Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TNR Tuesday!

For those offering to help with donations for the fundraiser, please message me at janinethebean10@yahoo.com and we can figure a way to get them delivered or picked up!  :)  Thank you so much!  Remember, something you yourself would want to win!  i.e., chocolates, gift certs, nice wine, ...  the possibilities are endless!  Maximum value of $25.  

MELVIN from Melville

Today I trapped this sweet boy, Melvin, from Melville Street.  Once again, a sweet boy that will need to be returned to the street.  There are so many out there that don't deserve this.  Its just not fair.  We need more people to adopt/foster!!~

My second trap was set, once again, at the auto repair shop on Bay Street, in hopes of getting the mom and one remaining kitten, to join their sibs, Syd and Johnny, that I trapped on Saturday morning.  No sign of kitten, and Mom is just not falling for it.  Instead, I got a big FAT raccoon.  I opened up the trap, and he wouldn't move.  I tipped it upside down and he clung to the metal grate.  Finally, I banged on it and out he went, with another big FAT raccoon, and they scurried away, although not as fast as I would have liked.  If you spook them enough, they won't come back.  I then saw Mama, as I was leaving, crossing Bay running toward this spot.  I have not seen the baby though.  Its different color from the other two blacks with white.  Its more whitish, but its hard for me to know for sure because I have not really seen it that well.  I need help here.  

Below are pictures taken this morning.  There are just so many adoptables out there.  Melvin above is one of them.  He is a stray, scared, and just wants love and attention, safety and security.  We need to find that for these cats!  We need a large shelter to bring them all to where they can spend their days lazing about, grooming themselves, eating, playing, sleeping in peace and comfort in the sunlight.

I've always said that if I had a million dollars, I would buy a building and pay people to spend a few hours each day to help with the cats I rescue.  I would also pay someone a full time salary to help me on my routes.  Its hard doing this day in and day out.  I need a break, but don't think I am going to get it, unless of course, I win a million dollars!

If anyone is so inclined, please call the clinic and donate a spay or neuter today.  I have a balance due, and today will cost another $60 for Melvin.  585-288-0600..  Thank you for  your consideration. My Walmart trip for cat food yesterday cost another $150.  Saturday it was $90.  This is crazy.

Baby on Central

Big Red # 2 on Pennsylvania

Sweet little muted Tortie on Pennsylvania

VERY SWEET kitty on Seventh  I need to rescue this one quick

My wish list for today?  BRICKS or PAVERS or CONCRETE BLOCKS.  So many shelters to weight down.

Have a great day!

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day."

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  1. Hope you get a great turnout on Saturday and that the weather cooperates!

    Crossing my fingers that you get that other baby in the trap, too. I wonder if the mama is hiding it?