Friday, September 23, 2016

Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars

My recent rescues that all need adoption!
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Syd and JOANIE! :)



For those of you reading this for the first time, for the past 20 years, I've been feeding, sheltering, spaying and neutering the Beechwood cats of Rochester.  I go to 14+ locations around this area and place food and water, trap, neuter and return, rescue, and check on the general welfare of these cats that I care for.  In 2015, I rescued 80 cats and kittens, found them good homes, and spayed and neutered nearly that number.  This year I am down to ....   30 rescues so far?  And spay and neuter, maybe 25?  I am out there in the very darkest hours - between 4 am. and 5:30 pm in the 'good' months, and sometimes its double that time in the winter, when I have to shovel a path to get to the shelter, and then shovel out the shelter.  These shelters consist of plastic totes, wooden huts, anything that a cat can crawl into to keep itself warm and safe from the harshest of elements our winters, and storms bring us.

I spend $20,000 plus a year doing what I do.  Spay/neuter alone is $60 per cat.  The food I place each day - 40lbs. of dry food - 50 cans of wet - lets say that $50 per day.  Add that up.  Its enormous.  This allows me to live pay check to pay check.  There are a few kind folks who drop off food to me, and I get an occasional donation, but its mostly out of my pocket. 

Did I mention I am now a 501c3?  You can now write me off!  :)

The cats I feed are ferals, but mostly stray and abandoned cats who, through no fault of their own, were discarded or left to fend on their own, now weary of humans.  When they learn to trust me is when I can deem them adoptable and do everything in my power to find them homes.  The sick ones I take right away, home or not, because I won't allow an animal to suffer - if I am aware of it.  Just this morning, I saw an old orange on Parsells, have been feeding it for years, but it looked pregnant in the light of the light pole above.  I have to say its full of worms.  Its mouth has drool hanging from it.  This cat is suffering, but it won't come near me or allow me near him.  Terribly sad, the things I see.  I see the once baby kittens here, and they are getting bigger, totally unadoptable at this point, and will be ready soon to get pregnant or get another cat pregnant.  Sad.

But then there are mornings like today, where a police officer stopped to see what I was doing, as I was placing food and water under the mailbox on Central, that can brighten up my solemn mood.  He first asked me where I lived.  He then pulled over and you could tell he was interested in what I was doing.  I started to explain, and we then had a pleasant five-minute conversation.  He told me he and his wife have three cats.  He stated that what I do must cost a lot of money, I told him it did.  He mentioned how many there were, how many he sees every day.  I told him I know I can’t help them all, but I have made a difference in this section of town.  I told him just spaying one cat saved 500 being born from that cat’s offspring.  It would be a mess – a mess that is still a mess, but somewhat under control.  He asked if there was a place he could make a donation.  I told him about my blog.  He left stating that he admired what I was doing.   That just made me feel good.  Thanks Officer W.  J

My wish list:  Chinese plastic take out bowls.  I am in desperate need.  I have paper, but they only last a day when you fill them with water.  The plastic ones are pliable enough for water even when it freezes.  You can easily twist and out pops the ice to fill with hot water in the cold weather for the kitties to drink before it freezes again. 

Fundraiser – plans for the fundraiser is coming along.  I am getting a few gift cards, a few bottles of wine, some candles, some art, some lotions, a few baskets, a few wine glasses, a few books, my friend is donating a paper bark tree, there are so many possibilities of what you can donate for the raffle table.  I am hoping everyone walks away with a gift.  And in the meantime, you will be entertained by a good band (fingers crossed – they are new to me), there will be great food, and have a hot toddy or two between 12-5.  Hey – its 5:00 somewhere, right!  J


Finally, my niece is going through a medical procedure today that could change the outcome of her life.  Please please please keep her in your prayers.  She has three little babies that need her.  

Have a nice day.


  1. Prayer for you niece. (and you and your mission)

  2. Praying for your niece's swift recovery!

  3. J call or drop in taste of china e ridge rd right before office. They have awesome round plastic bowls they use for takeout i bet they have some spares they would share tell them you work at RGH we give them a lot of business. I have 5-6 you can have. Julie L

  4. regarding the Chinese take out bowls. are these the ones wonton soup comes in?