on Conesus Lake and the transfer will happen shortly.  They have been moved from here and there so many times, I hope they settle in smoothly, and quickly.  Saturday I had the hospital gala to work and then had a bit of fun there, which led to me getting up a bit late the next morning to feed the cats!  But out I went!  Even when I am not feeling well, I am still faithful to those cats.

On Sunday, I went to pick up Peppercorn at his foster mom’s house in Caledonia and drove him to his new home in Conesus.  Total drive time was three hours (with maybe 10-15 mins. In between to talk at each stop).  It was a long drive, but worth it.  Peppercorn has a wonderful new family and a wonderful new home.  His foster mom was very sad to see him go but realizes that we can now save another baby from the street.  So many wonderful kitties out there.  Foster Mom Alaine is also awaiting her next charge.  I can’t wait to rescue another!  I just need a bit of time to get the next one, so hold on ladies!  J

Tomorrow is TNR day.  Lets see who I get!
Have a great day!

Friday, November 11, 2016

St. Anthony?

My Vanessa got out at 3:30 pm. yesterday - I had contractors in and out and they did their best, but forgot to close the door behind them and Vanessa ran out.  I am sick over this.  No sign of her.  Calling and calling for the past 12 hours for her.  Please say a prayer for her safe return.  :(

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Click on pics to see them.

The Bulldozer

The House, no longer there!
Short Street – so this Adam Bello guy is trying to rid the city of ‘zombie’ houses.  I can certainly understand, if I lived in a neighborhood with a boarded up house that sat there year after year, and had vandals breaking into it, and garbage strewn around, and with that comes rats, I would certainly want it gone too.  Or at the very least, sold to someone who would bring the house back to life.

But then I think of the house in another way.  A shelter of sorts for animals when inclement weather hits.  A place for me to put food for the animals with a roof so that it wouldn’t get wet when it rains, a place where I could build a little shelter either on a porch or on the east side of the house, with protection against the westerly storms we have. 

Regardless, I pulled up Monday to the house on Short and Seventh, the porch I used temporarily after I discovered my shelters across the street trashed and taken by the City, and there was a huge bulldozer there in the yard next to the house.  I thought, oh dear, there goes the house.  I immediately pulled the little shelter, the water dish and plate, and a few boards I had planned on using to build up another shelter elsewhere earlier in the fall.  I knew the house was going to come down.

Sure enough, this morning?  Gone.  Its amazing how they can clean up an entire structure, remove every single board that made up the house.   Level the ground, plant the grass.  Its amazing.  This house once had memories, most likely good ones, long long ago.  But its sat vacant for many many years due to a fire.  The residents of the house prior to the fire were just nasty people.  The way they kept the house, the outside, filth.  No wonder there were rats there from the beginning.  Filth.  So, it’s a good thing I guess.  The five kitties that reside at this location now have a new residence they can hide in when things get nasty, far from the road, and the haters that don’t like them.  Their new shelter. 

I was able to pick up Baby Buttons this morning.  He is getting ever so much closer to being able to rescue him.  I have his mom, Buttons, and I would love to join the two together again.  That will leave Millie, Mr. Whiskers #2, a calico, and the sweet boy I TNR’d in the early summer.  His sibs were adopted by a co-worker in the hospital.  She and her sister actually adopted three cats from me from this location.

I am off tomorrow, thank God.  I will be running the two ADORABLE kittens Riley and Squirt to their potential new home, I will be picking up Peppercorn and bringing him to his potential new home, and guess what, someone is going to meet Sydney and Joanie this evening, potentially wanting to adopt both, together.  ALL GOOD NEWS!  Muffin, the latest, is roaming his new foster mom’s house, and so far so good getting along with everyone!  J  IF all this goes well, I will be able to rescue another!  All is well.

Have a great day!

"How do we change the world?  One random act of kindness at a time."

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Baby Got Back


Baby is safe!  Thanks to Julie and Lyssa, they asked Diane if she could take Baby in for a couple of weeks until Lyssa returns from vacation.  Lyssa, the cat whisperer, will then do her magic with Baby, another girl!  The three of you are fantastic! I can't wait for an update about this little one.  Her baby paws so dirty.  I pray Baby comes around and is adoptable soon, like her sibs.  I pray her mom is ok after having all her babies taken from her. :(  PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER!

