Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Up On Cripple Creek

Day 4.   I have not been able to get out and feed the cats I feed every day. Wonder if they know its not me putting food down.  Silly, I know, but its something I think about.

I try not to think about the day when I really cannot do it anymore.  Only when someone mentions it do I think about it.   Someone did recently, and its something I will have to face when the day comes.  Will I have a successor?  Doubt it.  If I had a million dollars, I might.  I could pay someone to do it daily for me.  Several people.  But as this person pointed out, there will never be an end.  And I reacted that I agree, but as long as I am able, I will continue to try to make their lives more comfortable, and rescue as many as I can.  These cats I feed, most of them, belonged to someone once.  They were either discarded, or lost, but they all crave human love, and safety.  I’ve rescued hundreds of them and made sure that that was just what they got, and there are still so many more out there that still need these basic necessities.

I also want to clarify, I’ve never found a more honest to goodness mechanic than I have with Johnny from Sid and Johnnys Auto Repair.  He did save me money by not charging me a second labor fee, which he could have.  I got lucky because he married a girl I went to school with and her name happens to be Janine.   He even started to soften to the kittens that were/are living next to his garage.  Thinking he might want one. 

I can’t thank Sheryl and Kings enough.  What would I do without them.  I have peace of mind, and I would pay a million dollars for that.  Sheryl gives me the report when she is finished on who she saw and what she did.  She has not seen the kittens the past few days though, so that has me worried. 

On a good note, Spencer is doing great.  He went back to the doctor on Friday and his jaundice is almost all cleared up.  The Baytril seems to have helped what the doc suspects was a type of hepatitis.  He stays on it for another week and a half and then we will just monitor it.  But he gained a pound, and is really the sweetest cat I have in the house.  (don’t tell the others!)  I am hoping the girl who had him, when she returns from a two-week vacation, might take him back.  So that I can rescue another.

Peaches is with my friend Sue, who is fostering him while he is on the mend, and he is another sweetheart.   How come my last FIVE rescues have been blondes?

Two potential adopters for the kittens have disappeared.  One had a loss in her family and decided she was not ready, and the other, I never heard from.  Starting to worry, but will continue to try to get them adopted.  Sweetest little things in the world.  If worse came to worse, I will keep them!  Then I really will be a crazy cat lady.

Think I will try that cortisone injection sooner rather than later.  I can't live like this.  I am not good at not being able to do for myself.

Have a nice day.

Before you Speak...
T - is it true?
H - is it helpful?
I - is it inspiring?
N - is it necessary?
K - is it kind?


  1. Wow! very sorry to hear this news. Thank God for Kings & your friend. As I'm sure you know, this is not the type of injury you try to rush, relax and do everything the Dr. says. I've have a different knee problem and I get the shots every 4 months. No, it's not a cure and they are not the most pleasant experience but boy do they work. Take care my friend, Norma

  2. Yes, thank God for Kings and Sheryl! We need more people like them to fill in for you, even when you're back on your feet.