Monday, September 19, 2016




What a busy weekend for the cats!  First off, I delivered Jules (minus the only kitten left - JINX) to his new home in the country.  Take a look at this picture.  this is the same family that adopted Cammy a few years ago.  Cammy is fat and happy, and I pray that is the life that Jules (now named Garfield) will turn into (minus the fat!).  :)  It was so good to see Cammy.  Brought me back to so many memories of me feeding him on Central near Fifth, how long it took for him to trust me enough to put his nose to my finger, and after that day, many head scratches, and then his final rescue.  My heart swoons!


Saturday morning, I successfully trapped two of the three kittens living on the side of Syd and Johnny's auto repair shop.  Adorable.  There is one left.  I set traps this morning, but no luck.  I brought kittens to my friend Melissa's house and picked up Jinx.  Jinx, along with Baxter, went to another foster house, my friend Jennifer.  Both were frightened, but I know in time they will be less scared.  Now to get them both adopted.  Will post kitten updates when I have them.  They are still in hiding.  But safe and sound.


Sunday I visited Sue who is fostering Peaches.  Peaches coat is beautiful!  When I rescued him, it was so scabby, and bumpy.  What a difference a rescue, and time make.  So thankful for my fosters!

Sunday morning I saw something SORT of funny.  Speaking of cats and rats - at one of my locations, I heard a squeal, and as I shined my light on the noise, one of the kitties was chasing this rat!  HA!  They do not live harmoniously together as some city officials think!

Also on Saturday, as I stopped by the public market to pick up my free range eggs, and a few veggies (and I discovered some great salty bread there too!), I saw the nice man that lives on Seventh near a shelter, and he informed me of the bull mastiff that lives across from him and how he had no fur left on his body because of some terrible condition.  He asked me to contact authorities - AGAIN.  So I did, and they promised me they would check it out.  I need to call again today to report it again.  I want to make sure that he is seen.  And if you are so inclined, please call yourselves.  144 Seventh Street.  Its a very nice dog.  I had to walk him around one morning this summer to figure out which house he belonged to.  He is being severely neglected.  He was reported a while back and the owner was told to have him brought in for medical care.  I don't believe he was.  He is kept in the back yard.  This is the same dog, by the way, that killed a kitten while I was there one morning,   Same property where I reported about the bunnies in the shed.  Same property that the man died - drunk falling down his stairs.  Cat killer or not, the dog is suffering.  Please - the more people that call, the likelihood that someone will go over.  I posted the following in Facebook this morning (for those of you not on it).

CAT PEOPLE: As some of you may know, I will be meeting with The Mayor Lovely Warren next week. I have 30 minutes to speak on behalf of the cats, and how I want to see change for them in this City. I will try to make the case of needing protected shelters on City owned property cared for by colony caregivers and the need for TNR, with the city to help in funding, I will use a few pictures of cats injured, I will use statistics on how these cats multiply, and some ideas on how other cities have worked to solve the problem successfully. I am asking rescue groups or individuals to pass on one idea you would like to see by commenting. This can be our chance to make it better for the homeless animals! (PS, I DO have a few more well-spoken friends coming with me, thank GOD) 

Please don't forget, can use gift certificates and nice wines ($25 max) for my fundraiser on October 1st.  Or anything you yourself would like to win.  Please, the more items we have, the more chances that everyone who attends will win something during our raffle calls!

Thanks and have a great day!

"Compassion is the ability
to see what needs doing
right now and the
willingness to do it right


  1. My heart breaks for that poor dog and the suffering he is enduring. I will call - but who do I call? Lollipop's SPCA? The city police? I am not sure. Great job on Syd and Johnny! they are adorable!!

    1. Call 585-223-1330 ext-234 Reno DeDominico who is Director of Law Enforcement at the Humane Society of Lollypop Farms. The more people that call the better chance they will do something about it. Make sure you give the right address where this dog resides.

  2. One idea you could bring to the table is to exclusively have a city location where the cats that are rescued off the street, especially the strays that have been thrown out or left behind to fend for themselves on the city streets. This way you wouldn't need as many foster homes, but more volunteers to man this special shelter for strays cats and kittens to be adopted and spay and neutered there.

    1. Unfortunately I have no diubt that the Mayor's reply to that would be that RAS already does that- and that the strays could be brought there. But we all know how overburdened they already are with too many cats.

  3. Would love to donate to your event don't know where to take it

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