As for Baby's siblings, Joanie, Sydney, Riley and Squirt, all or most may have homes soon!  I received a call from a woman who has a friend that is interested in adopting Squirt and Riley.  So, Friday, I will deliver the girls to a home in Honeoye Falls.  Fingers crossed this all works out.  Yesterday, I received a note from a woman who is interested in adopting either Joanie, or Sydney, but not both.  We will talk today.  On Sunday, I will be picking up Peppercorn from Caledonia from his wonderful foster mom, and will then deliver him to his hopefully new home out in Conesus, to a nice girl who is very interested in him.  He was a bit shy when she came to meet him last Sunday, but its a natural thing - these cats are scared.  They need to be in an environment for a period of time before they become trusting of a person.  All new adopters should be aware of this prior to meeting.

This morning, all kitties came running.  I doled out a lot of food.  I had to release Gabriele, a boy, back to his spot on Garson.  He was just a young thing too.  There are others there that I must trap.  I figure I have five more weeks to trap.  If we are lucky, no snow will fly until mid December!  If I trap two for the next five weeks, that's a total of $600.  That's a lot of money and not a lot of cats!  I sure could use help - Sponsor a Spay!  Today!  Please call the clinic and make a donation toward my account - you could make it in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a kitty that has been trapped, spayed or neutered, and returned to the street.

I will do my best to watch over these homeless animals in our city for as long as I am able.

Thanks for your support.

Have a great day!

"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life."

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TNR Tuesday

So I discovered there was one more baby left from the litter that produced two beautiful sets of nearly identical twins - first rescued were Sydney and Joanie, and then two weeks later, Riley and Squirt.   Now, here we are, three or four weeks later, and I discovered this last baby.  I set a trap, and boom, in he or she went.  I named her/him Baby.  My heart breaks over this one.  I am nearly positive Baby is too feral now to rehabilitate.  I will have to let Baby go back to the street tomorrow.  So tiny, so young, so dirty, as you can see from the picture if you click on it to zoom in, but will not produce babies.  Baby's sibs are all girls.  Wonder what Baby is.  My heart is breaking.  It will double break when I get Baby back from clinic today and have to see in the trap and keep over night and triple break when I have to let Baby back tomorrow morning.  I don't know how I do this.

Baby from Bay Street

It was a very long morning setting traps and feeding.  I set a trap on Parsells #2 hoping to get the beautiful long haired white cat with red markings, but no one would go near it.

Gabriele from Garson Avenue
The first trap I set was on Garson, there are new youngsters there.  I then set at Parsells #2 but nothing.  Finishing up the front nine, I remembered the kitten on the side of Syd & Johnnys Auto Garage on Bay Street, so I set it there, went about my feedings, tried to grab the little fluffy kitten on Central and Fifth, but he wanted nothing to do with me this morning.  Finishing up rounds, I went back and Baby was in the trap.  So scared.

Days like this I find it sad to write a post.  There ARE good things happening out there, but I am spent for today.  I will leave it there for now.  PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER.  And SPREAD THE WORD to everyone you know.  IF someone needs help, please help them.

Have a nice day everybody.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday BLAH!

Crazy weekend again, but that’s ok.  My life is very dull, so I like a bit of craziness…  makes me realize I am still alive.  I had fun with my nieces, who I took to an American Girl Doll fashion show - tickets free thanks to a co-worker who worked on this event for the hospital.  It was a great experience for the girls, and a chance to spend time with their Auntie.  :).  

Kittens Riley and Squirt were delivered back to their foster mom, and Muffin was delivered to his new foster mom, both on Friday.  My house was ‘normal’ for the weekend (no extra cats!).  My poor Scooter has had a severe URI (upper respiratory infection) which I’ve been treating with Clavamox, and  had every intention to boost that with Convenia which I was going to have him get at the clinic on Saturday, but turns out they were closed on Saturday due to short of vets.  We need more vets!~  So, I am monitoring him, but it doesn’t seem to be getting better. 

Saturday morning, one of the kittens on Fifth and Central let me pick him up and hold him (by the scruff of his neck - although he purred).  He is a gorgeous kittens.  I arrive and he rolls around on his back.  He is not neutered, and he IS a boy.  Long haired and really beautiful.  I know two of his sibs are black cats with white markings.  They are a  bit more skittish.  The fluffy one was not there this morning.  If he is tomorrow, my plan is to get him, have him as one of my neuters at the clinic, and maybe rescue him.  One less on that very dangerous corner. 

Kristin added up my TNRS and my rescues for 2016 over the weekend but I forgot the exact numbers.  I remember it was like 38 TNR’s and 39 rescues?  It’s a pretty proud thing really.  For just little old me.  Of course the rescues wouldn’t be possible without people like you who foster and adopt.  I still have four kittens, and three adults that need homes, but at least they are safe in foster care.  Riley and Squirt may be adopted this coming weekend, and Peppercorn as well.  Sydney and Joanie, and Peaches and Muffin are next.

The girl who is fostering Muffin is a doll.  Come to find out she lives just a few blocks away from me.  She has a wonderful home and family, and Muffin is making himself quite at home there.  Muffin has a hissing and growling issue when he sees the other animals, but he will get over that.  Sometimes these cats have to fight for their food out there, and they can get territorial.  Muffin is just a youngster so he will come around.  With the help of the gate that this girl purchased, he is going to acclimate quite well.

Speaking of this new foster, she went on a ride along with me this morning!  She works nights, so it was easy for her to come out.  I appreciate it when someone rides along so that they can see what I do, as I am always trying to spread awareness to the plight of what is really happening out there, because you just don’t see the cats like you do during the day, as you do in the mornings.

Last but not least, can anyone use a table?  Comes with four chairs.  $100, or best offer! 

"As you start and end your day, 
be thankful for every little thing
in your life.  You will come to
realize how blessed you truly are."

Friday, November 4, 2016

He was a She!

Well, I received a note from RAS yesterday - Riley and Squirt?  Both girls!  Oh man!  How could I have mixed them up?  I truly thought they were boys!  So Momma Cat on Bay Street had a litter of four - two black w/white and two tabbies - both sets are nearly identical twins too!  Man oh Man.  I felt bad because it sort of messed up the surgeries RAS.  Takes a bit longer for the girls!

These two little sweethearts are good to go!  Anybody want some cute and cuddly kitties?  I had them both on my chest this morning sleeping.  Such sweethearts.

Got Him!

Meet Muffin.  What a DOLL!  Cuddly, and can't get enough affection from you.  Growls at the other cats, but he'll get over that.  He's been living in this colony of cats for quite a while from Pennsylvania and Fourth. He is young, definitely under a year old.  I love him already.  Thanks to Terrie for offering to foster him!  HE is ready to be adopted!

Pictures from this morning!  The tabby on the left is the next rescue!  This is on Parsells, where there are over 15 cats I feed here each morning.  This guy, Prince, is about a year and a half.  I remember when he was born.  :(  He's been fixed, just need to find a foster for him and get him tested.  A real cutie pie.

Prince (Charming)

"Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Camster

I got soaked right to the bone this morning.  It started very lightly just as I was finished with my first stop.  By the time I got to the seventh stop, it was coming down hard.  I was wearing a light windbreaker, which was definitely not rainproof.  It was not a fun morning.  Little Muffin was not at the last stop this morning.  I worry.  In fact, I reached out to a woman who is wanting to foster, she lives right near me, and I asked her if she would foster Muffin.  She agreed!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this when I had him in my carrier overnight after his surgery.  I should never have let him go.  Just a kitten.  I have to make tough decisions, and its not easy.

Yesterday I received a message from baby Jules new mom – she is Cammy’s mom too! 

"He is doing awesome!! He has settled right in and he and Cammy are best friends- I think he thinks Cammy is his dad! Haha. Anytime Cammy lies down, he snuggles right into him and takes a snooze. He is a playful and loving little guy and he has been helping Cammy learn how to play like a kitten- you should see Cammy galloping around trying to keep up with him. It's hysterical...sounds like a heard of elephants coming through! Lol

We named him Garfield and the kids got a kick of watching the TV show Garfield Halloween special and showing it to our Garfield. He didn't seem too impressed but was intrigued by our pumpkin carving!"

Cammy was a stray that I had been feeding on a vacant lot on Central Park for well over a year.  It took that long for him to get close enough for me to begin to touch, then pet him.  He survived a very harsh winter that year, and a very wet and rainy spring.  He was a mess – his fur dirty, he showed signs of being in a fight, he had upper respiratory issues – I finally rescued him after realizing this was a sweet cat, even though he looked tough and mean, and he needed some medical and emotional attention.  He went to the vet where he tested positive for FIV.  Not deadly, just low immunity to sicknesses.  I kept him separated for a while until a rescue group offered to foster Cammy.  The rescue group had a foster named Karen, and when Karen met Cammy, she fell in love.  After a very long while, someone reached out to me asking if I had any FIV cats because they would love to adopt another into their household.  Cammy was it.  And he’s been the star of the house ever since.  Just a few months ago, the same woman reached out and wanted to adopt baby Jules, who by coincidence, was rescued at the very same location, several years later.  Jules was just a baby who I trapped on a Tuesday with her mom in the same trap.  He was a little wild at first, but came around after being fostered by the Cat Whisperer I call her, Melissa.  Jules went to his new home, and I share the latest with you from his new mom.  My heart is swollen with joy!  Of course I have to show off what Cammy looks like now with some other pictures of him. I am like a proud momma.  J

Cammy with his arm draped over Jules
Its amazing to me that these sweet angels are out on the streets struggling to survive.  We need more fosters, we need more adopters!  Because there are so many more like them still out there!


I had the pleasure of keeping the last set of kittens I rescued from Bay Street overnight last night.  They are going in for surgery this morning.  Riley and Squirt.  I have to tell you, having kittens is such a pleasure.  I had them on my chest this morning on the couch watching the news before getting ready for work.  I had them purring.  Their little tiny faces, their little pink paws...  They are nearly identical twins, they just have a few different markings.  Squirt has a little white on his nose, Riley doesn't.  Riley was on his hind legs wanting to get on my lap, which held Squirt nearly falling asleep when I was in the bathroom with them.  They are leery at first of you, but once they trust - they come out and want your attention.  They are so sweet.  And the twin girls, Joanie and Sydney, were both spayed yesterday and ready for a home.  The person interested in them yesterday has changed her mind.

Please spread the word about these angels!

Have a great day!

"We rise by lifting others."

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As I was walking behind Paul’s house on Second Street, to go to the back of his lot, where just on the other side of the fence where my shelters are, there is a very large growling dog occasionally.  I thought, here I am, in the darkest of dark, in a high crime neighborhood, and alone.  The normal person would be scared, I think, wouldn’t you?  But somehow, the element of fear is pretty much not in my system.  I think if you are squeamish to watch horror flicks, or don’t like to be spooked, you wouldn’t last long doing what I do at the time I do it.

Then I thought to myself that my biggest fear is to wake up someday and not be able to walk.  I’ve been gimping around for a long time now, my knees.  I remember being incapacitated not too long ago, for an entire week, before getting cortisone injections in both knees, of which I am still paying on that bill.  Damned health care.  High deductible.  So now, every time I even walk into a doctor’s office, it will cost me nearly $200.  Two shots?  $300.  Anyway, these cats have no one else to care for them.  What would happen if I couldn’t walk?  That’s my biggest fear.  I am contemplating knee surgery in the spring, hoping that that will make some difference for me.  The rehab after surgery – who will care for these cats?  Lots to think about.

The little kittens, Sydney and Joanie, spent the night in my bathroom before their surgery today.  They are totally adorable.  Someone expressed interest in them yesterday so I am hoping that goes through.  We’ll see.  They are so cuddly and cute.  You just want to kiss their little bellies.  J  When they are dropped off at their foster home this afternoon, the other twins, their brothers, Riley and Squirt, will be picked up from their foster home and brought to my bathroom overnight for their surgeries tomorrow.  Then all four are good to go!

My friend’s husband – years ago – built this gate for me to help with the introduction of kitties to other kitties newly rescued.  It has been a great tool to have – and not only for the fact that the new cat can see other cats, but the guilt factor that you are not spending enough time in the room with the cat.  The cat behind the gate gets to hear and see whats happening in the house – the other cats or dogs can sniff through the gate, and all can get to know each other better. 

He made a quite a few of them and dropped off at my house.  I posted on Facebook and many people expressed interest, although just one person has picked up.  Is anyone interested?  $20.   These gates fit in most doorways – and they have a little attachment to make it snug if its not quite tight enough to hold.  Its quality made and as I said, invaluable to me.     Here is the gate being used for Peppercorn by his foster mom.  Thanks for purchasing that!

Peppercorn behind the gate, getting to know the others!

Speaking of Peppercorn, I received interest from someone who was wanting to adopt him yesterday.  I was elated. There was just one glitch.  She would allow him to go outside - once he was acclimated to the house and family.  I posted on Facebook to get some opinions and I share them with you now - for those of you not on Facebook.  I am torn, but leaning toward letting her adopt him.  She won't let him out, if he even wants to, for a good long time, and certainly not in the winter.  I would go there and inspect - make sure its a good house and family.  I have pretty much always been opposed to it - there are so many dangers - but I have to trust that this cat will live forever and it will allow me to rescue another from the street.  That's so critical for me - if you could only see the sweet babies that I have to leave each morning.  Muffin for one. This older kitten had to be placed back on the street this morning because I didn't have anyone stepping up to the plate for him to foster him.  I will eventually get him, but I need to free up a foster.  So you see, I have to think about a lot of things when it comes to these animals.   Whats in their best interest, and mine.

There are so many different opinions - such a difficult decision - I don't want to let anyone down!

Nancy Shutt Currie nope - knowing you, you would always worry about this kitty. Nothing good comes from them going outdoors.

Amy Minster Hudak As long as (spayed/neutered of course) Kitty is up to date on shots, & far enough from the road & micro chipped, I say go for it!

Kimberly DeWitt Lawrence I would not do it. We have fox, coyote, owls and even a few eagles in the country. Lots of dangers.really can't think of a good reason why they should go out.

An Vrancken (England) Isn't it the case that you keep the cat inside till they are used to the house and then they can roam freely. I did it with my cat that I found in Tenerife. When we moved to Gran Canaria we kept frampy inside for a while and after that he roamed around. And we move several times on Gran Canaria. But then the American landscape is different then these islands ;)

Eileen Doran Wrona A loving home that they can get used to with a place for food and inside home is amazing! YES...

Eileen Doran Wrona And remember Janine Wagner your the only one helping these kitties, for each one that someone else takes is another you can help. He is Already on the streets of Rochester, a warm home with food and love is a huge improvement whether inside or out. <3 span="">

Patty Mangarelli You had to check me out for CeeLo, go give her a chance!

Norma Skelly Halbleib Fleas, ticks, raccoons, fox, coyotes, unfriendly dogs, territorial cats, injury or cruelty (not all people love cats), parasites increases in outdoor cats, stolen and taken to an animal shelter.

Ashley Anderson I feel torn like this also. So many dangers outside (as stated above) and would always prefer inside, especially with all of the horrible things constantly seen in rescue. But then I think, you've saved his life, given him quality care, and he is so much better off than he was. Also you're able to help another. Hard to get that thought out of your mind when constantly seeing so many others in need of help. Thank you for all that you do! It is really uplifting.

Lyssa Rhy I'd keep it in the contract and ask them to "try" to keep it indoors. They're already stating that they'll be keeping it indoors for a year, so they seem agreeable.

Christy Ann Cat needs to imprint, it's about a year before a cat will do that with people it just came to know, then if they let it out, it will want to come back

Christy Ann As long as she's not declawing, but it's hard to keep an animal in one place, esp a cat, I hated putting my dogs on chains to use the bathroom, but some will declaw then let them out, and if it country, cat is more likely to just stay where they know they are safe

Karen Stuck well if the road is far away and if she lets him out for an half hour at a time and she is with him oh maybe for 2 months. then if he stays by her in the yard try 1 hour. than go to 3 hours see if he stays close by in the yard have a little cat house there on the back porch so he can go in and sleep for a little bit. we did this with with our Lucy. and she never left the yard

Karen Stuck but of course keep him in at dark at night only let him out in the day

Susan Isbister Dewhirst Funk I have been reformed for a few years now and always indoors..landscape so different these days..pesticides in lawns, sprayed all over. Decon being sold to many. ticks, fleas, worms, etc. many predators as well,

Ramona Yencer Fuller I totally understand your viewpoint, and my own 4 cats are all indoor. I think what you have to weigh is quality of life. It sounds like this will be a well loved and well taken care of cat, regardless of longevity. And it frees up space to rescue another. It's tempting to want to dictate and control all aspects of the rescued cats life because you've invested so much financially and emotionally into him. But maybe, to continue the important work you are doing, you have to release that control and hope for the best, knowing that everyday that cat is alive/fed/loved, is better than what it had before.

Andrea Sheldon Trust your gut.

Darlene Frank I have indoor/outdoor car. Although about 7 years ago there were more fox around. The dogs took care of that situation by chasing them off. It works with this cat. I guess every situation is different

Laurie Stewart Davis Does this mean I can't adopt from you ever? I've got my kitty who is 15, I got him as a baby...he's indoor/outdoor with claws of course....he loves hunting and going outside...and loves cuddling inside with me too! I can't imagine not letting a kitty roam and hunt if they show interest...just my experience...:)

Becky Murphy Nope I lost my prescious Charlie country road thought he be ok and he wasn't

Julie Lafferty I wouldn't do it and like nancy said you will always worry and blame yourself if something happened

Carrie Petersen The question for you and your organization is: is this a rule? Or will you make the decision case by case? The latter is trickier--how do you say no to one person but not another? Or do you establish criteria?

Cathy Sinacola my guys have been indoor outdoor . But when I'm home they can be out, at night or when I'm at work, they stay in. 24 years in the burbs and no issues at of yet.

Dave Roberts Yes. My cats have always been in if I have to go out... and ALWAYS in at night, before it gets dark.

Heidi Griffin Do 😊 this person sounds very responsible.

Dave Roberts Playing devil's advocate here... do you sincerely believe every cat you have adopted out has remained indoors? Just tossing that out there as something to think about.

Rachel Ingutti Yes, as long as they keep the kitty up to date on shots and flea meds! I had an indoor/outdoor kitty (he lives with my sister now) who is the happiest guy, I could never contain him and have no regrets.

Laura Kien Lanza No way bad as they need a took alot to get them off the streets..I don't think putting a perfectly adoptable cat should be a outdoor option!!

Chrissy Kleinhammer Laura how did you make out with the cat you caught?

Laura Kien Lanza Well I took it sat to petsmart and joyful rescue was there but no room for surrenders as far as cats!so one of the girls that work there took him..did you know he was the sweetest boy ever..and he really put on a show rolling around belly could you not love they said wow he's a big boy..I said yup 3cans a night!!just him..!!Chrissy I haven't stopped thinking about him ..I fell in love when I found how sweet he was..I left my #if she changes her mind..but haven't heard any calls!!!there's one more unneutered boy on my radar that's been out since last winter..I will be trapping soon..he's another love bug!!

Chrissy Kleinhammer Laura I got to visit the big lover I brought to Lollypop on Sun with his mom and dad. It was so overwhelmingly joyful. Happy for you and the kitty

Linda Frazo nope. Any questions read Norma's comment. Says it all.

Jayne Rader-Smith I tried my best to keep my last 2 inside, 1 found on the street, 1 found in a wood pile, but they drove me nuts constantly escaping. I do live on a dead end street AND all the neighbors have cats. My guys never wander far and come when called. They're also microchipped and are now 10+ years old! Can you do a home visit?

Sandy Chatterton · Let the poor cats come in and out as they choose. One cat lived 18 years and another lived 20 yrs 6mos! I would go crazy if you kept me inside all my life!

Jennifer Kelley Coykendall Stick to your guns

Doreen Defeo It's my practice to do a vet reference check on all potential adopters and also I Google the person. Last week a man wanted to adopt a cat from me when I googled his name I found out that he was arrested on June 17 of this year for animal cruelty. I verified the info with the aco in that town. Needless to say I didn't give him a cat.

Jessica Canham Oh my gosh, that's horrible! Thank God you checked up on him like that.

Doreen Defeo I Google all.potential adopters

Doreen Defeo I even Google their address. Some people say they own their home and when you check they actually live in the projects. Call me paranoid, but you can't be too careful.

Susan Schroeder Let the kitten go.  We have ours even after a year and they have hundreds of acres to travel
Always come back

Jennifer Walling (Australia)  I agree with eileen. Also if she is isolated chances of the cat wondering would be slim if kept inside for a year. She is being honest with you which is admirable. I can't believe people declaw their cats! It is illegal in Australia

Judy Brant Do it

Elyse Karl Whitcher I say yes. Sounds like the pets she currently has are well oved and cared for.

Pattie Inzer Hill This is just my opinion Janine Wagner. When an animal enters rescue for a second chance, that chance should not be taken for granted. I am aware that accidents happen.. animals escape, I am also aware that some cats want to get outside...but as responsible humans we should consider their safety. Children want to go outside..but responsible parents wouldn't just let them roam knowing that they are in danger. I had someone contact me who has lost 2 cats in the last 6 months. The last being a kitten that she scraped off the road. She claims to have adored this kitten. I said I only adopt out to indoor homes. She said she couldn't control that. I disagree. We put our hearts into giving these souls a chance. They should have the best chance possible. I use this as backup. PS I love you..and know this weighs heavy on your heart. Follow it my dear. XO

Ingrid Bock I would do it.

Alaine O'connor I've never owned a cat that I let out I feel it's dangerous even out here the woods across the street who knows foxes & when they're outside I'd be a wreck.

Terrie Potter Janine- my mom lives in the country with acres of land. Her cat had the best of both worlds and lived to be 14 years old. ( cancer took his life). Im also against letting cats out but my mothers cat never left her property and was able to climb trees and " hunt " and had a wonderful life.

Susan Brown My cats go in and out but never overnight- they come in when I call them. I have 3 that do not go out at all. Also they are indoor in the winter. I think they are happier going even for a couple of hours. My cats tend to stay within a few doors of home.

Chrissy Kleinhammer I think it was great she was honest with you. She could of said he won't go put and let him out anyway. If she has love to give and a home to offer its great. I say educate her on the differences between indoor only and indoor/outdoor and maybe she will think about it.

Nicole Erlichman my cats go in and out...they love to hunt and climb trees and in the summer they "sunbathe" sounds as if u like this potential adopter...if you believe tootsie would be loved well cared for and NEVER declawed ( not sure why this hasn't been outlawed yet) then maybe you should do it...

Kristin Miller McBride You know my cats go in and out too. Winnie was an indoor cat for 2 years and now that she goes out she never leaves the yard. You have to go with your heart but especially if she says she will keep him in for at least a year - he may not ever want to go out. I think if you get a good vibe maybe you could trust that this time. Each situation is different and decisions should be made on a case by case basis. I know it's a super hard decision, but I like that he will be kept in all winter and spring and then will venture out only if he wants.

Valerie Burroughs I say yes if she doesn't let the cat stay out overnight.. I have certain cats that would go crazy if they didn't go out, but my Sassy doesn't even want to go out so she is strictly indoors as my 2 new kittens and my elderly cat. Of course if shes 'pushing' the cat to go out that's another story... in my case, I have cats that claw my walls to get out for a couple hours because they like to do their business outside and lived outside before I got them..

Graham Pearce (Australia) I have adopted strays and always let them out. You treat them well and they should stay.
If you love something let it go if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't it never was

I vote yes! She is taking the steps to establish that the cat knows his home. I have indoor / outdoor cats, one outdoor only feral cat and 2 indoor cats. One cat stays out all night because he is bonded with the feral cat. The other 3 in/out cats spend the day outside and are rounded up at night. I believe in this case you have to trust the adopter.

SueAnn Meddaugh Janine. if she is planning on keeping in for a year. I would do it.. likely hood of living where he is on streets in a year is slim.. if you can get more good homes do it.. I had outdoor cats as kid.. yes they got hurt more, more infections...but lived till late teens..

Laurie A Mark Follow your gut.

Crystal Zastrocky Nope and in the country there r other dangers not just cars lots of wildlife that can kill kitty

Thats it for today.  Would love to hear YOUR opinion.

Have a great day!